May 16, 2016



Imitating is irritating. I don't know why a lot of imitators out there are trying to imitate someone or something and claim that it's their own work or own style. They don't want to admit that they were just imitating.

It is painful to see that your work is imitated and you are not the one who is being credited for your work. Some people just imitate and then they become successful. Maybe because they add something to your creation, they tweak your creation a little bit and then people were amazed at the result. The original idea has been overwrite and the overwritten product is much better. That is how imitators beats the original products. Don't worry because their victory will never last, their victory is temporary because imitators don't have the X factor to stay in the business.

Now I will teach you some lessons on how to beat imitators. These are easy steps and very effective. Imitators are very easy to beat, they don't have their own strategy so you can win in the end if you follow these steps.

Outlast them - imitators were not very passionate. If you can keep on doing what you are doing for a lifetime then definitely you can beat them. They always wanted immediate results that is why they copy others' works. Just keep on doing what you are doing, never mind if they were always copying your style or your works. Sooner or later they will give up because sometimes businesses are down and they don't have the endurance to stay at the bottom. It is just a matter of time before they leave what they are doing and move to another business. Always stay on the grind never leave the competition.

Hide your best work - Show your mediocre work and not your best work. If you always find out that they were copying your works every now and then, it is time for you to show your not so good work first. Let them copy it, let them do their monkey business and when good consumers are there it is time for you to reveal your best work. I am pretty sure those imitators will be shocked because you have a very good work hidden in your cabinet. They will feel bad and they will feel they've been cheated. When you see the look in their face of disappointment then it is time for you to laugh sarcastically. HAHAHA!

Imitate them too - This one is good, if they imitate you then imitate them too. Copy their works if it is good. By doing this you are making a psychological warfare. You will surely win because for you their works are garbages. It is very easy to copy their works because you know you are better than them. Copy it not because you like it, it is because you want to annoy them too. If they confronted you then ask them who copied someone's work first. I am very sure they have nothing to say so at the end of the day you are the winner.

Make products that are very hard to imitate - this one is a killer. Imitators were not so good, they don't have enough talents and dedication to create a product that can wow the world. If you can create a product or idea that is very hard to imitate and you know you are the only one who can create it then for sure the imitators will stop copying you. They will feel less talented, they will give up and do some other works.

Stop competing with them - If you can't stand the competition anymore then it is time for you to stop competing with them. Imitators are nothing, they only exist because you exist. What is the point in competing with them? you know you are good and you know you are the better person so stop competing with them. Just do your best, if you keep on guarding what they are doing and finding out if they are copying you then you will lose focus in the end and you will end up being a loser. Just stay on your grind, you have nothing else to prove. You know the truth and the truth will prevail in the end.