May 31, 2016



Your dream is already happening now, you just can't accept that it is happening faster than expected. You are just afraid of the transformation because you were so hooked on the preparation. All you've been visualizing from the past, all the hardwork from yesterday were starting to pay off. You just can't accept it because of the pressure it brings. Let me remind you again, there is no success that didn't experience any kind of pressure.

And sometimes you are wondering if it is really happening or you were just afraid because results can't be seen yet.

You've been doing great, you are in the place where your dream should happen. You want to become a basketball player, where are you? in the basketball court right? You are just afraid of the other players because you think they were greater than you. And sometimes you wanted to go back home because you think you cannot to do it. And once you go back home, what will you do? practice and dream again right?

You want to become a singer then what are you doing now? singing right? where are you now? in the audition line right? Your dream is happening now, you're just a little too scared because you've heard other people better than you, which is not true. There is no one better than you if you give your best and give all you've got.

Your dream is happening right now but it doesn't mean it will happen right away, it may take more time or not but it is really happening. If you are taking steps that are connected to your dream then you are already on your way. And don't ever think that your dream might not be for you so you should try something else. Remember the more you become overwhelmed the more you should give your best. Being overwhelmed happens because you are very close to your dreams. The more you get closer the pressure becomes higher.

Anything that you do that is related to your dreams is the correct thing to do. Never live from other people's expectations because you might not be able to show the real you if you felt that way. Stay focus and always take one step at a time. Relax and feel confident, if you cannot feel confident then just try to breath deeper and never think of anything, empty your mind, be like water as Bruce Lee always say.

Overthinking will put yourself into procrastinating. Thoughts like "what if I am not ready?", "what if I suck?", "what if I fail and get embarrassed?", "What if I did something wrong?". Listen, negative thoughts won't give any help to you, if you can't think the right way then just don't think at all. Just do the basics, reveal your skills and never hold back, show them all what you can do.

The proof that your dream is already happening is your actions. You move even if you are scared, you still take chances even if you think you are an underdog. And even if you fail, it doesn't mean that you cannot get your dreams anymore, failure is a mudcoated success. Just keep on failing, learning and then one day you will be on top of the mountain.

May 29, 2016


Do work with out feeling lazy because it will reflect to the results of your work. Even if you work for 5 hours to do something but you are not giving your best and you are not executing the tiniest details to make the work outstanding then you are still lazy. There is a difference between a lazy work that was done in 5 hours and an outstanding work that was only done in two hours. A lazy work is slow, it is a type of work that was just trying to kill the time for the sake of just finishing the work and showing the boss that you work hard. A lazy work is dirty and full of mistakes because it is a work done without focus. An outstanding work is fast, clean, on time and not very costly. An outstanding work is a work that you honestly can be proud of without lying to yourself.

I've experienced this during the time that we are building our house, I help our construction workers carry some hollow blocks, soils, gravels etc. I've been working hard and carrying a lot of heavy stuffs even though I am not used to doing that type of work. I am very disappointed because I work harder than one of the laborers. He is killing the time, he makes a lot of excuses such as stretching his back, pausing for a while, texting etc. I am just an 18 year old boy that time so I cannot approach him and tell him what he's been doing. It's crazy because I am the one who have the right to become lazy but I am working harder than others who were supposed to be working hard. That guy is working but he is still lazy because he can do more but he is doing less. He is just pretending that he is working.

Laziness can also be found on your everyday routine. If you are exercising everyday, that doesn't mean you are not lazy, you are still lazy in some aspects. If you are doing 100 reps a day consistently and you decided to just do 50 reps one day because you are so tired then you are still lazy. Once you make your daily work shorter than it was before then that is already laziness. Even if you are running for at least 30 minutes a day then one day you decided to run for only 20 minutes then that is also laziness. In other words, laziness is shortening your work. Laziness is making yourself believe that you've done your work so you can relax a bit or level down a bit.

If you feel lazy, even if you are working, it is still laziness. It is simply because you are not giving your 100 percent for the job, you are practicing mediocrity and not excellence. You feel heavy, you want to fastforward the time, you want to finish right away, in other words you really don't want to work.

The solution for this is don't rush and don't slow. Just enjoy your time working, enjoy every movement that you make. Feel proud if you are doing your best and never mind if your hardwork will not be rewarded because it will be rewarded someday. Know the real meaning of work, always give your one hundred percent.

May 29, 2016


I don't know why there are lot of people who were a big fan of freebies. They think they get something but if you will look very closely on what is behind it, it really gives you nothing. The use of freebies is mainly for marketing, you thought you get something for free but the one who gives freebies is the one who gets more. It is like giving a free taste from a certain product, you love it because it's free and of course you will try it. The one who gives freebies is the one who is the more winner because his product is advertised very well and for sure you will buy his product again if you like it.

You fall into the trap, sometimes there were some marketing tactics that will give you some freebies if you buy their products, of course you will buy it even if it is expensive because you want the free items that the product offers. You thought you gain something but you really did not. You only waste money for some things that you really don't need just for the sake of having those free items, and soon you will see that those free items were just making your house dirtier because those were useless. Who is the winner now?

Some people always ask for free items or free money. I don't know what is the reason behind it. They love getting things fast and without working, they don't want to sweat or get tired. They love to get something without exerting any effort at all.

The more you ask for free things or free money, the more you become poorer. 

Maybe you are wondering why getting things for free will make you poorer. The answer is very simple, it is because you don't want to work anymore, you just want to get things for free. You are so focused on getting free things and not on working to have the things that you want. The bad thing about getting things or money for free is... it only comes occasionally, it never comes on a regular basis. You build a habit of just waiting for something to arrive in your life and the sad thing about it is... it doesn't come everyday.

You will also become very dependent on people who were giving you freebies. You will always wait for what they will give, you lose your independent will to get things on your own. You will look like a dog whose just waiting for the food prepared by its master.

You're like a useless person if you only ask for free things. You will not be able to develop skills for survival. You cannot improvise if you needed something right away because you want things handed to you easily. You'r like a king that has no power.

And even is someone is supporting you regularly, don't feel lucky because once that support was cut... you will feel like your life was taken away from you.

May 28, 2016


Accept that time is fast and time is moving, accept that there are some things that you can't do anymore. Even if you drink all the water in the fountain of youth and do yoga all day, you can't still beat change.

You are totally grown up or you already knew the meaning of life if you can accept that there are some things that you can't do anymore because of aging or some change of events. There are things that you can control before that you cannot control anymore. It's not that you are becoming weak or your power is diminishing, it just happens that change forces to changed you.

If you were some kind of a beast from the past or let's say a dominant person who can do a lot of things and can accomplish a lot of achievements... If you can no longer do what you used to do from the past, just accept it.  Life is always changing, you cannot stop it nor postponed it. You need to adopt to change or else you will live a miserable life and you will always be left behind.

I used to at least grab the basketball ring before with my both hands, back when I was only at my early 20's but now I am having a difficulty touching it with even just one hand. I don't know, I think aging plays a big role, my knees were somewhat feeling weak, there were some joints cracking when I am jumping, I am somehow afraid but I also began to realized that I shouldn't be scared because it is normal. Everyone will experienced what I've experienced, even the strongest and the most elite athletes have arrived at this stage. "YOU'RE A BEAST BEFORE, YOU'RE A BEAST NO MORE".

I accept the fact that there are some things that I cannot do anymore but I don't accept the fact that I can no longer become effective. My sport is basketball, I use my high leaping ability to dominate the game, I am not that tall but I can beat taller opponents because of my jumping ability. I can block taller opponents, steal the rebound from them, layup the ball as high as possible so no one can block it, I really have a lot of advantage by jumping high.

But things have changed but I don't have a hard time accepting it. What I do is I find ways how to become very effective with other things. I developed some moves that will make me stay in the game and still playing it at the highest level. I never let my self out of shape so I can still run fast, I developed some muscles to at least have an edge in strength aspects. I found that even if you become weak at some things you can become stronger on other things.

Some people were having a hard time in coping with life because it is hard for them to accept change. They were so hooked from the past, from the time where they were the kings and no one can touch them. When things have changed and they found out that they don't have the same power... they freak out and begin to escape from reality.

Some guys who were very strong from the past were very insecure with the young ones that are budding superstars. They cannot accept that someone is replacing their throne. They start to build an unhealthy competition with the younger ones which is not needed. The want to prove that they were still the kings and when they fail... they cannot accept it, they get depressed and they will heat up the competition even more.

If you were rich before and you can buy a lot of things then suddenly your life was downgraded for whatever reasons... you need to accept that you don't have a lot of money anymore. Some people still act as if they have the same amount of money when they were still rich. They still buy expensive clothes, eat in a fancy restaurant, they cannot control their pride which makes them even broke in the end.

Just forget what you can't do anymore and find some other things that you can do. The good thing about losing some power is another power will replaced what was lost. You can do some other things, it can be even better than what you use to do before. Try something new, instead of focusing on what you can't do, find some aspects in your game or life which you can improve. You can come back stronger again but your strength is different from what was before. You will become a different person but it doesn't mean that you've become weak. You just make some adjustments in your life and this time you are more effective because you've learn a lot of lessons.

May 28, 2016


IT'S ALL ABOUT DOING - rugged breed

Anybody can but will they do it?

Success is not about talking it is about doing. Every little success starts from thinking and then executing right away, no talking is needed. Every little thing you do today will have an effect in your future so never underestimate the little actions that you are doing at the moment whether it is good or bad.

You don't need to become smart or rich or talented to get a diploma in college. It is very simple, you just need to go to school at time, do your assignments, listen to your professors very well, do your projects then repeat. Do it for the years required to graduate then you get a diploma. Was that hard? NO. It takes time and a lot of effort but there is no special skills needed. You just show up, discipline yourself, pass all the requirements and then BOOM! Bright future is waiting for you.

But there were some spoiled kids who thought that everything was hard because they don't want to get a little uncomfortable for at least once in their lives... they will build some stories why they can't graduate. They will tell their moms... it is traffic, the professor was terror, there were some bullies in the class, my allowance was not enough, the subjects was too hard, our home was very far from the school, I don't have those books, I don't have a laptop. The list of excuses never ended and then their poor moms will somehow believe their stories and will baby them once again.

It's all about doing guys there is no secret here. If you are pursuing something and let's say there is really a difficulty, there are really things that you can't control or hard to control, there are really things that are making your life very difficult but... There is a big but, what if you convert the energies you used for complaining and making excuses to action? What if you just do every step that you can make and commit to endless action until the end? what do you think will happen? what if you just read what you can read, write what you can write, answer what you can answer, pass what you can pass, do you think the result will be different? DEFINITELY YES.

Those who can do will always get something. Who can brush his teeth before going to sleep will retain his teeth for a very long time, who can do his task right away will have a longer peace of mind, who can stay long in grinding hours will have greater rewards, those who have the ability to just do what is needed and doing another thing again and again will have more than what they deserve. It is a snowball effect, the reward keeps getting bigger and bigger as you do the right things consistently.

So never look for what you have or what gifts were given to you. Just develop a mindset of doing what is needed right away. If your house is burning what will you do? you will just look for an escape right? If your wound is bleeding what will you do? cover it with bandage right? or just simply pressing the sides of the wound until the bleeding stops. Life is all about doing and not about thinking nor talking, that is how simple life is.

May 27, 2016


When you say BURN THE BRIDGES you should never look back, it is an all or nothing journey. You don't have  a choice but to continue what you've started because the option of going back doesn't longer exist. You have to leave your old life and face every new challenges that will come along the way.

When you say burn the bridges, you should cut all of your connections from the past that can make you comeback to your old work, cut the help, cut the security. Take note, you already commit and you say you burn the bridges, you can't return anymore, it is a do or die situation.

But there are people who said that they already burned the bridges but they forgot to throw the ashes. What do I mean by this? they still have a memory of that bridge. They carry the ashes with them on their journey. The remember their old life, they remember the comfort, they remember not being criticized, they remember being safe with food on the table and money in their pockets. It seems like they want to go back to their old lives because they were afraid to continue their journey. They feel regretful about leaving their old and safe lives because they lost everything they have when they burned the bridges. They can't seem to move on, memories of their secured lives from the past always flashes back.

Regrets sets in when they face bigger problems. This is the only reason why people who told themselves they burned the bridges but immediately wanted to go back... they face bigger problems that they don't expect before burning the bridges. They never envisioned that something bad might happened, they were blinded by many stories of "taking the risk and making it big". All they know is they have to step out of their comfort zone, act courageous and then bag the money or whatever it is that they want to achieved. They live in fantasies before they take risks, they were never expecting big challenges, they were so excited and when things don't go their way... they were like babies looking for their moms. They cry, they whine and they always think they shouldn't have make a career move.

They feel they've become greedy and ambitious too much that is why fate is punishing them. They wanted to go back to their simple lives and humble beginnings. They will tell to themselves "If I can only go back, I will never become greedy again and I will just live a simple and normal life."

Know the real meaning of going ALL OUT. Feeling courageous in the beginning but feeling scared in the middle of the journey is just wasting time, for sure you will build a new bridge to go back from where you belong. If you will burn the bridges make sure you will go all out. You will use all your strength, use every motivation that you know to keep going. Endure all the hardships, survive all the challenges, forget the life you leave. Throw all the memories that will remind you about past. Think of everyday as a new day to build something new and something better than the past. If you will set up yourself for a journey, make sure you have the right mindset, a tough mindset that cannot be changed. A mindset that no matter what happens you will get it, it is either you die or you win.

May 27, 2016



Relying on the last minutes is the stupidest thing to do. Your talents can't save you, your connections won't get it done. Even if you are the best in the world, if you don't give your best in the beginning then it will be very hard for you to give your best in the end. Don't ever feel cocky that you can always make it right in the end. Sometimes you can do it but not all the times you can get away from doing it.

Relying on the last minutes will just make you rush, you will be out on control and you won't be able to perform at your highest level. You will commit a lot of mistakes. Look at some good NBA teams who underestimated their weaker opponents, they don't play hard on the first quarters because they always believed that they can beat their opponent on the last quarter. What happens is the lead of the weaker opponents continue to bubble and when the stronger team decided to go hard on the last few minutes, they cannot do it right anymore. Their minds were rushing, they were worried about losing. They cannot find their rhythm anymore and their confidence starts to go down. On the other hand, the weaker opponent becomes more confident, they were very relaxed and it seems like they cannot commit even a single mistake.

The lesson here is.. In life you cannot win by just working hard in the end, you have to work hard from the very beginning until the end. Just like in doing school projects, you can't be complacent even if you are smart. You can't do your best in the end because you will not be able to do it for sure. The wrong habits were build earlier so don't expect to turn things around so fast because you don't have the right habits to do better in the end.

It applies in every aspect of life, you can't say to yourself "I can afford to become lazy now because I will go hard in the end, I will relax first because I knew I can do it." You are just fooling yourself if this is your philosophy. Nothing great starts at the end, you have to start from the very beginning, sustain your efforts or even surpass it, then finish strong.

Good things about starting early:

• You will have a lot of time to think, you can make adjustments if needed because you already have an idea of what is going on. You can have a lot of breathing room if you finish fast. Good things happen when you start early.

• Your mind will be calm like a buddah, you know you do things right, you know you didn't do shortcuts, your confidence is soaring high, there are lot of information you gather because you've been doing the work from the very start.

• Your will power becomes stronger because the discipline was built, if you have any other tasks to do, you will just do it, your mind turns into auto pilot if you have to do something. You never second thought of doing it. You already forgot the meaning or procrastination.                      

May 27, 2016



Praise a person who always shows up. Praise him because even if it is raining, even if there is a typhoon or earthquake or any kind of natural disaster he still shows up. Not anyone can do that especially in our generation today where people were allowed to make thousands of excuses. And they really believe that their excuses were serving them and giving them an advantage. Their like "I don't want to go that's it", they were like spoiled divas who will just show up whenever they feel it.

Do you know some personality who is not that talented or does not possess something special but still thriving in some ways? it is because he shows up whenever there is a business, meeting or opportunity presented. For them, the only way to become successful is to outwork everyone and be as professional as they can be.

If you can show up everyday even if the the event is not favoring you so much then you have a big chance of becoming successful. It is because your presence can match any opportunity that is being presented. Just be patient, your time will come if you don't get tired of showing up.

What if the bigger role needs a substitute and you are the only option that can be seen? They have no choice but to give you the break. You will not be overlook, you will take the role. Your presence will fill up the absence. You're like a spider who is just waiting for his prey, you are just waiting for your chance and then you will grab it like it's the last chance of your life.

Opportunities will find you if you are always present and willing to take any job, don't be choosy, don't act like you're a special person. Be present if there is a call, even if the offer is not that good or will only give you small pay. Just show up, come early and be willing to give your one hundred percent all the time. Show them that you are hungry, make them feel that you want it so bad.

There are some people who were very talented and promising but easily fall down. It is because once they tasted a little success, they already feel that they were big and has the right to have a star attitude. They always come late, they were not professional, they turn down small offers that is why success turn its back from them. And when it comes to the point where they were the ones who need a job? NOBODY TRUST THEM ANYMORE. Their ego let them down.

Even if you are not that skilled or talented, you will grow by simply showing up. You will have a lot of experience, you can learn new things, you will see what is going around, you will know what is right or wrong. Your presence will show you different things, if you were absent do you think you can acquire some knowledge?

Showing up doesn't mean you will always get something, but the good thing is you are not missing any opportunity that might show. You were always aware of what is happening around and you are in full control. You even know something that other people who has bigger role than you didn't know. Just showing up will put you on top.

May 26, 2016


signs that you are on your way togreatness - rugged breed

Your on your way to greatness if you are pursuing it, really pursuing it and not just doing something for the sake of having something to be proud of. Being great is a long road but it is worth it. You will experience a lot of hardships but your personality will evolve to a different level especially if you are pushing so hard that it comes to a point where you wanted to give up. But if you are sincere in pursuing greatness, you will never give up, you will rest for a moment then you will continue your journey again. There are signs that you are on your way to greatness, sometimes you will not notice it, here are the signs that I am talking about:

You don't look for others' lives anymore. You are so focus on becoming better everyday, you are so focus on yourself so you don't have time for gossips, news and any other things that will just hinder you to become great. You don't care who is succeeding or not, all you know is you must work hard and move fast in order to reach the top. Small problems doesn't bother you anymore. Partying, drinking, reunions - you don't have a lot of time for these events. Sometimes you don't even know that today is the birthday of your friend. You also don't bother who is the champion of your favorite sport. You know that others' lives is irrelevant to what you are doing that is why you don't give so much importance to them.

You have a laser like focus. Even if you are not getting any results you are still focus on what you are doing. You have a mindset that one day you will achieve what you want and you will not be able to get it if your mind is cluttered. You are consistent on taking steps everyday, you got angry when you miss a day of working for your dreams. You spend at least 90 percent of your time everyday working to become great.

You knew you can also become like your idol. You developed a very strong confidence from working hard everyday. There is a vision of you can also become like your idol, you knew that your idol just work hard that is why he became great. You don't see any special about your idol anymore because you already knew the recipe to become great and that is commitment and hardwork. You treat your idol like an ordinary person and you begin to lose interest in him because you already have your own path to greatness.

You value your time so much because you want it so badly. You became cautious of how you spend your time everyday. You don't want to waste your time because it is the most precious thing to you. You want to become great faster than expected but you are not rushing, you are still patient. It's just wasting time is not attractive to you anymore because you knew that life is so short and you don't know what may happen tomorrow. You also don't want to waste your time for people, activities that are not helping you to push your way to the top.

You have a very scary goal and you don't mind it. Your goal is not just an ordinary goal, your goal is scary but you are not afraid to reach it because you have a belief that only great people possess. Your goal may look like impossible to others but you are not afraid to try because you knew you only have one life and you don't want to waste it. You want to become great so bad that you don't know the difference between easy and hard anymore.

You are starting to talk differently. The way you talk is something that ordinary people cannot understand. You begin to talk weird, they begin to talk behind you and say "what is wrong with this guy?". Your personality changes little by little, you speak words that are impossible to believe especially by those people who don't have the same vision as yours. You keep talking about how anyone can make dramatic improvement to his life and that anything is possible. You want to inspire others but some people weren't inspired by your words. Sometimes they will think that you are going crazy.

Your tolerance in pain is very high. Sometimes you no longer feel pain, hardships and adversity. Your dream of becoming great serve as a concealer from the pain that you get for pursuing greatness. You keep pushing no matter what. You are willing to go further and do whatever it takes. You can be awake for three days straight doing what you need to do without taking any drugs. You can stay focus and not eat food for longer hours. You can stomach failing multiple times because you know that being great is a process and failure is the number one requirement.

May 26, 2016


execute your own and natural move - rugged breed

Each one of us has a natural move that no one can copy. It is a move that was ingrained in our system since the day we were born. That move was not forced, it comes out naturally, it is genuine and very hard to emulate by other people. Your move comes from your genes and it was designated only for you. Be proud of your own natural move because that move is the rightest thing to do at any given moment.

You don't even need to think about it because your emotion dictates your body what it needs to do. Don't be conscious about how your move looks like because it looks good for as long as you are not thinking about it. The moment you think about how your move looks like then that is the time it will look ugly because it isn't natural anymore. Stop thinking about how you look and just focus on how you feel, always feel good because everytime you feel good, your move will become smoother.

Execute your own move everytime you need it in doing something. It can be on dancing, singing, making an art, public speaking, debate, sports etc. You don't need to know what is your natural move because it comes out naturally, it shouldn't be guarded, it shouldn't be mastered. Your body and mind already knew what is the type of move needed for the moment.

If you are executing your natural move many people will like you and they will be impressed in what you are doing. They will say "this guy is something". They will appreciate your uniqueness and being free to express yourself. People will feel that you are very loose and you are in complete command of yourself. Your energy is very positive and contagious.

Always feel natural. Never think that someone is watching you or else you will make a move that is not parallel to your personality. Never think that your move is wrong or you look stupid because your mind will give you the move that it is thinking. Just feel at ease with yourself, feel comfortable and always feel free to execute any move.

There is no awkward move. For some, your move may look awkward but the reality is not. It simply means you have a very unique type of move, they rarely see something like you that is why for them you look awkward. Every move made naturally is the right move regardless of the way it looks. If someone is correcting your move just tell him "Sorry but I love the way I move".

Never copy someone's move. It is ok to idolized someone but never copy his move, you can get an inspiration but you should stick to yours. Your move can be even greater than your idol's move so just use what is yours and forget about emulating someone's move no matter how popular that person is. If you copy someone's move then you are not being yourself anymore and your own unique move will not reach it's full potential.

May 26, 2016


how to become special- rugged breed

Being special is what everyone wants. You will be lying if at least once in your life you don't want to become special or you don't want something special. Being special is a special thing, you have the attention, you have the love and you have the special treatment. But what does it take to become special? does it need to have a lot of money? friends? followers?. I don't think so, being special is something that comes out naturally without having to have special things. It will be felt by people who feel that you are special. You don't need to force it, you just have to live it. You are special in a special way and you don't need to prove it to everybody.

Stop thinking that you are special. By doing so, you will have a superiority complex attitude which is not good for your circle. You will be able to do things that you don't usually do. You will be very demanding, lazy and an irritating person because you value so much being special, you think that you deserve a special treatment and if it is not given to you, you will just explode right away. And also by thinking that you are very special, you will be afraid to make mistakes because you have an identity that you are protecting so much.

You think about what people say if you screwed up so you will do the same thing over and over again, you will not take risk, your performance and outputs will look very boring because people have seen those things a million times before.

Stop thinking that you are special, instead think that you are just an ordinary person doing extraordinary things.

Stop imitating your idols. There is nothing special about imitation, if you imitate someone then you are not offering the world something that hasn't seen before. Imitating is simply repeating, you're just like a clone of somebody else, you are a weaker version because you're not the original. There is nothing special about imitating somebody because you will never be greater than the person you are imitating. People have already seen what you are doing so you are not an exciting person, all you can offer is a repeated act and nothing more than that. You're like a dog that was trained by a master to repeat his actions and then some people will be happy.

Be original, show the world something unique and mind blowing, always do things that will make you scared if people will like it or not. Take risk and separate yourself from others.

Be expressive - You can't be special if you are not willing to express yourself and emotions. Special people expresses themselves anytime they want. They do it without thinking if people might like them or not. For them, expressing is the only way to show people how good they are. They express themselves exactly the way they feel without over exaggerating or under performing.

Always express yourself, expose your ideas, never hide your intentions. Have you seen a special person who is shy and conservative? There are some special people who were simple but they weren't afraid to show how they feel.

Be natural - Just be yourself, show your natural actions, show your truest you, be sincere because people will see if you are faking something or if you were hiding something. Being genuine and authentic is what makes a person special. You don't need to tweak your actions, you don't need to change they way you speak. Just be natural and appreciation from people will follow.

Do something special - of course you can't be totally special if you can't do something special. That is why special children have specializations, they can do something that other people can't do. If you were not born talented don't worry because you can still do special things, just focus on one thing that you love and repeatedly practice it everyday. Practice and practice until your basic skill become special and something to talk about. Bring your basic skill to the highest level and people cannot ignore you.

May 26, 2016



Say it, do it, ask for it, show your pure intention, show your honesty, show it fast and show it without conscience. You've been playing around for so long that is why your goal had escaped from your hands.

If you need to say something say it. Stop hesitating, the more you hesitate, the more you can't say it. The more you take your time, the more it will slip from your hands. Just say what you wanted to say. Say sorry to the person you accidentally or intentionally hurt, say I love you to your crush, say something. Even if you don't know how to say it, just say it. There is no right or wrong when saying something for as long as the intention is clear and the message can be understood very well, say it however you wanted to say it. Either you say it loud or you say it soft, the most important thing is keep the message clear. Don't wait until your saliva becomes dry, speak what is inside of your heart.

Ask for it. Ask for what is it that you want. Ask your crush for a date, ask for an increase, ask for a nicer role, ask for bigger money, ask for more opportunities. Just ask, even if you don't get what you want, then at least you ask. You will never have regrets in the end if you ask because you push further and you take chances. You learned what is not for you. There is a 99% percent that you will get what you want if you ask, just make sure you ask with confidence. Stop playing around, ask for what you want. Be like a child when you ask for something, let them feel the sincerity in your words that you want it so bad.

Do it. You know you wanted to do it, you just don't have enough confidence to start. Stop playing around. If you wanted to become an artist then do it, know your passion, start now and start making arts, forget if you are producing ugly arts, there is no ugly in arts, what matters is you express yourself. If you wanted to become a hollywood artist then what are you waiting for? look for some auditions and never stop applying until a break was given to you, attend seminars or workshops to become a great actor if needed, do something that will make you closer to your dream, stop playing around and acting like you don't want it, just do it. If you wanted to become a basketball player then be it, take the ball and make it happen, try out for different teams, don't stop until you become a player, break ankles if needed, just do it now and stop playing around.

Most of you can't get what you want because you've been always playing around. You do unnecessary things that is only delaying you from getting your dreams. You engage yourself into stupid stuffs and useless thoughts. All you need to do is act right away. Ask if you need to ask, talk if you need to talk, move if you need to move. No more thinking is needed, enough of the hesitation, enough of the "playing conservative" effect.

Time is ticking, if you will not do what is needed now then you may not do it forever. Act fast while you still have a chance, never let your fear stop you. The place for you is waiting, get it while nobody still have it.

May 26, 2016


HE'S SO HIMSELF - rugged breed

I never saw him not in the zone just for once. He's always on fire, he is invincible. He can do anything he want, he do everything he says. He's the man, he is the face of the future. Everybody wants to be like him. He is the best, he is the man of the hour. Everyone talks about him because he can do impossible things, he is more than a human, he is the best if not the greatest, he is number one.

He can pick himself up so fast everytime he fall, he is not afraid to fail, he is always in the moment. Whenever someone says bad things to him he doesn't care at all. He gives no emotions to stupid things, he is cold as ice. He has no conscience, he execute his moves like an animal, he is so true to himself. He embodies greatness, he has his own definition of it. He can take any challenges, he can destroy any obstacles. He has the heart of a warrior and a single mindedness of a champion. You would love to have him on your side because he will never let you down, he will fight until the end. He will accomplished what is ought to be accomplished. Me makes no excuses, he will move even if he is hurt, he will do it even if he feels bad.

I never saw him discouraged just for once, whenever things were difficult, he find ways to overcome it. He is so mentally tough and physically rough. He can make his own rhythm anytime he want, he lead by example and not with the use of his mouth. This guy is one of a kind, he is one in a million, he is so himself. He is the epitome of a person who relies only on his strength. He always look on the inside and he never get some strength from the outside. He can use his strength without being afraid that it will ran out.

He carries himself like nobody does, he has the confidence, the tenacity and the will to win. He can make the impossible possible, he can turn the hopelessness into bravery. All he does were amazing things, he makes mistakes but it never diminishes his confidence. He is just a mortal but he takes risks like he is immortal. Pain is nothing to him, gain is what he is focusing. He will keep pushing even if his world is melting. He silenced the doubters he increased his believers, he control the world without controlling it. He can force the situation to squeeze a little momentum, he loves challenges he doesn't need any  advises.


It's your greater version, it is you if you have the confidence, it is you if you will believe in yourself. This guy is you if you will work hard, it is you if you will make sacrifices. This guy is the one you've been dreaming of to be you for a long time. It is an image of how you wanted to look like and act like.

Now, you see how will you look like if you will trust yourself and stop holding yourself back. YOU CAN OWN THE WORLD if you can build the courage needed to become great. This is just an idea, you can become more if you will think BIG.

May 25, 2016


Everyone wants to become great but not everyone can achieve it. There are only few people in this
world who becomes great, very few, but my question is why not you? You have the power to make your dreams a reality. Everyone is telling the world how good they are but none of them are true. So let me ask you again why not you? You know yourself, you know you are great so why not you?

You've been dreaming everyday, working hard everyday and yet you are holding yourself back. No one gives a damn if you succeed so no one also gives a damn if you fail. You are in a Win-Win situation, show the world how great you are, show them your skills, show them what you've got. Why not you? Everyone has a chance. If you work harder than anyone and dream greater than anyone then you have the right to claim what is rightfully yours. So stop holding back, set the right mentality and steal the throne.

Why not you? stop being humble, sometimes being humble will make you a mediocre individual, being humble will stop you from expressing yourself and showing your greatness. Great people has cockiness inside of them and don't be afraid if you accidentally offended someone because of your greatness. It is not your duty to please people, it is your duty to amaze people. So kill the  little doubt in yourself and let go. Celebrate the freedom of having the ability to chase your dream. Stop questioning yourself if you can do it or not. Anyone can become great but only few men can sacrifice to attain it so why not you? You pay your dues, you did everything you can to make it to the next level so you have every right to be the greatest.

There are people who doesn't deserve attention but they keep on getting it because they were just using their mouth to spread lies about how good they are. Now is the time for the world to see the real deal, it is time to give meaning to greatness. It is time to make the world witness what hasn't been witnessed before, if nobody can show it then why not you? And don't ever pass the limelight to someone else who is just pretending, be the man be number one. Do you want to see someone holding the power who is not deserving?

It's you and only you, you just think that you don't deserve it because you were too humble to admit that you are great. Well, the "pretending times" is over and it is your responsibility to take charge. Lead the pack, prepare yourself to go all out and leave everything on the field. Use all your strength, use all your knowledge. Show them the real you, show them your power. Never stop until you show them how great you are, keep fighting, keep persevering, the time is now it is your time to shine.

May 25, 2016


not knowing will make you successful - rugged breed

Many people were so proud because they know a lot, they feel so accomplished and sometimes they feel that they were the smartest people in the world. They feel successful and they feel that they were above others. Well, success is not all about knowing a lot and having a wider scope of knowledge. You can also become successful if you don't know some things. Coincidentally you must don't know some things to survive and thrive in life. Some things that you don't know will give you an advantage and sometimes you don't know that it does.

Not knowing how to give up - You do it until you made it. You don't know how to give up even if it is irrational to still continue. You embraced the pain, you embraced the stress, you eat all the critics. You take it one step at a time until you arrive to your destination. Not knowing how to give up will make you look like crazy and literally people will even label you as a crazy person. It is simply because they don't know how it feels to want something bad. Not knowing how to give up means endless opportunities, chances will show on your way if you don't give up. Always motivate yourself and never lose hope. Not giving up is easy, for others it may look hard but it is really easy. You just need to enjoy the journey, trust the process and never look for results. Not seeing any result will make you feel the lack of something. Just enjoy doing something towards your dreams and eventually you will arrive at your designated place in the right time.

Not knowing what people say - I admire those people that seems to not know what is happening around them. They just do what they need to do, they just keep moving and have fun in life. It looks like they have a force field against criticisms and backstabbings that is going around. The look very cool, they do not worry. Everything seems very easy for them, they were always happy even if there are issues in their surroundings. I don't know if they really don't know what other people say or they just don't care at all.

Not knowing what people say about you is a very good thing. It will make you focused, it will make you motivated. There will be no distractions in you work, all you know is you are right. So if you feel that some people were talking behind you, it is better not to investigate what they say, it is better to not know it because it is not worth it. Forget about the fumes that is spreading, just do what will give you a better life.

Not knowing how to do it - I guess you are thinking how will anyone become successful if he doesn't know how to do it. Well, it still depends on the attitude of a person. Some people, if they don't know how to do it, they will never do it or even try, they will just accept what is given. But for some, not knowing something gives them a challenge, they look for ways how to become successful. They continue learning everyday because they don't know how to do it. They continuously searched for information everyday to know how to do it and that attitude can make them successful. Being eager to learn how to accomplish something is a great characteristic that will give you success. Accept that you don't know it and continue looking for information how to do it. So don't be sad if you don't know something because that ignorance will give you hunger to accomplish something great in life.

May 25, 2016



People were so addicted in doing less but wanting more, They want shortcuts, they wanted the easy route so in the end they will be forced to go back to where they belong and repeat the process again. The worse thing is sometimes they even have to double the work.

Taking steroids.  You were so obsessed in making your muscles grow and becoming stronger in the fastest possible time, you don't want to make a lot of sacrifices so you just take steroids. WOW! you feel alive while flexing your muscles infront of the mirror. You were so happy because while others were killing themselves in the gym, you were just oiling your muscles and posting selfies at social medias. What a fast success! Just spending a couple of bucks for the illegal drug and injecting it in your ass then BOOM!... Arnold Schwarzeneger Jr was born. The strength is unbelievable, the muscles were immeasurable. You're a complete hulkster in just a few seconds. You were so blinded by the fake success that you attained but when reality sinks in and the side effects begin to take over in your body... Ouch! the pain hurts, you feel you are getting weaker and weaker, your muscles start to sag and you're starting to look like a balloon deflated. You look older and weaker, it seems like you are suffering from some kind of a disease.

Now you must go back, now that you've learned your lessons you need to go back and start from zero. Truth hurts, you need to lift a lot of heavy weights again and eat a lot of protein. You only wasted your time trying some stupid drug that was know from destroying body builder's lives.

Investing in a Get Rich Quick Scheme. So you don't want to work like almost everyone . You invested your little savings into a get rich quick scheme that you don't even know if is real or not. They promised you Ferraris, Mansions, Louis Vittons, Rolex watches and any other luxurious things that everyone is dreaming of. You get excited because you were seeing results in the beginning, you feel like you've made it, "Wow I finally hit the jackpot" as you keep telling yourself. But when the scam was exposed and you heard in the news that the company you join was just a scam... It feels like the world drop its weight on you, you can't speak, you can't eat, you feel like you wanted to die. Now all you have is zero dollars, what a way to live a life. You're a broke son of a bitch because you wanted to become rich... in the fast way. The result is you have to start on saving money again in your piggy bank and wait for it to grow, you have to work double hard again because you don't want to work at all. BACK TO ZERO CHICO!!!

Just getting the diploma. You are just going to school because you wanted to get a diploma, you don't even want to learn something. You just go to school for formality and so people will think that you are a right thinking individual. You get your allowance, go to school and copy during exams. What an easy life!!! You're acting like a son of a sultan. You don't need to think and yet you still get a diploma. The next sequence is you got hired in a work because you came from a popular school and when they ask you to do something... your brain seems like it is malfunctioning, it looks like it was empty. And people around you will laugh because they still need to assist you like a baby. You look like an aluminum with a gold coating. They hired you because you get good grades and you came from a well known university. But when it is time to prove your worth, you can't prove anything. That is what you get by trusting shortcuts, that is your punishment for not doing your homeworks... you will look like ignorant.

Taking shortcuts will make you feel successful for only just a short period of time, that success won't last and the effects of taking it will take you back to reality. It will make you realized how dumb you are for refusing to work.

The finishing line of shortcut is located at the starting line, you need to go back and do the things that you didn't do.  You have to begin again, you have to suffer again. There is no other way around if you wanted to make a comeback.

May 25, 2016


It is true that you don't need a formal education to succeed, a lot of successful men prove that. They drop out in college or even in high school then they pursuit their dreams relentlessly, they dedicated their lives to grab their dreams and make an impact to the world. It somehow creates an idea that education is not the only basis of person's future. It gives hope to people who didn't finish their studies or cannot even send themselves to school. It made the idea of anything is possible even stronger.

There are lot of breathe taking stories out there about successful men who didn't finish their studies and still succeed, those stories were real and very inspiring. But somehow those stories were misunderstood especially by young folks today. They thought that it is ok to drop out in college or even in highschool because there are proven facts that you can still become successful even if you didn't finish a degree. But sometimes they only use it as an excuse not to study because they were too lazy and they cannot even stomach reading a single page in a book. They just use those idea to escape the boredom and live like a bum.

They were fooled by the stories of Bill Gates, Floyd Mayweather, Manny Pacquiao and any other greats that became big despite of not finishing their studies. I don't know if they really believed on those stories or they just want to believe it so they will have something to explain to people why they don't finish their studies. Or maybe they believe that they can also become successful but the question is... do they have what it takes or do they have the attitude to become successful?

If you leave your education to pursue your dreams then make sure you will die for it, make sure you will dedicate your life and never quit in the end or else don't start at all, just finish your studies and get some good grades. If you don't have an idea, if you are not serious then don't ever compare yourself to Bill Gates or any other greats because those people were very sure where will they go. They were willing to die for their dreams and they really knew what they want from the start. They leave schooling because they want to focus on their dreams and they really believe that they will succeed. They don't want to waste time doing some other things that is why they forget education.

You don't have the right to compare yourself to the great ones if you are just half ass committed and you don't know where will you go. Leaving education is not a joke, you can leave it if you are very sure that you can succeed and you are willing to do whatever it takes to get your dreams, if you were just guessing and trying to impress people then just go home and do your assignments. Do some better things instead of wasting you time and acting like you're one of these geniuses.

May 25, 2016



There is no such thing as luck. Many people believed in luck and that is the reason why they were so unlucky. Luck will only touch people who doesn't believe in it because it only shows itself to people who forced themselves to become lucky, these are the people who work so hard and take no breaks until they become successful. Luck is an excuse use by people who trust on it, they will repeatedly say "I have no luck on that, I am not lucky, luck is not yet on my side." Luck is overrated nowadays and if you are one of these people who believe in it then you are so unlucky.

If you become successful once and yet people doesn't believe in your abilities and they keep on calling you a lucky guy then it is time for you to show them that you can do it again. Once you became successful once you can do it twice or thrice or as long as you want to do it. There is no limit in becoming successful. You can become successful a million times however you like it. That is why there were multi billionaires and ultra successful people, they just repeat what made them successful.

If you are one of these guys that has reached a certain level of success and for whatever reasons you fall down or you hit the rock bottom... just relax. No need to panic, no need to say "my successful life is falling apart, help me!". Common dude, act like a grown up man who can bring himself back on the top. The main thing is this... if you reached the top once you can reach it twice. You've already tasted success and there is no reason you cannot taste it anymore. There were already habits built inside of you, you already knew what to do, all you need to do is reapply the actions that you did from the past to become successful. There is no need to worry, there is no need to think that you just got lucky from the past and you cannot do it anymore. Just do the same amount of effort you did from the past before you became successful or it is better if you can double it up, revive the mindset that bring you to the top, relive it and execute right away. Climb your way back to the top, it is very simple, it is all about repeating the whole process and making certain adjustments if needed.

There were some people who got broke after becoming a millionaire. Maybe they relax or they mishandle the business or maybe they take risks that has very high chances of failing. But they never get depressed and worried, they knew they can bring the glory back and that is what they do. They just take their time, pick themselves up and make proper adjustments to their style. They slowly become successful again because just like I said once you taste the success once, you can taste it twice or even more, all you have to do is trust yourself that you can do it again and of course make an effort to make it happen.

For example the Cadbury chocolate, it comes to the point where it is almost done. There are rumors that some cadbury chocolates have some dirty shits inside of it, I don't know how you call it but it spread to the entire world. The business falls down but it rose to the top again because the people who runs the company knew what to do, they believe that they can become successful again because they knew how to do it and they already made it once.

So don't ever make an assumption that your luck is running out if things go bad. Life is really like that, sometimes you feel that you already owned the world then suddenly you will go back to the bottom again.

Just always remember that success can be repeated over and over again.

May 24, 2016



Even if you don't have work yet you still have to work if you want to become successful in life. What do I mean by this? Practice, train, evolve, study, grind,  grow, upgrade your skills. Do something that will make your work easier in the future.

Work even if there is no money, work even if you don't need to work. Because all of the work that you did will be rewarded in the end. You can't see the reward now, you can't touch it now but trust me, no work will not be paid.

Some people will never work if no money is involved, they will never take action if rewards cannot be seen. That is why in the end... they are having a hard time in their work or they are having a hard time looking for work. Because the skills needed to do the work or have the work was not there. They just relax while having no work and they became rusty. They became dumb, they lost their grip and they have no confidence at all. They were doubting themselves and fear is starting to take over.

Look at those MMA fighters or let's say boxers who were waiting for their fights to be scheduled. They just relax, they never throw themselves in fire. They chill, they became fat, they live like a king. And when there is an unexpected opportunity that was offered to them... they think twice, they don't know if they will take it or not because they were not confident on their abilities. They don't want to fight in short notice. They will make excuses such as they were injury, they don't have a full training camp, they must attend the graduation of their children and any other excuses that leads to nowhere.

The only way to secure a work is to work while there is no work because if you do this then work will come to you. You won't be afraid to take the work at any given time because you already did the work and there is no room for doubts because you already erased it while working on your craft.

Having no work is not an excuse not to work. Whether you like it or not you have to work everyday or else you will have no momentum. You will doubt yourself, you will become lazy and you will lose willpower. You will get fat, you will get slow, you will lost every knowledge that you have. The worse thing is you will get depressed and you cannot find your confidence anymore. You're like a kid that was lost in the park, a magician that lost his magic wand. There is no direction in your life and all you have is doubts in your abilities.

Rust is all you have. Rust is the only thing that you can offer if you don't work everyday. Rustiness in a skill that was supposed to be in the highest level if you only worked for it everyday. No matter how great you are, no matter how skilled you are and how confident you are... Those things will fade if you didn't discipline yourself to work everyday. Champions never rest, champions never take a long vacation. Their minds is always on, their motivation is always alive.

Make a decision now if you want to go somewhere. Work while there are no offers yet, work while you are just applying for a job, work while everyone is sleeping. The word "work everyday" is very painful to hear but it is the only way to stay in shape and stay sharp to conquer any obstacles that may come in your way.

May 24, 2016



I don't remember God says that some dreams or bigger dreams are not for everyone. I don't remember that at all. But there are some people who is no better than God but is advising like a God. It seems like they know everything about you and they are the judge of who will become successful.

There were some people who will tell you that you can't do something big because you don't have that certain quality to become successful. They will compare you to someone who they thought is better than you but didn't make it. They will even read the history and will compare you to the great individuals that didn't become successful and they will ask you "how can you do it if they can't?". Never listen to them because if you do... you were already eliminated in the game just before you started.

Stop reading the history books about who made it and who doesn't. Those people were irrelevant to your life. It is your duty to make a history and not to read history. Stop comparing yourself to people who you think is stronger than you. You don't know their real strength but you know your strength, If you push yourself to make it to the next level and you are progressing everyday then there is nothing else to talk about. There is nothing else to worry about.

History is the past, it has nothing to do with the present. Forget about those greats who made it on top because it has no connection to your intention. Just laugh at the history because it is not happening anymore. Don't try to disrespect it but just don't care about it, never let it create an impact to your life. Never let it affect your decision and your journey.

People were always bringing the past but the past cannot change the present. It can only present some facts that can be erased by greatness that can be seen in the present. History is made to be erased and anyone can erase it. Create and eraser that will make the history even better. For you history is nothing, it is just a place where some records where recorded and it has nothing special about it.

Create your own history. Create your own records, create your own story of greatness. Create something that hasn't been seen before. If you really wanted to succeed and be discovered then you should do something that was impossible to achieved by many. You should do something to talk about, make an impact that is very hard to ignore.

Forget about your limits. This is the only way to create history, forgetting about your limits. It is not just about "okay I am not limited, I have the strength, I can do everything I want." You can also do that but it is really true? at some point your strength will worn out and your skills will be useless. To forget about your limits is to destroy every limit that you have, You can only do it by continuously progressing everyday and breaking your own records. That is the way to forget your limits. It is like one day you do 100 pushups and the following day you will do 101. That is how you destroy your limits and there is no other way around.

May 24, 2016


build something that last - rugged breed

If you want to have at least a little purpose in this world and if you want to be remembered forever then build something that last. Don't build something that will be remember in just weeks or days. Build something that will create a huge impact everywhere. Build something that will touch the lives of other people. Build an idea that will be remembered forever and will be used for different generations of life.

Most people nowadays were trolling on the internet, they do stupid things that will gather attention. They are not being themselves anymore, they do things just to please people and get some attention and by doing that... They are not being themselves, they are becoming something else. Ok, so they get a million viewers, they amused some people for a while but the biggest question is.... Did what they do gonna last forever? did those stupid stuffs gonna make history? will they be remembered forever? These people whose intention is just to get some attention are just wasting their time. When they grew old and they see what they did from the past...they will tell to themselves "why the hell did I do these stupid things? what did I get from it"

That is why pretty girls who exposes themselves a lot posting some pictures in pretty bikinis or something will soon have a miserable life. They want an easy way to become popular and they do very easy things. They just show their body and everyone will like it, the question is how long will they be able to do it? Ten or 15 years from now and those girls will be forgotten. It is because they do not contribute something to the world. All they do is make people amused for a while and nothing more than that. They will grow older sooner, their skins will become uglier, wrinkles cannot be hidden anymore and there will be no more who will look for them. And the sad thing is...  because they were so addicted to likes and praises, when nobody likes them anymore or when they no longer have a big fan base then they will get depressed and feel bad. That is what pleasing does, that is what looking for appreciation does... it will make you reliable into it and your life is attached into it. When appreciation can no longer be felt, you can't appreciate yourself anymore.

Do something that has a content and not just purely showing skins, doing some crazy steps or making fun of somebody. Create something that even though is not getting a lot of attention now will surely be remembered forever. Do something that you can do forever even if you grow old, do something that will make you proud of yourself. Build something that is very hard to erase and forget by people. Build something that can touch lives.

What are the things that lasts? It maybe a technique, a discipline in martial arts, a useful and passionate song, a book about how to have a better life, an idea, a very useful invention, an original step or anything that will contribute to the improvement of someone's life. Anything that doesn't necessarily amused people but will surely help people. Be a contributor not a clown.

May 23, 2016


how to test your level - rugged breed

You wanna know what your level is? test it. You can only test your level by testing it with another level. If you wanna know how good or strong you are then you should compete with a stronger person like you. You will not know your level if you were always dominating people who were weaker than you. They will easily submit into your strength and they cannot push you to your limits. In other words they were just like goldfishes eaten by a piranha. Yeah it is fun to dominate but wait until a stronger person meets you and look how he will dominate you. You will get overwhelmed because you are so used to beating weaker people.

You will not know how strong you are until you meet someone who is also strong and has the same drive and fire as yours. You will not know what is your true potential if you keep on winning everyday and beating people who has no intention to become better versions of themselves.

Go to different places, go to different scenarios. Exposed yourself to potential losing. You cannot know your level and move to another level if you keep on doing the same thing over and over again. You cannot grow if you will not lose. The only way to move to another level is through resistance and some pressure. Always be willing to fail because that is the only way to know what your true strength is. Failing and getting beat up is the best way to grow and become stronger than before. Losing will give you motivation, winning will make you satisfied.

Your personality will grow if you keep on testing it and you will not be tested if you keep on associating yourself to the same types of people everyday. I am not saying that you should leave your friends or something. My point here is go to somewhere where you can find people and experiences that will expand you and make you feel that you are not strong. Look for a place where it is hard to dominate and there are lots of competitors. Make sure you will feel fear and self doubt.

That is why true competitors look for bigger challenges in life, they don't shy away from losing. They welcome the idea of being beaten. They always look for stronger challenges because that is where they find growth. They easily got bored by winning over weaker opponents. They knew that becoming stronger also needs feeling weaker, you have to feel weak first so you will work hard to become stronger. And besides, what is fun in winning over weaker opponents? what is fun in over powering people who you knew will have no chance against you?

It is true that iron sharpens iron, you will not become sharp if you are being sharpen by rusty irons. You know in yourself if you need to grow, find challenges that has no assurance of winning, find challenges that has bigger percentage of losing. In losing you will find growth, in losing you will get feedbacks, you will get clues about what you need to do to enter a new level.

Most people thought that by winning you will level up and by losing you will level down. Not all the times this is true. Sometimes winning will make you stuck in your place and you will be satisfied in your position. Sometimes losing will make you realize that you are not that strong enough so you need to do something else to make yourself move to another level.

May 23, 2016



You are the one who gives a meaning to an event that happens around you. It is up to you how you give meanings to different situations. And whatever meaning you give, it will affect your life and emotions. Anyone can give a different meaning to what is happening around, some gives a bad meaning while some gives a good meaning. How you see it on the outside is how you will feel on the inside so be careful on giving meaning to different things, it can make your life better or bitter.

If someone cuts you in a traffic, what meaning will you give into that event? Some people will get mad and instigate a fight, they will cause a heavier traffic and it can be even more than that. If fighting occurs then someone might get hurt and hospitalized. I am not being negative but those are the things that usually happens when fighting happens. Some people will just let it go, if someone cuts them they will be patient and just keep their focus on driving. For them it is normal that there are people who were so undisciplined and there is nothing you can do about it. They also think that they have better things ahead of them and they are very thankful for having a good life. They knew that if they engaged themselves in a fight, bad things might happened to them and they don't want to get involve in a fight because they always think about their future and their family. In other words they knew that wanting to look brave won't give you any good in life. They don't even want to lower down their level and fight someone who isn't matured enough to do simple things.

If someone cracks a joke on you, I mean a really offensive joke how will you react? are you gonna fight him, are you gonna instigate a fight or are you just going to keep quiet? Some people will fight back or even crack a more offensive joke until the fight happens. Some people will just keep quiet and keep their cool because they don't give meaning to a particular joke no matter how offensive it was. And besides you don't even know the real intention of the joker, he just maybe wants to make people laugh because the situation is getting boring or he just wants to open a conversation with you. Some people don't know that they were being offensive until someone tells them so. It is a matter of how you look at the situation and give meaning to it. If you will think that the joke was just a joke and nothing more than that then you will be fine or you will even laugh. But if you think that the joke was offensive then you might get violent and create some trouble, who is the loser in the end? who will look like an uneducated person?

A person can have a power over you if you give them, same as the situation. You are the only one who gives power to anything or anyone because you feel bad. Your emotion is controlling you and not them. If you can focus on other things then those people or circumstances will have no meaning, it will have no power at all. If you find yourself feeling bad at anyone or anything just reframe your mind and focus on the other things, just let go of that thought and just shrug it off.

May 23, 2016


make small achievements as an addiction - rugged breed

Well if you've been addicted to some cocaine, cigarette, alcohol or something, guess what? you can also become addicted to success. Anyone can choose his own addiction  so why not choose an addiction that is healthy and helpful to your life. You've been destroying your life over the last few years by patronizing an addiction that is only damaging your brain and your body. Now is the time to replace your addiction if you can, anything is possible, you can still change your life and replace your bad habits with good habits. It is just a matte of dedication and commitment.

One good addiction is achievements, may it be a small or big achievement, it is very good to your life. It can  give you a better life and it will pull you up from the mud. Your life will have a direction and you will enjoy your life even more because you are seeing that you too can accomplish little things and these little things can turn into bigger things once you keep achieving small things. It will evolve if you make a commitment of achieving everyday.

What is an achievement? anything, it is an accomplishment, it is not all about money. It is anything that you accomplished. It is anything that you put an effort and you gave a little sweat. For example you jogged for an hour today, that is already an achievement. It feels good right? If you've earned at least 10 dollars today by purely hardwork and you earned it without scamming anyone then that is already an achievement. If you finished all the household chores today and you did it passionately then that is already an achievement. Achievement is basically finishing something and that something has a positive impact in your life.

Achievement is accomplishing something that makes your life better. It can be very small but at least you know in yourself that it contributes something to the progression of your life. It doesn't need to become very big like buying a car, buying a house, finishing a college degree or qualifying for an olympics. Anything can be labelled as an achievement for as long as you work hard for it and you commit yourself to it for some time.

The good thing is if you can achieve small things then you can also achieve big things. That is why making small achievements as an addiction is really good. It will instill a habit in you of achieving everyday. Once you get bored on achieving small things then you will look for bigger things and I am very sure you can get anything you want because your patience and wanting to win was already built.

Choose anything to achieve, you are free to choose. Start with small things, become addicted to it. Achieve everyday and don't stop. You will be amazed at one day you were already achieving bigger things in life. Start being small and continue growing big.

Be happy with what you are achieving, again it doesn't matter if your achievement is big or small, what matters is you are achieving something unlike others who were contended for having no progress in their life because they were so lazy and they cannot see a bigger picture. Make a little celebration if you achieve small things, continue to feel better and continue to do better.

May 23, 2016


So did you ever noticed that you've been getting a lot of feedbacks from different types of people and still you are not getting the result that you want? You've been following their ideas and commands, you're respecting their leads and so... how did it went out? Did you become an instant success? did you experience greatness?

And when you follow their ideas and not your own idea how did you feel? did you feel happy? did you feel accomplished? or did you feel you disrespected your own life and you remove your right to decide for yourself?

Now, you already followed what others wanted you to do. You already tried their advises and yet you still fail. You did everything they told you to do even if sometimes you want to follow your own instincts. You're like a slave to them, are they the one feeding you everyday? You're like a robot that was controlled by other people and if you don't follow they will not put battery into your system so you can't run anymore.

If you were so sick and tired of them feeding you the rules and regulations to do things then it is time for you to listen to yourself. Listen to your instincts, follow your guts, do what your heart says. Just for once never listen to what other people say, never listen to their instructions. They already failed you now it's time to fail yourself, it is better to fail on your own mistake than to fail by other's decisions.

Just for once disconnect yourself to these wannabes, unplugged from their coaching activities. Decide that you will follow every idea that your heart told you so and see if you will win or fail. Nevermind if they will get mad at you. You have your own life, you can also think, you can also decide so use your own abilities and judgement.

Just see it for yourself, see what you can do if you use your own strength, see what results will you get if you go all out and be yourself for once. And even if you fail, I am very sure you will become happy because there is no other feeling greater than being yourself and following your gut. Being yourself is already winning, it gives you good feelings and you feel the real freedom. You feel how is it to decide for yourself and genuinely do every action that your heart is telling you.

And when you decide that you are going to listen to yourself, really mean it. Never feel guilt, never feel regret because you turn people down. Never feel sad if someone gets mad at you. This is natural, a lot of people gets mad at someone who will stand for himself. Just go all out, never look back and experience being you. You will never regret it if you fail because standing up for something is already winning.

There are lots of people who already won but still feel like a loser because they let other people dictate them. They let other people decide for them, they feel like they don't own their own life so in the end they still feel like a failure.

May 23, 2016



Don't you still get it? don't you feel it? did you noticed that ten years ago feels like it was only yesterday? How about 20 years ago, it feels like it was only last week, am I right?

If you don't know that time is fast then you are a poor little child. You will just repeat what you are doing everyday until you grow old and accomplish nothing in life. And even if you have something in mind like an idea or something to pursue, if you don't know that time is fast you will just take it for granted and do nothing everyday. You will believe in the word "tomorrow". Tomorrow I will do it, tomorrow I will do my best, tomorrow I will start a project, tomorrow I will start a business, tomorrow I will change my life, tomorrow I will look for a job. Endless tomorrow that didn't arrive, endless tomorrow that always become a tomorrow.

Now, if you really believe that time is very fast then you will act now, you will not squander any second, you will cherish every time you have because you believe that time is a treasure. You will focus on what you want and do whatever it takes to get it, you will improve everyday, make progress everyday and you will stop engaging yourself into useless and unmeaningful activities.

Time is fast, it is the fastest thing on earth, nobody can beat it, nobody can manipulate it, nobody can trick it. If it is your time then it is your time. If it is not then just wait and your time will come. No one can turn back the time, no one is faster than time. Time will put pressure on you if you don't start now and do what you want to accomplish.

Did you know someone? a promising someone with lots of talents in his back? he says "I am not ready for this, I will take my time to become stronger, smarter and I will dominate. I am still young so I have a lot of time to become great". And then greatness never happens, 10 or 20 years later, his life is still the same, he didn't achieve anything or do something great.

Never believe that you are still young and you have a lot of time in the world . Most people believe that they were still young and they can still have fun before they get serious in life. They do stupid things, they party everyday, get crazy everyday only to know that they were already tool old and they did not noticed that they've wasted a lot of years. They believe that they have to have fun first before they get serious but when it's time to get serious they will learn that they don't have enough time anymore.

Time is powerful. You cannot outspeed it, you cannot make it slow. It will run whether you like it or not, even if you are the richest man in the world, still you cannot buy time. All you can do is live it. Use it wisely and it will reward you, squander it and it will punish you.