April 18, 2016


YOU'RE NOT A SAINT - rugged breed

I don't know if you are trying to become humble or you're really humble or you are just pretending that you are a saint. You want to become conservative as much as you want because you think that all eyes were on you. You were so afraid to make noise and gather some attention because you think you are offending someone or you are looking like an arrogant person. This mentality is a sick mentality, you should go loud whenever you need to because sometimes you need to do it to become successful.

You don't want to offend someone so you stop expressing yourself, you have an idea but because you think you might offend your friend or your boss or your co employee then you just shut your mouth and hoping that someday your ideas or skills will be exposed. That ain't gonna happen because in the first place you become coward. Cowardice leads to teary eyes, you will cry one day if you haven't express yourself yet and you no longer have a chance. Express your ideas now while you can still express it. There will be times when you can't express yourself anymore because you grow older and you no longer have the strength and opportunity to do it.

If your properties is greater than some other people don't feel guilty about it and feel pity for them. They don't work as hard as you that is why they were getting lesser quality of life. Don't feel sorry for them because it is not your fault, they are the ones whose responsible for their lives. The were the one whose lazy and making a bunch of excuses in their lives. Don't give them sympathy, it is not your responsibility to make them feel good. You deserve what you have and they have no participation to your success.

And one more thing, forget about how others feel because it will only make you feel bad. If you feel that you made someone feel bad then you will worry about that person and you will give your powers to him. He is inside of your head without him doing anything to get inside of your head. You feel guilty by just making something a big deal. If nobody tells you that you made them feel bad then stop worrying. Just continue living your life and, doing what you want everyday regardless of how everyone feels about you. It is your duty to focus on your feelings and not on the feelings of others.

Let me remind you again you are not a saint and you are not supposed to be holy. It is ok to look a little bad when your intentions are good. Somewhere in your journey you may have to step other's dreams unintentionally but it is ok because you didn't mean to do it. You are just doing your job and it is none of your business if they get mad about you. If they get mad at you and you know in yourself that you are not doing anything wrong then just ignore them. The time of conservative and unexpressive people is over. It is an era of strong and bold people now, have a little swagger in your arsenal.