April 06, 2016



Let us talk about problems. What is the source of your problem? who is the one responsible for your problem? Are you blaming others for your problem? is your problem big or small? or are you the one who is creating your own problem? Be honest with yourself, stop lying to yourself because that won't solve your problem.

Who is the one who purchased a lot of useless things using his credit card and is now having troubles in paying it? Is it the government? is it your wife or mother? then why are you blaming the people around you? why are you pointing somebody else for the reason that you are broke? or maybe some kind of a ghost is creating your problem that is why you cannot accept the fact that you are the one who created your own problems.

Who is the one who did not work hard the last few months and now on the verge of being terminated from his job? are you going to blame your boss again for your low production? are you going to blame your co employees again for inviting you everyday to stupid parties and drinking sessions? or maybe because you are not serious in your job anymore because you feel you are secured because you are a regular employee? You thought that showing up everyday gives you security and being mediocre is enough. You think that being ok is ok and your company is not seeking for higher standards of work.

Who is the one who drinks a lot and smoke a lot and now has a problem on his health? not just a problem but a problem that may take away your life. And now you are making dramas in social media that you needed badly some help because you don't have enough money to pay your hospital bills. Are they the one to blame for not giving you money? or are you the one whose responsible for all of these? you didn't take care of your health and now you give them a problem, you are making them feel guilty about not giving you some help, what kind of a douche bag are you?

Your partner is leaving you because she said that you cannot give her some time anymore, all she was asking is to a least take her out on a date every sunday but you are not committed in doing it. And now something pops in your head that she is the one who entertain a third party. You are blaming her for the breakdown of your relationship. You are experiencing a problem in love life now and you keep telling yourself that your girlfriend destroys your life. Is she the one to blame? or are you really the one who ruined your relationship from the start?

You get a house loan that will make your financial status in jeopardy. You know from the start that if you take it you will have some problems in money but because you were so brave and thinks that you can do it all, you take it. And a few months later, bank is already writing you a letter that if you didn't pay them your house might be taken from you. And what did you do? you argue with the bank and their agents because you said that they are harassing you. You still have the guts and pride to pretend that you are rich and can pay the loan. You are blaming the bank for not giving you enough time to settle your debt. Is it the bank's fault or you created your own problem?

Most of you didn't know that you created your own problem or maybe you are just pretending that you didn't know it but you really know it from the start. You are just afraid to take the blame and admit that you screwed your own life. Every decision is yours, every actions is yours. No one forces you to make a move. Admit that you are the one who is responsible for your problem because you are the only one who can solve it.