April 19, 2016



Almost everyone has the same vision, what they see is what they believe. What they hear is what influenced them. They do not see some other meaning to what is in front of them, they cannot attached or create another meaning to what they saw or experienced. They simply judge any situation according to how they feel about it. They don't look for the deeper and positive meaning behind the situation.

If you are suffering you already judged it as a bad luck or God being unfair to you, can't you perceived it as you are only being tested? Trials, tribulations, challenges or whatever suffering is a success in a mud coating. You can't just say that you are being punished if you are in a very rough situation. If you are in a very ugly spot it is either because you made wrong decisions in the past or you are being tested if you can make it or not. Don't claim that life is unfair to you, you can change your life whenever you want, you can make excuses or you can take chances.

Most people will change direction if they feel that there is nothing happening on what they are doing. They will label themselves as failures that fast and will not look at the situation the other way around. They will complain, they will feel bad that is why they cannot get what they really want. They were always negative when they see something that looks negative. The trick is this... you should always feel positive when you saw a negative thing because once you feel negative the negativity will become bigger and it will have the ability to control you.

If you can see something different on a hard situation then you are on the right direction. You just don't see hard as really hard, you see it as something that hardens you and not make your situation difficult. You see hard as something that will make your life easier if you will just endure it. You see hard as soft because you are harder than it. You laugh at challenges because no matter how difficult it is, it cannot defeat you. You felt that challenges is just wasting its time because you know in yourself you cannot be defeated by any kinds of challenges.

If you are caught in a bad situation that you didn't expect, if you are treated unfairly just look at it as a blessing in disguise because it really is. The real meaning of something will always be revealed in the end and not at the beginning. Don't copy other people's perspective because you have your own. You should see the world through your own judgement and always believe that you have an advantage in any kind of situation. It is not fooling yourself or escaping from the reality, it is about managing your emotions and feeding your brain the right thoughts for the betterment of your life. Always feel that every situation may it be positive or negative is helpful to you. Negative will make you grow, positive will make you happier.