April 20, 2016



Your brain remembers all the things that you believe. It didn't remember anything that it doesn't believe especially if that thought has no impact in your life. For example if your mama told you that you will not succeed if you take your own route instead of studying in a well know university, once you fail you will remember what your mama told you. You remember it not because she is right but because partially you believe what she says. And what makes you fail is because you still think that what if your mama is right? what if the route that you are taking is not worth it?

Another example is Carmelo Anthony, an NBA player and one the most dangerous scorers in the game. I heard in his recent interview that he always thinks that his next shot will go in, that was his mindset. Everytime he misses a shot he always think that the next one will go in and it really goes in. That is what he believes, that is what he remembers and that is what is happening in his game. His thoughts becomes things because his belief is so powerful, that is why he is successful. He never forget what he believe.

Any thought that you believe will play in your mind over and over again even if you don't want to remember it. So if your childhood friends told you before that you weren't good enough for your dreams you will remember it if you believe it especially if you are experiencing hard times, the exact words that they told you will play in your head so stop believing something that you don't want to remember. It will diminish your confidence, it will make you frustrated. What you need to do is stop believing thoughts that is not helping you.

When someone told you that you are ugly and you partially believe in it, even if you are beautiful you will still remember it. You will get mad, you want to take revenge to the person that told you about it. It is bad because it is just ruining your life and you are doubting yourself if you are really beautiful. If someone told you that your skills are not enough to become the best, again if you believe in it you will remember it. And once you partially believe it then you will doubt if you are really good. Your performance will be affected and you cannot perform at the highest level. That is why it is very important to choose what you wanted to believe because those thoughts will play inside of your head and it will play a major role in your performance.

They say old people cannot become champion, how about Randy Couture? he was the UFC heavyweight champion at the age of 45 or 46. Many people is doubting him, many people says that he will just hurt himself. But all he remembers is he is a champion before, he is strong and he can compete. That is what he remembers so he became a champion again. He never remember what people say, he only believe in himself.