April 15, 2016



If you are truly committed and you have a made up mind then you don't need anything or anyone. It's like "Ok, I am alone in this journey, what I have in my pocket, who's on my side? it doesn't matter" it's like BOOM!!! No stopping now, no excuses now.

If you are truly committed to something, if you really wanted to become successful or achieve a certain type of goal you will become brave even if you are scared, you will become strong even if you are weak. You can conquer any type of adversity because you are blind and you can't see any obstacle, for you an obstacle is just a challenge that will make you grow stronger and wiser.

You don't need help from others if you are truly committed, you don't need any tips, advise or goodluck discussions. You just do it, you just jump into the river and swim towards your goal. You just pull the trigger and execute the necessary steps or steps that you know to become successful.

You don't care if you are feeling well or not, you don't care if you have money or you have no money. You just find a way how to get things done. It seems like your are invincible and the resistance for taking action is totally gone. Your mind is always on, you are so obsess to your dreams and your focus is sharper than a laser. Your vision is clearer than a diamond.

If you need something you can find it even if you don't have it, sometimes help arrived in front of your door without even asking for it. You're like a magician that has a lot of things on his hat, you're like a wizard that has a magic wand and can make miracles every now and then. You don't worry because your actions covers all the worries. You treasure every second and time flies away so fast because you are enjoying every moment of your life may it be good or bad.

Some people say they don't have this and don't have that. They don't have a shoes so they can't run, they don't have a coach so they don't know what to do, they don't have a good parents so they don't know how to live a good life and thousands of excuses on the book. You don't need a shoes to run, is it the shoes that is running? no, it is your legs that you need. You don't need a good parents or coach to live a good life, are they the ones who will do the job for you? The more you feel you lack something the more you build stupid excuses. All you need is yourself and a made up mind.

Nothing can destroy your commitment, no tragedy, no disease, no disaster, no bad weather or bad feelings. You just show up everyday and you don't care how far you are, you just take it step by step and enjoy the process. Your commitment is magnificent, your consistency is mastery. There is no room for excuses in your journey. You don't feel you lack something, you always feel that you have abundant resources because you can adopt and improvise.

Even if you have a bad day, even if you have a losing streak you still feel that you can turn things around. Your solution to every bad situation is limitless. You are like a Scientist that can come up with any solution possible. Your single mindedness is very impressive, even if you are struggling you know that it is just a matter of time before you become successful. You know that your time will come for as long as you take action.