April 19, 2016



This is the biggest problem that most people have. They wanted to look cute, good smelling and flawless. They don't want to look suffering, ugly and funny to other people that is why they choose to not do anything, they just choose to play safe and they avoid embarrassment. They just stay at heir home, wear their most beautiful clothes that they get on Christmas from their god parents. They pretend that they were rich and act tough so they will feel good about themselves.

There are some people who doesn't know anything and doesn't even finish their school but want to have a white collar job. They don't want to do jobs that for them looks ugly and funny. They don't want to take blue collar jobs because for them blue collar jobs represent poverty and low class people. They don't want their hands to get dirty, they are fine being unemployed and they are still proud of it. Even if their lives is getting nowhere they are fine with it for as long as they don't look bad to other people. What they don't know is that people who have no income or jobs looks worse than a person whose making a living through blue collar jobs.

Take the shovel and do some construction work, take the mop and become a janitor. What is wrong with that? if you are earning through jobs that are decent and is not affecting anyone then be proud of it. Be proud of what you are doing because you are providing something for your family. Take any jobs that can give you something so you will not become dependent. Your main intention should be to earn money and not to look good and glamorous. Life is not a fashion show it is a survivor series.

There are even some people who graduated but are taking blue collar jobs. There is also nothing wrong with that. What is wrong is you are very picky but you don't have the right to become one. Only people with good credentials, long experiences and proven resume has the right to become picky because companies will look after them but if you are just starting and don't know even know how to begin then just take jobs that will give you experience. Take jobs that you know you can do and become better with it. If you want to have a nice job that requires coat and tie then you should work hard and climb your way to the top. Study if you need to but don't ever stop earning money because you need to support yourself.

Destroy the idea about people who were doing blue collar jobs are low class people, this is a myth. For as long as you are providing something for your family and you are not a burden to anyone then you should be proud of yourself. It is not about the job, it is about how you look at the job and what is your perspective about it. In our generation today, looking good will not take you to somewhere, being tough and willing to make action is what will take you to the right direction.