April 06, 2016



There is no secret to self improvement, this is true. You know what it is that you need to do but you are just not doing it. You know what areas in your life that needs improvement but you just don't have the courage to improve it right away, you are still looking for someone or something to be on your side, maybe it is because you want sympathy or you are seeking for someone else's approval.

Most people are so confused, they are pretending that they don't know how to improve their lives even though they really know what to do. They just need to admit that they don't have the power to do it because they just can't. The habits were not build yet so they cannot change themselves. And also they do not believe that they can improve because their willpower is very weak.

Changing doesn't happen right away. If you think that you can change yourself after watching hundreds of motivational videos from you tube or attending a very good seminar of a popular speaker then you are just fooling yourself. You can buy millions of ebooks, DVDs about self improvement or self help but after using all of it you will find out that you still haven't change yet. You will find out that you just got addicted to these self improvement materials but there is no transformation that is happening to you life. You can keep attending those seminars for a year but it will only lead to frustration.

There is really no secret to self improvement, you already knew it, you already knew what to do. You just don't want to start and form a habit that is why you keep listening to others and always rely on others' words. The time you spend for listening to their videos can already be used to change yourself and create momentum to be the person that you wanted to be. I am not disapproving those seminars, video books, you tube clips etc. My point here is you don't need to get addicted to those stuffs so much, you can still watch some of those but you also need to start right away, you need to execute and actualized what you learned.

Even if no one teaches you, even if you didn't read any books... once you are committed to self improvement then you will improve dramatically. You just know what to do and you will do it because you are already decided. There is no room for excuses in your head, you absorb the uncomfortability that changing gives, you are ok with it and you never turn back.

BE FAST!, if you really want to improve then you should act right away, change what is needed to be change. No more waiting for tomorrow and hoping to feel good because it will never happen. Improvement always happen when there is resistance, when there is stress. It is hard, yes it is but it is worth it. If self improvement is easy and no stress attached then each one of us is improving but it is not so accept the fact that improvement is not a walk in the park. It is a daily process and consistency is a big prerequisite.

If you really wanted to improve then be willing to pay the price, be willing to take the necessary steps for your improvement. Focus on improving yourself everyday. It is difficult because you need to get rid of your old habits. It will drive you insane in the beginning but it will give you a very good ending.