April 16, 2016



Change is the only thing that is permanent in this world and that is true. They say you must be willing to adopt to change if you want to thrive and that is true also. There is nothing wrong with change, change is good, change will give you a lot of options and other possibilities but... sometimes change is not good especially if you are changing too much and changing too fast. There is a time for change and that is only when you wait for so long and you didn't see anything happening in your life. Most of you will immediately change once you didn't see results happening so fast.

For example if you are using a particular program to lose weight and gain muscles, after using it for just two weeks or a month and didn't see any result you will immediately change the program or stop using the program. You will never wait for some more time, you keep on seeking for results and that habit is making you impatient. You will look for another program try it again and if you didn't see any results you will change again. The cycle goes on and on and you didn't achieve anything.

You don't know what is your passion so you look for something to do, you study piano because you love music. You are so excited on the first week and you love learning some basic notes but when you found out that there are also some hard part in learning the piano you double think if you will still continue learning that instrument. Another week pass by and you finally decided that it is not your passion. Funny isn't it? Sometimes it is not all about passion, sometimes it is dedication that you are lacking. They say you need to have passion to become good at something or to achieve something but what if you cannot find your passion? You need to force yourself to move and stay on the course until you become passionate at something.

Another case is in a relationship. When you feel you don't love your partner anymore and your relationship is full of arguments and misunderstanding you immediately want to look for a change. Sometimes you are thinking about finding another partner instead of fixing your relationship. Sometimes fixing is better than changing. You can't just change something if you wanted to, sometimes you have to stay for a longer time and do what you are supposed to do.

This is the main problem why you can't achieve the goals that you want, if you get uncomfortable you want to change right away. You change jobs, you change course, you change your partner, you change everything and you think that after changing you can get what you want very fast. Sometimes changing is not the solution, sometimes you just need to work harder, you just need to wait longer. Just stick to what you are doing for a longer time, forget about the results because results will find you if you deserve it.