April 01, 2016



Most people rely on substances to remove their stress or just to tone it down a little bit. They use cigarettes, energy drinks, drugs, alcohol or even food just to numb their stress. And they really believe in it. What happens here is once they felt a little bit stress they will immediately grab a stick of cigarette or energy drink or chocolate or anything that will make them feel good. This habit is wrong, very very wrong. Once you trust something that is not healthy to make you feel good then you're already busted. What do I mean by this? Once you get addicted to those substances or unhealthy foods then you will experience more stress. It is because the dosage of your intake of those substances matches the amount of stress that you are experiencing. As your addiction to those substances goes stronger so as your stress. The addiction will never stop until you find yourself in a bad position. And don't even take this message for granted because time moves so fast, you will not notice that there is something wrong with your health until you were notified that you're already in a bad spot.

If you feel stress just feel it. It will be gone in a while. Don't look for something to cover it, never trust pills that promises to take away your stress because what those pills does is worsen your situation. It will make you feel better for a short time but in the long run it will kill you little by little. Those pain killers, those sleeping pills, those tranquilizers are very addictive and your body will search for it everyday. And once your addiction is very high your body will become very dependent from those substances. You will act like a maniac if you can't have those substances for a day. You will go crazy because your body has adopted those substances already in your body and it cannot function very well without them. Those substances has taken all of your powers without you noticing it. A good example is the celebrities. I will not mention them because you already knew them. Think of those celebrities that gets high on cocaine, tranquilizers, sleeping pills etc, look at their lives now. Some of them were already dead, some of them were out of their minds and in rehabilitation centers. That is what will happen if you rely too much on something that you know is not healthy, it will bring you to the extreme misery.

And don't ever think that you can change anytime you want. Some people thinks that they can escape their addiction that fast so it is ok to get addicted at the moment. The reality is you don't even know if you are already addicted, you are even denying it. You pretend that everything is ok but in real life you are sick.

The best way to cope with stress is to feel it. Be mindful, accept that you are experiencing stress and never fight it. Be ok with feeling bad, embrace the negative emotions. If you can't sleep then don't sleep just do something productive and later you will begin to fell asleep. If you can't finish your work because of lack of energy then don't finish it, you know your strength, never take energy boosters because those are fake energy givers. It will give you strength for a while but the side effects are really dangerous. The worse thing that may happen is your body can become dependent of it and it cannot function well without those energy boosters. Just push as long as you can and if it is time to stop then stop. Forget about the deadlines, forget about everything. Think about yourself, just trust that everything is going to be fine, no need to borrow strength from any substances.