April 11, 2016


So you give up JUST LIKE THAT? - rugged breed
You only try once and you've been devastated because you fail so badly and now you will give up just like that? Just because you've been embarrassed in front of hundreds of people doesn't mean you don't have the right to try again. Just because someone is picked before you and you didn't get the attention that you think you deserve then you already must give up. If someone criticized you and humiliate you doesn't mean you you need to stop and go the other way. Don't ever believe other people because they don't know your real potential and they don't know how hard you work. They only see your bad side, they cannot see the best in you because they were not open minded.

I know you are hurt and I know that your confidence goes down after failing but are you gonna give up just like that? Are you not going to prove that you are deserving for your dreams? Are you just going to waste the time you prepare for the challenge and forget everything? You will just give up because your ego has been hurt? Are you not going to stand up and prove them wrong? Are you not going to try again and do better next time? It is not the end of the world, you still have a chance you can still win.

All the blood, sweat and tears, are you just going to throw it all away and take all your sacrifices for granted? Even if you tried multiple times yet fail, you still don't have the right to give up. You've already come so far, you've already wasted a lot of time for your dreams so don't be afraid that you will be wasting another time again. You've already been wasted so there in nothing left for you to waste. You are already in pain so you can't be hurt anymore.

Don't give up just like that without giving another fight. It is always another, it is always trying one more time. Trying never ends because it is free, it has no limitations. Only bar exams has limitations, real life has no limits. So what if they laugh at you because you were trying so hard and not getting results? They can't do what you can do, they cannot try and fail a hundred times and try again. You have the guts to look stupid and unlearn those negative things that they throw upon you. You're a rock, you have a bulletproof mindset. No one can manipulate your mind, all you see is success. You don't care if you fail.

You can't give up even if you are suffering, you can't give up when you are in pain. Those are just emotions, it won't kill you, it will only make you stronger and smarter. The fight isn't over until you succeed. You have a lot of time but you can't waste another second. Get up and dust off yourself. Success is waiting, go and get it. Show them what you've got, devour any opportunity that is presented.