April 28, 2016



Less is more, more is dangerous but if you can handle it then it is very rewarding. More becomes less if you were already not overwhelmed by it, if you can handle it without pressure and if you already experienced it a thousand times. That is why people who lifted 250 lbs everyday feels like it is only 100 lbs, they already experienced the feeling of lifting heavy weights over and over again that is why for them it is not hard anymore. It's like "ok no big deal". They already surpassed the stress that "more" gives.

Now, if you are in the process of improving yourself and you wanted to become great, the greatest advice that I can give to you is don't complicate your process. Stop searching for a lot of steps to make you better. Just do what you feel will make you stronger and do it everyday. Never get tired of doing it and just let the results come in naturally. Be patient and watch the improvement takes place.

Some people who where in the middle of improving themselves, if they do not see something right away or if they think that what they are doing is meaningless they will immediately jump to another technique. They will search the you tube, believe the facebook, buy an ebook and endless looking for answers. The answer is already in your hands, once you know a single technique do it over and over again. Watch it for months or even a year and if you still can't see any improvement in your life then it is time for you to move on and go find something else. Remember that it is not the one who do a lot of things who succeed, it is the one who do things correctly and consistently.

Information is everywhere, some information may help you or just confused you. It can make you better or make you slower. If you accept a lot of inputs then you might get overwhelmed. You might commit in doing all of it everyday and the result is you will get burned out. You will get tired easily and there are times when you don't want to do it anymore.

It is ok to try different things but make sure you will stick to it for a long period of time. You can't just try this and then try that, it will only make you confused, overwhlemed and frustrated once you can't do it all. Just make it simple, try a few different things and see if it works. So much process will make you lazy because you have a lot of things to do and you know you can't do it all. There were so many things on your list and once you miss something you will feel bad and unfulfilled.

Find at least 2 or three things that you think will give you benefits and take it seriously, never doubt it or miss it. Believe in the process that you choose, believe that it will work. It doesn't matter if you are progressing slow what matters is you don't stop.

Enjoy doing it everyday and if you feel you need to add some new things in your process then do it but always make sure you can do it all. Simplicity is tranquility, you can do all the process in the world but if it is making your mind cluttered then those process are still useless.

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