April 15, 2016


This is a simple hack that I've learned. I've been studying myself physically and mentally for years and I've discovered a lot of things about what a human body can achieve, I also discovered how can a body and mind become stronger naturally. Our body and mind can only become stronger by feeding it the habits that it needed. When I say habits, these are the things that we do everyday, not every other day and not every week. For example if you are jogging everyday for 30 mins, if you do it for at least 2 months without skipping then it will be ingrained in your system forever. You cannot live without it anymore. If you are eating in fastfood everyday and you have a lot of fun in doing it then it will be very hard for you to eat healthy foods anymore mainly because your mind has been programmed that fast foods is your daily food and nothing else.

So to make the story short you reached a certain level because you do it everyday, if not everyday you do it very often. The more you do something, the more your level goes higher. Just like in video game, you play it everyday, you become better and your level goes up. Everyday you improve if you are consistently doing the things that you love. Even the bad habits are improving, if you consistently drink 3 bottle cans of beer everyday then sooner or later your system will look for larger number of beer cans because it already got bored consuming three cans, it will look for more challenging numbers. That is why corrupt officials never get satisfied with the money that they stole from public even though it is very huge. It becomes their habit so they were always looking for larger numbers, it is not about the money anymore, it is about how big can they steal.

So then, you cannot simply jump to a higher level if you will not experience the lower levels. You cannot be just pushing ups 100 everyday without experiencing 20 or 50 first. You can do 100 pushups one day but it is impossible to maintain it everyday if you didn't experience doing the lesser numbers because your body is not adjusted to that type of number yet.

Now, what I am trying to teach you applies on tasks that has quota. For example if you want to build a habit of running for 40 mins a day, at first it is really difficult to do it because you don't have enough mental muscle that was build from the past. You can do it for a day or two but you will lose willpower on the succeeding days because you will be overwhelmed. What you need to do is skip that 40 mins a day, do at least 50 mins a day for 2 or three days, it is hard but you have to push yourself. Once you finished running 50 mins for three consecutive days then set yourself for running 40 mins a day. I am very sure 40 mins will be much easier for you because your mind and body has been stressed for doing the 50 minute run, it will be recorded in your brain that 50 min run is difficult so the next time you do the 40 min run you will feel that it is easier.

Just like in lifting weights if your target is to lift 100 lbs a day and you find that you cannot do it consistently, it only means your body is not yet adopted to that kind of weight, you must lift at least 110 lbs a day for a consecutive days and then go back to 100, you will find out that it is much easier to lift 100 lbs now. Your mind believe that you can lift 110 lbs but you are having a hard time doing it so when you go down to 100 lbs your mind believe that it is easy to do.

That is why when some basketball players go to overseas and play for stronger competition, when they go back to their own country they dominate right away, it is because they already experienced a higher level and when they go back to the level that they want, it is very easy for them.

Put a well tamed tiger that lives in a zoo for five years into a jungle and look at it... It will be eaten alive by other wild animals there. It is because it didn't experience a wilder environment and it is accustomed to a peaceful environment so when other wild animals attacked it, it died so easily.

So if you are staying on a level that is so easy and comfortable, good luck to you. If you are lost in a different kind of environment with stronger people, you will be devoured so easily. What you need to do is you should go into a level that is uncomfortable to you, stay with it for a period of time then go back to your comfort zone and dominate.