April 29, 2016



People were always rushing that is why they end up failing and very frustrated. What is it to rush? Why do you love to rush? does it make you feel good? does it make your work better? did you become rich when you rush? Rushing is very different from being fast so you need to know the difference between these two things.

People who always rush are always in a stressful state. They don't have a peace of mind and it seems like they were always gunning for something that they don't know how to get. If you rush you are not being yourself. You will crumble and you will make a lot of mistakes. But why do most people love to rush? It is because they want to get something right away, they were forcing situations, they don't want to live in the moment, they always want to live in the future. They want to see the results right away without taking the necessary process. In other words they want to skip some period of time and then go to the finish line right away. They don't want to work or suffer, they just want to get the price without exchanging their piece of time. And the result is...FRUSTRATION. They easily get frustrated because they want to get something so fast and when they can't get it they always feel bad.

Instead of practicing rushing, practice patience. Patience is the key to a peaceful life and one of the most important elements to become successful. Patience will make your life in order, it is the most important characteristic that you must have if you are pursuing big things. With enough patience you can endure any difficulties in life. You are ok not being ok, you can become hopeful even if there are no more reasons to become hopeful. Your mind is always at peace, it will still entertain negative thoughts sometimes but the positive thoughts will always prevail in the end.

If you have patience you will no longer worry about traffic because you won't experience traffic anymore. It is not that you are ok when you are in a heavy traffic, you will not experience it because you have the patience to wake up earlier than anybody else and avoid rush hour. What about when you are about to go home? you won't feel it either because you have the patience to become patient, you don't care if it takes you 3 or 4 or 5 hours to get home. In your mind you just know that no matter what you will still get home safe and blessed. That is what patience does, it makes a difficult situation a room for appreciation.

If you have patience you know you can get anything or be anything, there is no rush needed. You have faith that everything will be alright and everything you need will be given to you at the right time. Patience is intelligence, if you rush you will crush.