April 12, 2016


never ask for a date - rugged breed

Nobody can tell exactly when will it happen. Sometimes even if you are so confident that it will happen, even if you are so prepared and one hundred percent sure that it will happen it still doesn't. I really don't know, but sometimes the universe looks like it is testing your endurance if you really want your dream or not. Sometimes it is making you give up even if you already paid your dues.

You work so hard, you grind your ass and you've given everything you've got but you still fail and fall short. And now you go back to your home and asking yourself and asking the universe when will it happen, you are asking for the exact date and that is a wrong thing to do. You must work until it happen and you shouldn't stop working if it didn't happen on the day that you are expecting it to happen.

Asking for the exact date of your rewards is a mortal sin. It will make you unmotivated if you didn't get your goal on the exact that you are expecting. You will feel like a failure and and is not capable or realizing your dreams. You will feel the lackness of the things that you want and you might stop pursuing your goals. You will drain your own energy and focus on complaining and whining for not receiving what you think you deserve. You will focus on the negative things, you will find someone or something to blame. You will make excuses that will not help you.

Never ask for a date and just do things that will make you nearer to your goals, the more you force things to happen the lesser the chance that it will happen. Big things come to those who know how to wait and take action. Asking for a date means you are just doing the things for the sake of being successful, you are not doing it because you love it. If there is no love in what you are doing then you can't do it for a long time, you will quit at any time if you wishes to.

You've got to have more patience if you really want it. You must be willing to repeat the whole process everyday or even add some more on it. Never ask for a date for receiving your reward because it will come on the right place and the right time. You don't need to worry if it will come or not, just stay committed and have faith on what you are doing. There is a reason why your dream is delayed, it may be you are not yet ready to handle it once you received it or maybe because your dream will be given to you bigger than what you expected. And one more thing...never count the days that you work hard, there are no exact days of working hard for your dreams to become a reality. Just continue working because one day you will be surprised...your dream is already in your hands.