April 27, 2016


little success will make you believe - rugged breed

If you can't believe in what you are doing then you should find for some little success. Even the tiniest success, even if it means nothing to everyone will still give you belief because it makes you feel good and the reason why people wants to become successful is because they want to feel good. They feel happy when they achieved something, they feel proud when they are ahead of a lot of people.

That is why if you are pursuing something big and along the road you feel tired and begin to doubt yourself, you should create little success or see little things as a success. Little success will make you going and believe again. It will serve as a fuel to your dying ambition.

If you are dreaming of becoming a lawyer and you got scared in the middle of your journey because some lessons are so difficult and you got overwhelmed by the thickness of the books that you must read, you need to find some little success on your journey. Passing the first semester is already a success, passing some quizzes is already a success so you should celebrate it. Going to class everyday is already a success, having no late is already a success. Those little things mean nothing to some people but if you will think deeply, those little things are indicators that you are capable of becoming a lawyer. It means you are thinking right and you are taking steps one at a time, those little things if appreciated will create a belief. It is hard to go to classes everyday, not everyone can do that, it is hard to wake up early in the morning and force yourself to go to class. It is hard to become responsible so if you are responsible it only means you are successful. Remember all those efforts that you put in and do it again.

Little things that needs effort and energy can also be considered as a success because it is not given to you, you take the challenge to move despite of feeling lazy. You defeat laziness so you are successful. If you can just study your lessons, do your assignments then you were already successful because those things are also challenges. A lot of people will not do what you are doing so be proud of it and consider it as a success.

If you want to become fit you should also create some little success. Running for five minutes is already a success, you move so it only means you are serious about what you are doing. Eating healthy foods and doing some diets are already a success, you should celebrate it because not anyone can do it. You can find little successes in anything that you are doing or any decision that you made. Doing the right thing is already a success so be happy if you are doing the right thing.

Don't look for the bigger picture because it will only make you feel how far you are to your goals. Just take it one step at a time and celebrate those little successes that you achieved, it will make you feel happy, motivated and most of all it will create a belief that you can do it.

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