April 06, 2016



Most people think that they are dreaming big but the reality is not. They thought that their dreams were so big and they are very proud of it that is why other people are laughing at them because their dreams are just small. There is nothing wrong in dreaming small, what is wrong is you think that your dream is big but it is really small. There are some things to consider to know if you are really dreaming big here are they:

1. You doubt yourself - because your dream is too big you are doubting yourself if you can achieve it. Sometimes you want to stop because it is really hard and progress is not showing itself. You will begin to doubt yourself because everybody is doubting you and you are overwhelmed by the steps that you have to take in order to become successful. You doubt yourself because your dream is so big and no one has done it before. All big dreamers arrive to a stage where they doubt themselves but they have the ability to recover and restore their faith again. If you are doubting yourself it simply means you have a wonderful dream and you need to pursue it regardless of how you feel. Doubting yourself is normal but never feed that doubt, make sure you will recover your faith and get back on track again.

2. People are calling you crazy - people always judge big dreamers because for them it is very impossible. They were so jealous because they can't dream big for themselves. They will criticize you, call you different nicknames and make fun of you. It is simply because your dream is mind blowing and they can't believe that someone like you have the ability to dream like that. They are secretly admiring you and the courage you have because they don't have it. They will call you crazy until you succeed. Never mind what they say, just push through until you succeed and have the bragging rights in the end. Say this when you become successful "Who is crazy now?"

3. Your family will disapprove your dream - even your family will be against your dream if they saw it as something ridiculous or very hard to achieve. It is simply because they don't want to see you suffering, they don't want you to get hurt. They want what they know is the best for you. They want you to have a smooth sailing to success. They want a realistic dream that has been done before so they will never have to worry so much if you can get it or not. A lot of big dreamers were condemn by their families until they succeed. Don't get discouraged if your family is not on your side, if you succeed they will tell you that you are correct and they will be very happy for you.

4. You will look for different motivation everyday - because it is hard to stay motivated everyday especially if your dream is so big you will look for different motivation everyday. You will listen to people who already achieved big dreams and copy some of their ideas and work ethics. You will do this because you need something to make you believe that it is possible. Small dreams doesn't need any motivation at all because it is easy to achieve. There is no need for special words if you are pursuing small dream. If you are always looking for different motivation while pursuing your dreams it only means you are serious in getting your dreams even if it is so big. Every motivation you get will serve as a fuel to keep going and endure all adversities.

5. You are a little bit insane - insane in a way that you are doing more than your capabilities or you are doing more than an ordinary person does. You will do things that are not normal like staying awake for three days and finding that one solution. Another sample is you already lost but you still keep trying. Even though people already counted you out you still try and try. For them you were already in a state of madness but it doesn't matter to you because your big dream is what occupies your mind entirely. And even if you feel hopeless you still continue because just like what I said you are a little bit insane. Insane but not negative insanity, you are not like other insane people who hurt other people, make destructive acts etc. You just doing things that are very extreme to make your dream a reality. You even sell your properties, break up with your girlfriend or even isolate yourself just to focus on your dream.