April 18, 2016



Yesterday you were so happy, it seems like everything is going on your way. You have your money, love and all the things that you were dreaming of but now you are sad. You are sad because your favorite team in the NBA was knocked out. You are sad because your boyfriend didn't call you but you see him liking someone's status in facebook. You are sad because you didn't get the shoes that you really like because it is out of stock. You are also sad because you are expecting a promotion but the other person gets it. You find thousands of reasons to become sad that is why you can't help it.

This is why a lot of people are so depressed. They do not know that emotions are not fixed. They were always wishing that if only things doesn't change or they also wish that if only they can have the things that they want then they will be happy. Life doesn't work that way. Even if you are the king of the world or you have all the riches in the world you still cannot escape negative emotions and that is the reality. You cannot appreciate happiness if you didn't experience being sad. Happiness will only exist if there is loneliness.

So the trick is this, if you are feeling  sad you must be aware that you are feeling sad. If you are feeling bad you must be aware that you are feeling bad. It is like "Ok I am feeling sad, no big deal, my emotions will change sooner or later." Happiness will come naturally and it is not forced, if you are forcing it then it is called fake happiness, the more you force the happiness the more it will not come to you. Just accept all the negative emotions that are coming in, appreciate it even if it is ruining your day. The sooner you accept pain, suffering, sadness or any kind of negative emotion the sooner it will go away. There is no permanent feelings, no person  has been happy since the day he was born until he died.

There is a story about a woman who lost her car key. She didn't know where she leave it. She went crazy and blaming all her children and even her husband. She didn't stop searching for it for days and of course her bragging and feeling bad didn't stop too. Her work is affected, even her co employees got annoyed at her. It seems like her world is falling apart just because of a car key. Then one day she stops, she realized that she is looking stupid and she accept the fact that maybe she will not find her keys anymore. She apologized to her children and husband for being mean then one hour later she found her key.

You see once you realized that it is just an emotion and nothing more than that then you will be fine. The woman found her key because she accept the fact that she can still live without the car key. She is ok being not ok that is why happiness found her back. The moral lesson is don't feel bad if you are feeling bad. Just endure the emotion, don't fight it, don't curse it just feel it and trust that it will go away. Little things shouldn't bother you because there are more reasons to become happy, it is just a matter of how you look at things or situations.