April 06, 2016



Adversity or mockery, ones it strikes a person who don't have a definite purpose will immediately change his way. If you wanted to become great there is only one thing you should remember... You should never change your approach regardless of what happens around you.

Great people has only one thing on their minds and that is to become great. They never listen to other people's comments may it be good or bad, they just keep doing what they know is right and will make them great. Even if a great challenge strikes them such as recession, failure in business, sickness etc. They never change their approach. They can easily adopt to any situation and start becoming great again.

Fix your mindset if you wanted to become great. Fix it to greatness regardless of any outcome. Look at what Kobe Bryant did on his career, since he entered the NBA he knew that he wanted to become great so he live on that kind of mindset and lifestyle. He do what great people does, he build a work ethic that will make him part of the history. When he was a budding rookie he took big shots and didn't make it, he throw airball after airball without conscience. It was a playoff game and literally he was the one to blame for their loss. Any ordinary player will not attempt to take any more shots if they miss once or twice especially if it didn't even touch the ring but Kobe Bryant has no conscience, he doesn't care if his teammates will blame him. All he knew is he wanted to win the game and win it using his power. He is not afraid to take charge and he is not afraid to take the blame. And even if he was afraid he still take the shots, it can be seen on his body language that he is somewhat scared but he still take the risk. He was even criticized by his teammates for being a ball hog and not a good listener but Kobe Bryant didn't mind them, he stand on what he believe is correct and he carve his way to history. Now Kobe Bryant was one of the most respected players in the game. It is simply because he never changes his approach, he wanted to become great so he live it. He took the blames, he took the critics and he took the shots that is why he became successful.

If you wanted to become great you should be willing to feel heartaches, mockeries and critics but you should never change your approach. It is like "this is what I believe and I will die for it". Nothing should affect your way of thinking, nothing should manipulate your mind. You should be able to handle any kind of challenges that will show on your way. And even if the whole world hates you just continue being you, continue doing your best and show the world what you can do. Never change you approach, never.