April 20, 2016



You are stuck in a traffic and you are almost late, 5 minutes more and you're already late. The worse thing is you wont get your incentives because you didn't complete the perfect attendance for the month. What will you do? my advise is stop thinking about time.

Many people were so stressed in their work or in their lives because they think so much about time. They think about how many more hours do they have to work before they get home again. How many more hours of traffic do they have to endure. How many more hours of grinding before they become great at something. How many more hours do they have to wait to see their dreams. It feels so stressful and the feeling of lacking of something is getting stronger.

They think about deadlines, how much time is left and how much work is needed so their boss won't get mad. It is really stressful to think about time. Time will fly so don't worry about it. If you forget time then your pain will go away. Just think about it, you are working without counting the time that you have to work, how does it feel? it feels great because you will just focus on what you are doing until you are done. You will never panic and things will run smoothly.

Just like in the game. If your team was down by 10 pts and there is only 3 mins remaining in the game, how does it feel if you are always looking at the time? it is painful right? you will always think that there is no time left, that your time is running out and your team is going to lose. That was absurd. But if you play like there is no time ticking and you can play as long as you can then your team can think clearly and can execute better plays. You will never rush and you will commit less mistakes.

Forgetting time is also living in the moment. You don't care if it is already too late and you have to sleep, you just work and work until you are done. You don't care if it is morning or evening, you don't have schedules, all you know is you love what you are doing and you don't care about how much time of work is needed to accomplish your project. It is simple as that.

What if the doctor told you that you are going to die in 2 months? if you count the remaining days of your life everyday then you will become depressed and weak but if you forget about what the doctor says and focus on becoming stronger and enjoying your family then there is a chance that you will live longer. There is a chance that the doctor might eat his words. And the important thing is you can enjoy living everyday because time is nothing to you.

Waiting, how about this one? what if your partner is working on abroad and you can't see her for 12 months? if you will count the days that you have to wait before you see her then you will miss her more. You will become sadder because you will think that you have to wait for so long. Stop looking at the calendar. Just be happy living your life and stop waiting. Just let the days go by and forget the amount of time you have to wait. Time is really fast so you don't have to make it faster, stop rushing time because one day you will wish for it to slow down.

Let the time pass naturally, stop rushing it or stop slowing it for your own benefit. You will never be happy if you guard time because if you do, it means you are wishing for something that will never happen if you don't let time run by itself. Forgetting time is a great pain reliever, just live your life, forget about the time remaining and also forget about the time that has been wasted. Forgetting time is the best way to enjoy your time.