April 06, 2016



So you feel bad now huh? why? why are you feeling bad? don't worry because you will feel good later, trust me. The world and emotions never stays in place. Nothing is permanent, even emotions are not permanent. You are happy now but later you can become sad and vice versa.

You are feeling bad now because you want to exercise but you can't even make the first step, you feel lazy, you feel so heavy and there is a war inside of your head between doing or not doing. Yeah it really feels bad but what you need to do is continue feeling bad. If wearing your shoes make you feel bad then do it, if jogging so slow makes you feel bad because your legs are too heavy then do it, just continue feeling bad. Continue all the way, embrace feeling bad and later you will see that you already feel good. You feel good because you are sweating and making deep breathes, you feel good because you didn't notice that you already run a few kilometers by continuing feeling bad. It is like feeling bad about lifting heavy weights but after that you will feel good because your body looks better.

You feel bad because of heavy traffic? well congratulations because later you will feel good. You will get very tired in traffic but once you finally get home your wife or mother prepares you a dinner. A dinner that is not so special but you will appreciate it even more because you feel so home and you got super hungry because of the traffic. And even if there is no dinner prepared you will still feel good, you will appreciate the comfort of your bed or sofa or just the mat itself, you will feel very peaceful when you got home. All of the stress were gone and you can sleep peacefully, cherish the time you were at home because tomorrow you will face a heavy traffic again and  after that you will be happy again  for sure.

You feel bad because there are lots of pending task on your list? Just feel bad doing those task one by one, feel bad doing it just feel it. Later, once you get momentum you will feel good and you will feel really better once you finish all of those tasks. You have to get the idea that feeling bad is not bad at all because it will make you feel better in the end. There is nothing wrong in feeling bad so don't feel bad about it.

Some people with worse disease or sickness feel bad because they feel bad. But later when they were already dead and all the suffering is gone they will still feel bad because they cannot feel bad anymore. What I mean is they feel bad because they no longer live, they can no longer experience feeling bad. Funny isn't it? so if you feel bad but you're still live you need to feel good and forget about feeling bad.

Appreciate any emotions that you have no matter how bad it is because it is still part of your life, it is part of who you are and it is part of the process. Sometimes you cannot feel good if you don't feel bad first. Always keep in mind that there are no permanent emotions. If you are struggling, if you are stuck, if you don't have money, if you are in pain...appreciate it. Because your situation and emotions will change and it will only change if you are patient in waiting and patient in appreciating a bad feeling.