April 19, 2016



Most guys celebrate when they taste a little dose of success. They feel like they already own the world and they cannot be defeated anymore. You should only celebrate if you really won and have the trophy inside of your locker room. Look at those NBA teams who have a huge lead in 4th quarter, they feel like they already won, they were dancing, mocking the other team and making stupid reactions but when the other team gather themselves and regain the momentum, they look like cute puppies who can't even hurt someone. They were shocked and they don't know what to do anymore. They lost their swag and they start panicking.

Some people who taste a little success faster than they expected becomes arrogant and feels like they cannot touch the bottom anymore. They think that even though they become lazy and disrespectful they will still win in the end but... NO NO NO, that's not the way success works. Your effort and attitude from the start when you were just pursuing success should be the same in the end. You cannot become arrogant, you cannot take some time for granted. For example you just bought a car and house and you think you were already on top of the world. You started to become lazy, you build bad habits and later on you will find out that you were already in debt and the worse is you were broke. Where did all your money go? don't ask about the money, ask about what did you do.

Don't celebrate too fast if you are not yet that successful, don't celebrate if you just earn a million, celebrate if you earn multiple millions and you know you can support your family for a life time. Don't celebrate if you were just having a good momentum because premature success is nothing but failure. Anytime those little success can be taken away from you if you did not guard your habits, you should be aware of what you are doing and what you are trying to do. There is only a little room for success and that measures only about half an inch. If you will not take things seriously then all of the hardwork that you put in will be wasted, it will become a wasted effort. You should not work hard from the start if you will just become lazy in the end.

Stay disciplined, stay focus and stay hungry. Don't let a little success get inside of your head. Don't let your head grow big, stay humble and maintain a good attitude. There are thousand of stories out there that says they could have been successful if they only do this and do that... Full of excuses, that is not you. You are here to start quick and finish with a bang. You don't just stay focus at the beginning, you focus until the end. You never blink and you never get interrupted. You are here to go all out and become really successful not just a little successful.