April 08, 2016


Let's admit it, even if you are the hardest worker on the planet and you didn't believe on being lucky there are some cases that you still need a little luck. It is ok being lucky, there is nothing wrong with that. Luck is a word for hopeless people because they just wanted to become lucky and not work at all. But as the saying goes "the more you work hard the more you become lucky" is true. Here are some cases where you also need some luck:

1. You are not qualified for the job - You know in yourself that you are working hard, you know in yourself that you are doing the best you can to become qualified for the job but there are some companies that are really asking for very high standards and your resume doesn't fit their requirements. If you are caught in this kind of situation all you need to do is still push your job application and hope to become lucky. You never know if the company is really running out of employee and is in need of manpower immediately. They might hire you without looking very close at your resume. In this case you need to hope to become lucky because that is all you can do.

2. You have no portfolio to show - What if your client asks for a sample that is not included in your portfolio? or he is asking something that you haven't done before? what you need to do here is present something, just show him something you can show, it can be other's work or something you get from the internet and hope to get lucky that you might not get caught. Warning: just show something that you honestly know you can do even though you haven't done yet. If you know you can do it then why not show something you know you can do? I guess it is not bad to do it because at the end of the day you will still give him the work that he is expecting and you need to prove him that you can do it. Hope to get lucky if you don't have a legit portfolio because once a clients ask you to show something and you can't show something you are already busted.

3. When someone is better than you - Admit it or not you will know immediately if someone is better than you. You will feel if someone runs faster than you or dance more gracefully than you. You will be overwhelmed by their presence and you will feel powerless. This is a case where you really need to rely on luck. You know someone is more deserving than you but you still need to hope. There are thousands of cases where someone who is more deserving was not picked, you have to hope that you will be one of those cases. Don't feel guilty if you were pick before someone else who is deserving than you, just tell them that you just got lucky.

Even if you work hard and even if you don't believe luck there will be a time in your life where you need to believe in it, but it doesn't mean you will just purely rely on luck. And one more thing luck is attracted to the hardest worker in the world that is why lazy people never get lucky, so if you are a hadrworker you deserve to become lucky.