April 26, 2016


building the courage - rugged breed

When you watched a movie and you were amazed with the main star, you say to yourself "wow he is so brave, he is so courageous, how can I be like him?". The answer to your question is.. always be willing to become scared. Yes what you read is right I will repeat it again. If you want to become courageous then you should be willing to become scared, ALWAYS. That is the only way and no other way around. Embracing fear and dealing with it will not make you fearless but it will make you unafraid to experience it.

You thought that legends, warriors, presidents and any other historical figures in the world were born brave? You thought that it is innate with them that they were born naturally with courage embedded in their hearts? You are one hundred percent WRONG!!!. These guys were born scared too but they trained themselves to become courageous, how they do that? They always put themselves in a situation where they were really scared. They put themselves in an unfamiliar territory, they take risks and they embrace their fears. They don't care if they fail or get humiliated, all they know is they need to experienced those fears so their tolerance in those fears will go higher.

It is very simple, find out the things that you are scared of, what are those? just think of the greatest fear in your life that you want to get rid of. It can be about things, people, situation etc. If you are afraid of the dark then always go to dark places. Go to movie house, dark streets, turn off your lights. Become scared with the dark and one with the dark. Do it everyday, do it gradually. At first stay in the dark for five minutes then the other day for ten minutes and so on. Feel the fear in smaller level and then gradually step to the higher levels. Don't rush, be patient, be mindful of the levels of fear that you can tolerate. Never act like you are so brave and you can handle any level of fears because you might get crazy at one point. Your fear might increase instead of decrease.

This is just a matter of conditioning and familiarizing yourself into any kind of fear that you have. The more you get nearer to the things that scares you and spending time with it the more it becomes powerless to you. This is how to build courage, it can be applied to anything or anywhere.

That is why winners were not afraid during pressure times, it is because they were already familiar in losing. For them losing is not a big deal anymore that is why they can move freely and they don't show any shades of doubt in their actions. They move boldly and it looks like they have a heart of steel. They lost a lot of times from the past and they take those experiences to become better today. If it weren't for those losses they will not be on their level right now.

You need to look for those fears, you need to feel it. Sometimes you even have top scare yourself for no reason. If you continually refuse to face your fears then you will have a limited life and you will not maximize your potential. You will be forever caged in "what if's" and "what could have been's".

And also, don't ever fantasize that your fear will go away once you experienced it over and over again. There will be some times that you may feel frightened again but don't worry because you already knew how to handle it. You already knew the feeling and you already knew how to control your thinking.

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