April 05, 2016


All you can do is DO WHAT YOU CAN DO.

The reason why people cannot make a little progress is they are overthinking. They are thinking what if things didn't work, what if they are just wasting their time. You see, making things work and finishing perfect is none of your business at the moment. If you feel you are lacking some kind of skill or you feel you are inadequate for the job you can't just quit. All you can do is do what you can do. That's it, no more thinking if you will succeed or not, no more thinking if you are doing the right thing. Just do what you can do.

There are some situations where you are really confused, overwhelmed and it seems like you just want to escape the situation. There is no reason for panicking because your life is not on the line. Just relax if you are overwhelmed, take deep breaths and then think of the smallest positive step that you can take. Don't ever make an excuse that you can't thing of something because steps never ran out.

There is no room for feeling helpless, there is no room for shaming yourself because there are millions of ways to get things done. Just do something that is connected to your task and be happy doing it, never worry about what to do next because it will destroy your momentum and will make you unfocused.

If you are trap in a tight deadline and your boss is pressuring you so much all you can do is do what you can do. It can be reading the emails from clients, finishing some paper works or even asking for advise from your co-employees. You cannot force everything, you cannot worry because it will only make things worse. Always feeling anxious and nervous will make your life even disastrous. Just do what you know will make you one step further to the accomplishment of the task. You can work faster than your ordinary pace but make sure you are not rushing. Rushing will make things confusing. Rushing is very different from working faster. Working faster is working with control but with a faster pace, rushing on the other hand is working with so much worrying.

So forget about how far you still need to go or how much task is remaining, also forget the deadline because that crap is making you stuck, that date is making you freeze and worry a lot but still... Don't relax, don't take things for granted. Still push forward and never waste a single second. Always keep in mind that doing something is better than not doing anything at all. Have fun because it will take away the pressure, always remember that you are still alive and you can solve any problem that is ahead of you. And also remember that every action is the right action for as long as it is positive and related to your task. It is right even if it is wrong because your intention is to accomplish the task and nothing else other than that.