April 26, 2016



If you want to stand out, if you want to feel more life then you should add a little danger to your activity. If you want to do amazing things then you should feel a little threatened. Stop playing safe and go outside of your comfort zone.

For example if you are performing in stage, may it be about dancing, singing or anything. You should sometimes do what will make you closer to failing. What do I mean by this? take risky performance, do something that hasn't seen before. Something that you are not sure if people will like or not. Something that may embarrass you if you didn't execute perfectly.

Adding something dangerous will give excitement to people. It will catch a lot of attention and people will be amazed by the courage that you show. That is why extreme games and any other acts that are dangerous gathers a lot of attention from the crowd. Extreme people make jaw dropping performances that sometimes will be written in the history.

If there is a lot of stake on the line and sometimes career is in danger then the reward will be so big. People will get shocked if you execute your act perfectly. An imperfect but dangerous performance is far way better than perfect but boring performance. But always make sure that you are not risking your life because life is all you got, what I am trying to say here is engage yourself in a performance that may hurt you but not to the point where you may die.

If you are in a sports and your coach is benching you most of the time you need to trust danger. If there is a point where you are in a game and the game was so close, you need to do dangerous things such as taking the last shot or deciding for your own. You may fail but it is the only hope you've got, if you don't want to be benched forever then you have to do dangerous things that will put your career in jeopardy. This is the only way where other people may noticed you and you can get bigger and better opportunities. You also have to do moves that are risky, moves that hasn't seen before so people will see something special in you. They will see that you have courage and you have the guts to do moves that most people were afraid to do because they might screwed up and people might get mad at them.

To make the story short, if your life is not on the line and if you are guaranteed that you will still be alive after doing such a risky thing then pull the trigger. Don't be afraid of what people might say. Just let go and trust that everything will work in the end. There is no harm in trying, have a mindset of giving everything you've got will make you succeed.

Doing dangerous things have big rewards and it also depends on the level of danger you are willing to engage. The bigger the danger, the bigger the reward. You may not succeed but you will fail big time.