April 08, 2016


Most people are making excuses why they don't know something or why can't they learn something that they want. They make excuses such as: they don't have the money to enroll for school, they don't have time for it, it is too hard and endless excuses that only helps them to become more ignorant.

Anyone can learn, even the dumbest person can learn, even the animals can learn. One type of learning that requires no money, no school and lesser hassle is PAYING ATTENTION. Pay attention to what is happening around you, be aware of the person talking in front of you. Paying attention is a type of learning that is not forced, it just comes to you like an accident.

When I was a kid I don't know how to tie the lace of my shoes. I accidentally learn it from my classmate. I saw her doing it, I watch attentively and then try it myself, I was so happy that I was able to emulate what she did. I learn just by watching her. She taught me accidentally and I thank her for that, I gave her a sandwich and thank her but she didn't know what I am being thankful about.

Last year I want to cook a pasta but I don't know how to do it with limited ingredients available. I throw away the idea of doing it because I might waste some pasta noodle. After one week while surfing at the you tube there is a video suggestion that shows up on how to cook pasta with limited ingredients. I am very happy because I already throw away the idea of doing it but somehow the universe gives me an idea without even searching for it. I just pay attention on what is going around in you tube then I saw a very good tutorial. I cook the pasta and then I love the taste.

You can learn from everywhere or from anyone if you just pay attention. Sometimes what you need to learn is just around you but you are not attentive so the information go away. Always be attentive the the motion of your surrounding and what is being talked about. If you really wanted to learn you should always be willing to welcome any information available around you.