April 13, 2016



Anything that you abuse is not bad for your health and career, at first you think it is helping you because it is making you feel good but in the long run you will see that your life has been devastated because of your addiction. You should know if you are getting addicted to something and cut it right away before it comes to a level that you cannot stop anymore. Addiction destroys a lot of lives because everything that is excessive is not healthy. Not only the physical health is in jeopardy but also the mental health, you can get crazy if your addiction is worse.

I list here some of the addictions that you must avoid to have a better life, if you are suffering from one or more of these addictions you better wake up and cure yourself, it is not too late, it is difficult but it is possible:

1. Addiction in bed and pillow - Let's face it, bed and pillow gives us a warm feeling that is very addictive, it makes us very sleepy, comfortable and at peace. Maybe it is because bed and pillow makes us forget the stress in our work, the traffic, bills, deadlines, etc. But don't get caught by its tricks. Bed and pillows will make you forget your responsibility, it will baby you and make you forget time FOR A MOMENT. Then when reality sinks in... you will find yourself lost and doesn't know what to do next. It will only give you a temporary relaxation but the reality is it is not giving you any solution. It is only eating a lot of your time and making you stuck in a situation, the more you get addicted to bed and pillow the more you derail your progress. Pile of pending tasks will continue to grow and you will feel like you've been swallowed by a hallow and you can't find a way to get out.

2. Addiction in drugs, alcohol and smoking - This is self explanatory but I am reminding those people who were still denying that these things are dangerous. Those who were addicted with these things are still in self denial that at one point in their lives, they are going to get harmed. Once you get addicted with these things then you are done. You will become very dependent with these things and you will get crazy if you cannot taste them in one day. And by the record, only few people managed to changed their lives after being addicted with these stuffs. Death is the worse thing that may happen to you if you will not stop using these stuffs.

3. Addiction in thinking about the past - I don't know what is it with the past that people were so addicted. They think about their ex, their enemies, their failures, their nemesis and any other negative things from the past. They don't know that it is only draining their energy and making their focus blurry. Past cannot be changed, past cannot be eaten. If you will only use the the time you consume for remembering the past for other good things then you will have a much better life. Past is like a disease that will slowly kill you if you continuously give importance to it everyday. Forget about it and move on so your day will become very productive and you can live life at its best.

4. Addiction in other people - people loves other people that don't even love them back, they want to please people, look good to other people and make other people believe that they are something. What happens here is you live other's life and not yours. You give your strength to other people because you were so focus on them on not on your own life. Your actions were always based on other people's reactions. One good example is admiring celebrities, you were always watching your idol, spending a lot of time on his concerts, social media accounts etc. and then you forgot to pursue your own dream and maximize your own potential. You were so caught up on your idol's life that is why you forgot that you also have your own life and can also become great at something.

5. Addiction in appreciation - You always want other people to like you, you were so addicted to their facebook likes, fake comments etc. You are only showing what is likable in your life and you are not being you. You are so conservative in your actions because you were always thinking that they might not like you. You are not expressing your self anymore and you just want to impress people which is a bad thing. You can't reach your full potential if you can't express yourself. You are just playing safe because you don't want them to see you fail and being afraid to fail is already a failure. Your confidence is coming from their appreciation, if nobody appreciates you, you are not highly motivated to do great things. You should change your mindset now and avoid seeking for appreciation because some of the appreciation are fakes and does not come from the heart, you will only become depressed if one day you find out that nobody likes you anymore.