April 19, 2016



Success is about mindset and positioning your thoughts in the right place. Many people don't believe that thoughts become things. What you believe is your reality, that is why people who disbelieve that they can do something great is also correct, their belief is they cannot do it and that is what is happening to them. If you have a strong mindset that you will fail then you will, I bet you wouldn't even try, and not trying is already failing. Success people have strong mindsets, they train their minds to have one, they knew that no matter what happens they will still prevail and rose to the top.

In a journey there is no way you can't be hit by a big rock, there is no way you can't be lost but your mindset will take you back to the right path, it will make you believe again, it will make you do the right thing. In a very tough and rough situation you should have a mindset that will enable you survive and thrive. I have here some mindsets that will make you succeed for sure and make you endure the hardest obstacle along the way:

1. Nothing to lose - This is real, everyone has really nothing to lose, you were born naked without any money or precious things in your pocket so why are you afraid to lose? if you are competing you should know that even if you didn't win you still didn't lost anything. If your business fails you still didn't lost anything. Because at the end of the day...those achievements, moneys, cars, houses and praises cannot be included in your casket once you died. You have nothing to lose but everything to gain so enjoy life, give your best and don't be afraid to take risks.

2. Not afraid to die - If you are not afraid to die then you will have a strength that is very hard to matched. Look at those suicide bombers, they were very hard to stop. It is because they were not afraid to die. Don't be afraid to die for the loose ball, don't be afraid to die for your dreams, don't be afraid to die because of hardwork. Because in real world you will not die, people withe positive goals and intentions never die. Suicide bombers die because they have negative purpose in life. If you are not afraid to die for your dreams then you already have it, it is because you will do things that ordinary people can't do, you will sacrifice even more, you will do whatever it takes to win.

3. I do this for my family or loved ones - If you can't do it for yourself then you can do it for somebody. People who do it for themselves usually fall short because they are less pressured and they think that it is alright but if there is someone who is praying for his success and sacrificing for him then he will be forced to work harder, do his best and become successful. He gets his strength or inspiration from others. He feels that he cannot fail because he don't want to disappoint the people that is caring for him.

4. Embracing Humiliation - this mindset is also very effective. If you are willing to embrace humiliation then it only means you are not afraid to fail and being not afraid to fail will make you loose and expressive. You can do things at your best, you will use all your strength and capabilities to succeed. Making mistake is nothing to you, what people say if you fail means nothing to you so you will try again and again even if people were laughing at you.