April 30, 2016



Everyone talks about being great and how to become great, they will give you an idea and skills that you must possess in order to become successful. They will praise education, achievements and being able to understand different things. For me intelligence is knowing what you want and studying it further. Now, there are some characteristics that successful people possesses but are not discussed for some reasons, maybe because marketers today are always preaching how to get rich quick and how to become successful in just 2 weeks. The world today loves instant results and they really believe that there is, instant results applies only to those who patronized liposuction but that result won't last forever, they cut their belly fast like a pig but the habit of living a healthy life is not there so they will go back to being a fat ass again.

If you think that you are not intelligent nor you have any talents then it's fine, there is nothing wrong with that, the word talent, intelligence and being born rich are over rated. Yes it is a big help having all of those qualities but you still have a chance if you were just an ordinary under dog with no helping arms and gifts given to you. Now, I will reveal the skills that were not widely recognized because most of the teachers out there are just preaching you to study hard, be nice, have a good grades and take the surest route. Well that's cool but here are some skills that I will tell you that will make you very successful, these skills only applies if you have big goals in life, I am the walking evidence that these are real, I may not be very rich but I have some success in my life that gave me true freedom, please try to master these and have fun in the world:

1. Ability to move despite of unwanting to move - If you have a task to do your mind is battling if you will do it or not, it is crazy because you know that you need to do it but you cannot move. It feels like there is something stopping you that you don't know. If you have the ability to shut the part of your brain that is stopping you then you already have a big advantage. Most people loves to relax, if they are on their couch they will watch the whole episode of the walking dead without conscience. If you are not one of them then you are ahead. You can finish a lot of task in a very short period of time. You will be less stress because movement takes away the pain. Movement will give you good feelings. If you can move despite of unwanting to move then you're a different kind of person. Good things will be attracted to you. You can dictate the pace in any place because time will come when people doesn't want to move anymore because of fatigue, lack of will and excuses. You are a different animal, you will move because your mind is well trained and it can absorb any kind of stress.

2. Ability to take rejection - "it hurts", "they don't like me", "they tell me I am no good", "this is not for me, a vendor said so". These words will be taken seriously be people who cannot accept rejection. They thought that rejection is a barometer of how far can they go or how good they were. If you can take rejection then you don't need motivation. You just go and go and go and present yourself anywhere. You are not afraid of opportunities even if you feel you don't deserve it. Even if they don't accept you, even if they laughs at you, you will still keep pounding until you find the place where you belong. Not many of us can accept rejection especially if the rejection is devastating and can destroy a moral. Accepting rejection is a skill that is unstoppable, it will create a lot of opportunities and you will experience a lot of things that will be helpful to your success.

3. Ability to look weird - if you have big goals and dreams and you are taking it very seriously, people will label you as a weird person especially if you are presenting ideas that are impossible to believe. You should stand for what you believe in and forget if you look weirdo. One of the reasons why people cannot become successful is because they listen to other people's comments, critics and opinions. They don't want to be alone and mocked by the crowd, they always wanted to fit in that is why they can't express their ideas and pursue their own journey. Always remember that all successful people have look weird at some point of their lives. Look at Albert Einstein, Bill gates, Bob Marley, they look weird because they have their own point of view and sometimes their actions were not accepted by the people.

4. Ability to Love Stress - if you wanted to become successful you cannot stay away from stress. Great things are stressful but if you will learn how to love the stress on the journey then you can thrive. Keep in mind that stress is normal, it can either make you or break you. If you don't want to become stress then just pursue small things that are achievable and even a nursery student can do. Being in a stressful state means you are working your way to the top so you must not stop even if the stress is very high. Stress will always be a part of your life, you will experience it anywhere so don't be afraid to face it.

April 29, 2016



Use your energy for thinking about thoughts that will help you and making actions that will improve your situation. The reason why you are suffering too much and life looks very hard for you is because you are using your energy the wrong way.

You need money and you still keep thinking that you have no money. What if you think that you can get a lot of money if you move, what if you keep on searching for money everyday and have a mindset that you can have it no matter what. What do you think will be the result? I assure you that if you use your energy the right away something will change, something will show on your way and your life will never be the same again. It sounds ridiculous but this simple thing that I am suggesting you is true, it is facts and it can give results. The results may not be as big as you think but for sure your life will never be the same again.

Everyone has problems, who doesn't have? But there are some people even though have a lot of problems can still think the right way and make necessary actions that will solve their problems. On the other hand there are some people that already have big problems in their lives yet still thinking the wrong way. They blame the government, borrow money from friends and will not return the money, they steal, they criticize and the do a lot of negative things. They focus their energies on things and activities that are negative that is why they get the same results.

If you want to change then you should focus on change and not on doing the same type of shits over and over again. Thinking about negative things and doing negative activities are easier that is why many people engages on it. It is easier to watch your neighbor getting rich and pulling him down rather than being rich on your own. It is easier to make negative comments on facebook rather than criticizing yourself and doing the change. It is easy to just complain about your life, how the government and people around you treated you unfairly. It is easy to do that because you don't need to waste a lot of energy, you just need your mouth and negative thinking. But...did it take you somewhere? did your position move? did you make money by doing those things?

Now listen, what if you just shut your mouth, avoid being jealous and do what is possible? do what is positive and make a commitment that you will only use your energy for positive things. Is it difficult? yes, but it will change your life, it will make you wake up in the morning with a purpose. If you use your energy for the right things then you will have more energy because you will become more motivated and you will see your life transitioning in the right way.

A lot of people didn't noticed that they were using their energies in the wrong way or maybe they just hate to admit that they are not doing the right things. Life is not easy but it is very simple, you are just the one complicating it. You know the right things but you keep on doing the wrong things. You know you need to exercise but you keep on watching game of thrones or lost, you don't miss any episode but you can't give time for yourself walking at least 5 minutes a day. You know you need to find job but you keep on entertaining thoughts in your head that you can't make it or you are too old or you are not qualified. Listen, those thoughts won't help you, it is time to entertain the right thoughts and place your energy in the right place.

It is easy to chose negative over positive because that is what most people does and you can easily get influenced by them and most of all it is the easier way. But let me remind you again, there is nothing wrong in doing right, there is nothing wrong in being optimistic even if people tell you to wake up and be realistic. Just keep in mind that being negative will give you situations that are destructive and positivity equals opportunity.

April 29, 2016



People were always rushing that is why they end up failing and very frustrated. What is it to rush? Why do you love to rush? does it make you feel good? does it make your work better? did you become rich when you rush? Rushing is very different from being fast so you need to know the difference between these two things.

People who always rush are always in a stressful state. They don't have a peace of mind and it seems like they were always gunning for something that they don't know how to get. If you rush you are not being yourself. You will crumble and you will make a lot of mistakes. But why do most people love to rush? It is because they want to get something right away, they were forcing situations, they don't want to live in the moment, they always want to live in the future. They want to see the results right away without taking the necessary process. In other words they want to skip some period of time and then go to the finish line right away. They don't want to work or suffer, they just want to get the price without exchanging their piece of time. And the result is...FRUSTRATION. They easily get frustrated because they want to get something so fast and when they can't get it they always feel bad.

Instead of practicing rushing, practice patience. Patience is the key to a peaceful life and one of the most important elements to become successful. Patience will make your life in order, it is the most important characteristic that you must have if you are pursuing big things. With enough patience you can endure any difficulties in life. You are ok not being ok, you can become hopeful even if there are no more reasons to become hopeful. Your mind is always at peace, it will still entertain negative thoughts sometimes but the positive thoughts will always prevail in the end.

If you have patience you will no longer worry about traffic because you won't experience traffic anymore. It is not that you are ok when you are in a heavy traffic, you will not experience it because you have the patience to wake up earlier than anybody else and avoid rush hour. What about when you are about to go home? you won't feel it either because you have the patience to become patient, you don't care if it takes you 3 or 4 or 5 hours to get home. In your mind you just know that no matter what you will still get home safe and blessed. That is what patience does, it makes a difficult situation a room for appreciation.

If you have patience you know you can get anything or be anything, there is no rush needed. You have faith that everything will be alright and everything you need will be given to you at the right time. Patience is intelligence, if you rush you will crush.

April 28, 2016



Less is more, more is dangerous but if you can handle it then it is very rewarding. More becomes less if you were already not overwhelmed by it, if you can handle it without pressure and if you already experienced it a thousand times. That is why people who lifted 250 lbs everyday feels like it is only 100 lbs, they already experienced the feeling of lifting heavy weights over and over again that is why for them it is not hard anymore. It's like "ok no big deal". They already surpassed the stress that "more" gives.

Now, if you are in the process of improving yourself and you wanted to become great, the greatest advice that I can give to you is don't complicate your process. Stop searching for a lot of steps to make you better. Just do what you feel will make you stronger and do it everyday. Never get tired of doing it and just let the results come in naturally. Be patient and watch the improvement takes place.

Some people who where in the middle of improving themselves, if they do not see something right away or if they think that what they are doing is meaningless they will immediately jump to another technique. They will search the you tube, believe the facebook, buy an ebook and endless looking for answers. The answer is already in your hands, once you know a single technique do it over and over again. Watch it for months or even a year and if you still can't see any improvement in your life then it is time for you to move on and go find something else. Remember that it is not the one who do a lot of things who succeed, it is the one who do things correctly and consistently.

Information is everywhere, some information may help you or just confused you. It can make you better or make you slower. If you accept a lot of inputs then you might get overwhelmed. You might commit in doing all of it everyday and the result is you will get burned out. You will get tired easily and there are times when you don't want to do it anymore.

It is ok to try different things but make sure you will stick to it for a long period of time. You can't just try this and then try that, it will only make you confused, overwhlemed and frustrated once you can't do it all. Just make it simple, try a few different things and see if it works. So much process will make you lazy because you have a lot of things to do and you know you can't do it all. There were so many things on your list and once you miss something you will feel bad and unfulfilled.

Find at least 2 or three things that you think will give you benefits and take it seriously, never doubt it or miss it. Believe in the process that you choose, believe that it will work. It doesn't matter if you are progressing slow what matters is you don't stop.

Enjoy doing it everyday and if you feel you need to add some new things in your process then do it but always make sure you can do it all. Simplicity is tranquility, you can do all the process in the world but if it is making your mind cluttered then those process are still useless.

April 27, 2016


little success will make you believe - rugged breed

If you can't believe in what you are doing then you should find for some little success. Even the tiniest success, even if it means nothing to everyone will still give you belief because it makes you feel good and the reason why people wants to become successful is because they want to feel good. They feel happy when they achieved something, they feel proud when they are ahead of a lot of people.

That is why if you are pursuing something big and along the road you feel tired and begin to doubt yourself, you should create little success or see little things as a success. Little success will make you going and believe again. It will serve as a fuel to your dying ambition.

If you are dreaming of becoming a lawyer and you got scared in the middle of your journey because some lessons are so difficult and you got overwhelmed by the thickness of the books that you must read, you need to find some little success on your journey. Passing the first semester is already a success, passing some quizzes is already a success so you should celebrate it. Going to class everyday is already a success, having no late is already a success. Those little things mean nothing to some people but if you will think deeply, those little things are indicators that you are capable of becoming a lawyer. It means you are thinking right and you are taking steps one at a time, those little things if appreciated will create a belief. It is hard to go to classes everyday, not everyone can do that, it is hard to wake up early in the morning and force yourself to go to class. It is hard to become responsible so if you are responsible it only means you are successful. Remember all those efforts that you put in and do it again.

Little things that needs effort and energy can also be considered as a success because it is not given to you, you take the challenge to move despite of feeling lazy. You defeat laziness so you are successful. If you can just study your lessons, do your assignments then you were already successful because those things are also challenges. A lot of people will not do what you are doing so be proud of it and consider it as a success.

If you want to become fit you should also create some little success. Running for five minutes is already a success, you move so it only means you are serious about what you are doing. Eating healthy foods and doing some diets are already a success, you should celebrate it because not anyone can do it. You can find little successes in anything that you are doing or any decision that you made. Doing the right thing is already a success so be happy if you are doing the right thing.

Don't look for the bigger picture because it will only make you feel how far you are to your goals. Just take it one step at a time and celebrate those little successes that you achieved, it will make you feel happy, motivated and most of all it will create a belief that you can do it.

April 27, 2016



Let's face it money is important especially when we have bills to pay and we need to buy food. It is very hard to find food nowadays for free. Even the farmers are buying foods. Now, if there is a time where there is someone who is borrowing money from you but you also need money what are you gonna do? What if the borrower is telling you a lot of dramas so you will be forced to lend him some?. Dramas such as: my son is sick, I will get killed by a gangster if I don't pay them, we have no food and my children is so hungry, my daughter can't pay the tuition fee and she will be forced to not take the exam and any other dramas that has been used a million times in a drama series. 

Of course you are just a human being and you will feel pity for him but what if your money is already budgeted and if you deduct some amount from it you will be the one who will suffer? I am not a big fan of excuses and lies but this time I will tell you some ways to excuse yourself from lending some money to your dramatic and broke friend.

1. Use his own drama - if your friend knocks on your door and it looks like he put some onions on his eyes before he talk to you so he will look like he is crying and immediately tell you that he needs some money, what you need to do is use his own drama. Pretend that you are sad too upon knowing his situation. If he says that he needs to borrow some money because they don't have food to eat then tell him that you too haven't been eating for three days. If he told you that he needs some money because his landlord will force him to leave their apartment for not paying rent then tell him that you haven't paid your rent too. If you have your own house then just tell him that you need to pay some bills or monthly interest of your credit card. They key here is to always mimic his problem and exaggerate it a little bit. If he is borrowing 5 thousand bucks tell him that you need ten thousand bucks and he is in the wrong timing to borrow some money from you.

2. Pass the torch - remember someone that borrows money from you from the past and recommend that person to the one who is borrowing now. Tell him the exact amount of money that was borrowed from you and give him the power to collect the money from the last borrower. This only applies if he also know the person who borrows from you. Let those two broke people negotiate while you are celebrating in your house because you escaped a money borrower. This is also a nice way to know if the past borrower have an intention to pay you.

3. Just give him a little amount - if you are feeling guilty because the borrower is somehow very close to you just give him a little amount. If he is borrowing two thousand bucks then just give him 30 or 50 bucks. Tell him that you really don't have money and that is all you can lend him. Most of the time borrowers are not returning the money that they borrowed so losing 30 bucks is not so much a big deal to you.

4. Take a deep breath and say NO - this only applies if you are ready and you have a mindset of not letting anyone borrow any amount of money from you, it is because it is hard to say "NO" to a borrower once he surprised you. Just say "NO", no matter how big is his reason for borrowing some money. You may feel guilty but let's face the fact that the money borrower puts himself in that situation, there is no one to blamed but himself. He is the one who spends a lot, he is the one who is not working so have no conscience when saying no. After all if he is really determined to borrow some money he will find someone else who will let him.

Never feel guilty if you rejected someone who is borrowing money from you. In the first place they don't have to do that if they were responsible and if they are spending their money wisely. 

April 26, 2016



If you want to stand out, if you want to feel more life then you should add a little danger to your activity. If you want to do amazing things then you should feel a little threatened. Stop playing safe and go outside of your comfort zone.

For example if you are performing in stage, may it be about dancing, singing or anything. You should sometimes do what will make you closer to failing. What do I mean by this? take risky performance, do something that hasn't seen before. Something that you are not sure if people will like or not. Something that may embarrass you if you didn't execute perfectly.

Adding something dangerous will give excitement to people. It will catch a lot of attention and people will be amazed by the courage that you show. That is why extreme games and any other acts that are dangerous gathers a lot of attention from the crowd. Extreme people make jaw dropping performances that sometimes will be written in the history.

If there is a lot of stake on the line and sometimes career is in danger then the reward will be so big. People will get shocked if you execute your act perfectly. An imperfect but dangerous performance is far way better than perfect but boring performance. But always make sure that you are not risking your life because life is all you got, what I am trying to say here is engage yourself in a performance that may hurt you but not to the point where you may die.

If you are in a sports and your coach is benching you most of the time you need to trust danger. If there is a point where you are in a game and the game was so close, you need to do dangerous things such as taking the last shot or deciding for your own. You may fail but it is the only hope you've got, if you don't want to be benched forever then you have to do dangerous things that will put your career in jeopardy. This is the only way where other people may noticed you and you can get bigger and better opportunities. You also have to do moves that are risky, moves that hasn't seen before so people will see something special in you. They will see that you have courage and you have the guts to do moves that most people were afraid to do because they might screwed up and people might get mad at them.

To make the story short, if your life is not on the line and if you are guaranteed that you will still be alive after doing such a risky thing then pull the trigger. Don't be afraid of what people might say. Just let go and trust that everything will work in the end. There is no harm in trying, have a mindset of giving everything you've got will make you succeed.

Doing dangerous things have big rewards and it also depends on the level of danger you are willing to engage. The bigger the danger, the bigger the reward. You may not succeed but you will fail big time.

April 26, 2016


building the courage - rugged breed

When you watched a movie and you were amazed with the main star, you say to yourself "wow he is so brave, he is so courageous, how can I be like him?". The answer to your question is.. always be willing to become scared. Yes what you read is right I will repeat it again. If you want to become courageous then you should be willing to become scared, ALWAYS. That is the only way and no other way around. Embracing fear and dealing with it will not make you fearless but it will make you unafraid to experience it.

You thought that legends, warriors, presidents and any other historical figures in the world were born brave? You thought that it is innate with them that they were born naturally with courage embedded in their hearts? You are one hundred percent WRONG!!!. These guys were born scared too but they trained themselves to become courageous, how they do that? They always put themselves in a situation where they were really scared. They put themselves in an unfamiliar territory, they take risks and they embrace their fears. They don't care if they fail or get humiliated, all they know is they need to experienced those fears so their tolerance in those fears will go higher.

It is very simple, find out the things that you are scared of, what are those? just think of the greatest fear in your life that you want to get rid of. It can be about things, people, situation etc. If you are afraid of the dark then always go to dark places. Go to movie house, dark streets, turn off your lights. Become scared with the dark and one with the dark. Do it everyday, do it gradually. At first stay in the dark for five minutes then the other day for ten minutes and so on. Feel the fear in smaller level and then gradually step to the higher levels. Don't rush, be patient, be mindful of the levels of fear that you can tolerate. Never act like you are so brave and you can handle any level of fears because you might get crazy at one point. Your fear might increase instead of decrease.

This is just a matter of conditioning and familiarizing yourself into any kind of fear that you have. The more you get nearer to the things that scares you and spending time with it the more it becomes powerless to you. This is how to build courage, it can be applied to anything or anywhere.

That is why winners were not afraid during pressure times, it is because they were already familiar in losing. For them losing is not a big deal anymore that is why they can move freely and they don't show any shades of doubt in their actions. They move boldly and it looks like they have a heart of steel. They lost a lot of times from the past and they take those experiences to become better today. If it weren't for those losses they will not be on their level right now.

You need to look for those fears, you need to feel it. Sometimes you even have top scare yourself for no reason. If you continually refuse to face your fears then you will have a limited life and you will not maximize your potential. You will be forever caged in "what if's" and "what could have been's".

And also, don't ever fantasize that your fear will go away once you experienced it over and over again. There will be some times that you may feel frightened again but don't worry because you already knew how to handle it. You already knew the feeling and you already knew how to control your thinking.

April 26, 2016



If you want to bring out the best in you then you should look for the difficulty and not the accessibility. Let's face the fact that easy things will give you no improvement, it will only make you feel good but not great. Doing or pursuing easy things will put you in the rank somewhere between mediocre and average. Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with that especially if you are truly satisfied in your position. But what if there is a place in your heart, maybe not big but there is a small place in your heart that says "I am sick and tired of just being another human being". What will you do?

You should look for someone or something that will bring out the fire in you. It can be a situation, a person or some kind of a challenge. How to know what it is? very simple, it gives you strong emotions, it gives you excitement, fear, joy or motivation. 

If you are an athlete and you feel unchallenged not because you were already great but you feel there is something lacking in your training or daily routine then it is time for you to look for a person that will bring out the fire in you. The best person would be a nemesis or someone who is stronger than you. Build a silent competition. Compete against him without him knowing it. Watch his actions, training and goals then be greater than him. In this way you will be forced to make yourself better than yesterday. You will be hungry in training again and you will have goals for yourself. You will do whatever it takes to become stronger than him. The best part here is if he didn't know it then it will be lesser pressure to you. 

Look for something that is very hard to achieve. It can be being number one in your class, aiming for your first million, being a CEO or president of the united states. Whatever it is that excites you, go for it. Never care if that challenge is big or small, what matters is it will make you go a little bit uncomfortable. If you don't feel uncomfortable then it it is not challenging and you will not grow. You will have no fire in pursuing it because you already knew that you can get it without exerting too much effort, the competition already died before it happens. The fire that was supposed to come out from you has already been extinguished. The lava turns into ice. 

There will always be someone or something that will bring out the best in you or the fire in you. It is your duty to find it if you are feeling that you are lacking some motivation. It is everywhere. Anything can become your motivation, anyone can become your rivalry. This is one good way to expand yourself. This will make you move and leave your weak and old self. 

April 26, 2016



If you are just taking an action because you are expecting any kind of reward then you are in the wrong mindset my friend. The reward for tacking action is the action itself and nothing more than that.

If you made a move to improve your situation, if you take bold actions towards your goals then that is already the price. Money, results and fame are just bonuses because taking action will not guarantee that you will get rewards if you have a time frame.

Many people worked so hard for many months or even years but they do not get the rewards that they were expecting. Their expectation was turned into depression and the result was endless procrastination. They don't want to move anymore because they think that they already failed and for them moving is not making any sense anymore. They don't want to try again because just like what I said, reward is more important for them than taking action. They feel the lack of reward that is why they were so unmotivated to try again.

Maybe it is also because they got too tired and humiliated by people watching them. Maybe it is because they were too impatient and cannot wait any longer, I don't know.

You should be proud if you are taking action even if you haven't got the reward yet because just like I said taking the action is the real reward, not all people can take action, not all people can stay with the process. And even if you get the reward you will not be so happy with it, the one thing that makes you happy is the transformation of yourself by the actions that you take. Look at those rich celebrities, businessmen and sports superstars...even if they have those achievements, money, fame and power they still work because they don't care about the results anymore, all they care about is taking action, taking the challenge and the work itself. They are simply happy by moving because it is what makes them feel alive.

Have you seen someone who is succeeding everyday but doesn't look getting tired? you can see him working on sundays, holidays, birthdays but he doesn't look getting tired. It is simply because he doesn't care about the results anymore, all he care about is taking action because he fell in love with the action itself. He is afraid that if he didn't take action he might lose momentum and energy to keep going. It is the action that makes him strong, it is the action that puts him in the right direction.

But did you also see someone who just succeeded lately and then immediately fell into a failure's circle? It is because he care about the results and he already got what he want. For example a person dreaming of a car or a house or a million, once he get it he will no longer have the drive to beat his own records. It is because he doesn't love taking actions, he wants to become successful again but he wants to take lesser actions this time. The result is... going back to ground zero.

The ultimate secret for achieving a big goal is very simple - reward yourself by taking action, let the action be the reward and forget the material award and recognition reward. It doesn't matter if you are not having money, fame or popularity. What matters is your action has no expiration.

April 20, 2016



If you want to have an abundant life or at least a life that has no worries then you should think of what is coming in and not what has come out.

If one day you go to your favorite mall and you didn't control your way of spending. You buy clothes, eat a lot of foods, buy shoes, watched movies etc. You spend more than you earn, it gives you a feeling of guilt right? you don't have to feel guilty just let it go and forget it. We all make mistakes sometimes especially in our financial activity. All people has experience spending more than what they earned, it is alright but you should also learned the lesson from it.

Alright forget about it, just focus on what is coming in and not what has come out. This is the way of an abundant life. If somebody borrows money from you yesterday because you feel pity for him but now you are thinking if your decision is right because you deducted something from your budget, you should not think about what has come out. You should think about how can you add more money for your savings. You should also appreciate that money will still come in to your life in the future, it can come from your monthly salary or any business that you create. Forget about the money that your friend borrowed, forget all the money that you wasted, just focus on what is coming in because that will make you feel good, when you feel good about something it has a tendency to multiply.

People experience the feeling of scarcity because they always focus on what is gone. They focus on their mistakes, they focus on uncalculated lost and they never pay attention to what is coming in, they were never thankful for the little blessings that are coming into their lives that is why they always feel less even though they have more.

If last month you lost ten thousand dollars and now you just earned five thousand dollars, still be thankful, forget about the 10k and start celebrating the 5k. The more you become appreciative the more you will have an extra incentive. Anything that is coming in to your life is still a blessing no matter how big or small it is. Life is more fun to live if you were celebrating the little blessings instead of searching for what has been lost. It is easier to live that way, there is no feeling of regret and you are focused on good things that may still come.

There are some cases where a man's life style has been demoted for whatever reasons. He will think of his lifestyle before instead of focusing on his life now. He will remember the good times before, things such as buying expensive clothes, eating on a fancy restaurant, travelling anywhere etc. He cannot do it now but there are still some blessings that are coming into his life. If he will only be thankful that he still have some properties and money to spend then he will be happier. He is sad because he always look for what is missing instead of celebrating what is present.

Hey people, it is just a matter of looking around and not looking too far. Look around you, you still have a lot of things, a lot of reasons to be happy. You have some food, some money and friends. If you can't appreciate the small things then you will never have the big things.

April 20, 2016



You are stuck in a traffic and you are almost late, 5 minutes more and you're already late. The worse thing is you wont get your incentives because you didn't complete the perfect attendance for the month. What will you do? my advise is stop thinking about time.

Many people were so stressed in their work or in their lives because they think so much about time. They think about how many more hours do they have to work before they get home again. How many more hours of traffic do they have to endure. How many more hours of grinding before they become great at something. How many more hours do they have to wait to see their dreams. It feels so stressful and the feeling of lacking of something is getting stronger.

They think about deadlines, how much time is left and how much work is needed so their boss won't get mad. It is really stressful to think about time. Time will fly so don't worry about it. If you forget time then your pain will go away. Just think about it, you are working without counting the time that you have to work, how does it feel? it feels great because you will just focus on what you are doing until you are done. You will never panic and things will run smoothly.

Just like in the game. If your team was down by 10 pts and there is only 3 mins remaining in the game, how does it feel if you are always looking at the time? it is painful right? you will always think that there is no time left, that your time is running out and your team is going to lose. That was absurd. But if you play like there is no time ticking and you can play as long as you can then your team can think clearly and can execute better plays. You will never rush and you will commit less mistakes.

Forgetting time is also living in the moment. You don't care if it is already too late and you have to sleep, you just work and work until you are done. You don't care if it is morning or evening, you don't have schedules, all you know is you love what you are doing and you don't care about how much time of work is needed to accomplish your project. It is simple as that.

What if the doctor told you that you are going to die in 2 months? if you count the remaining days of your life everyday then you will become depressed and weak but if you forget about what the doctor says and focus on becoming stronger and enjoying your family then there is a chance that you will live longer. There is a chance that the doctor might eat his words. And the important thing is you can enjoy living everyday because time is nothing to you.

Waiting, how about this one? what if your partner is working on abroad and you can't see her for 12 months? if you will count the days that you have to wait before you see her then you will miss her more. You will become sadder because you will think that you have to wait for so long. Stop looking at the calendar. Just be happy living your life and stop waiting. Just let the days go by and forget the amount of time you have to wait. Time is really fast so you don't have to make it faster, stop rushing time because one day you will wish for it to slow down.

Let the time pass naturally, stop rushing it or stop slowing it for your own benefit. You will never be happy if you guard time because if you do, it means you are wishing for something that will never happen if you don't let time run by itself. Forgetting time is a great pain reliever, just live your life, forget about the time remaining and also forget about the time that has been wasted. Forgetting time is the best way to enjoy your time.

April 20, 2016



Your brain remembers all the things that you believe. It didn't remember anything that it doesn't believe especially if that thought has no impact in your life. For example if your mama told you that you will not succeed if you take your own route instead of studying in a well know university, once you fail you will remember what your mama told you. You remember it not because she is right but because partially you believe what she says. And what makes you fail is because you still think that what if your mama is right? what if the route that you are taking is not worth it?

Another example is Carmelo Anthony, an NBA player and one the most dangerous scorers in the game. I heard in his recent interview that he always thinks that his next shot will go in, that was his mindset. Everytime he misses a shot he always think that the next one will go in and it really goes in. That is what he believes, that is what he remembers and that is what is happening in his game. His thoughts becomes things because his belief is so powerful, that is why he is successful. He never forget what he believe.

Any thought that you believe will play in your mind over and over again even if you don't want to remember it. So if your childhood friends told you before that you weren't good enough for your dreams you will remember it if you believe it especially if you are experiencing hard times, the exact words that they told you will play in your head so stop believing something that you don't want to remember. It will diminish your confidence, it will make you frustrated. What you need to do is stop believing thoughts that is not helping you.

When someone told you that you are ugly and you partially believe in it, even if you are beautiful you will still remember it. You will get mad, you want to take revenge to the person that told you about it. It is bad because it is just ruining your life and you are doubting yourself if you are really beautiful. If someone told you that your skills are not enough to become the best, again if you believe in it you will remember it. And once you partially believe it then you will doubt if you are really good. Your performance will be affected and you cannot perform at the highest level. That is why it is very important to choose what you wanted to believe because those thoughts will play inside of your head and it will play a major role in your performance.

They say old people cannot become champion, how about Randy Couture? he was the UFC heavyweight champion at the age of 45 or 46. Many people is doubting him, many people says that he will just hurt himself. But all he remembers is he is a champion before, he is strong and he can compete. That is what he remembers so he became a champion again. He never remember what people say, he only believe in himself.

April 19, 2016



Most guys celebrate when they taste a little dose of success. They feel like they already own the world and they cannot be defeated anymore. You should only celebrate if you really won and have the trophy inside of your locker room. Look at those NBA teams who have a huge lead in 4th quarter, they feel like they already won, they were dancing, mocking the other team and making stupid reactions but when the other team gather themselves and regain the momentum, they look like cute puppies who can't even hurt someone. They were shocked and they don't know what to do anymore. They lost their swag and they start panicking.

Some people who taste a little success faster than they expected becomes arrogant and feels like they cannot touch the bottom anymore. They think that even though they become lazy and disrespectful they will still win in the end but... NO NO NO, that's not the way success works. Your effort and attitude from the start when you were just pursuing success should be the same in the end. You cannot become arrogant, you cannot take some time for granted. For example you just bought a car and house and you think you were already on top of the world. You started to become lazy, you build bad habits and later on you will find out that you were already in debt and the worse is you were broke. Where did all your money go? don't ask about the money, ask about what did you do.

Don't celebrate too fast if you are not yet that successful, don't celebrate if you just earn a million, celebrate if you earn multiple millions and you know you can support your family for a life time. Don't celebrate if you were just having a good momentum because premature success is nothing but failure. Anytime those little success can be taken away from you if you did not guard your habits, you should be aware of what you are doing and what you are trying to do. There is only a little room for success and that measures only about half an inch. If you will not take things seriously then all of the hardwork that you put in will be wasted, it will become a wasted effort. You should not work hard from the start if you will just become lazy in the end.

Stay disciplined, stay focus and stay hungry. Don't let a little success get inside of your head. Don't let your head grow big, stay humble and maintain a good attitude. There are thousand of stories out there that says they could have been successful if they only do this and do that... Full of excuses, that is not you. You are here to start quick and finish with a bang. You don't just stay focus at the beginning, you focus until the end. You never blink and you never get interrupted. You are here to go all out and become really successful not just a little successful.

April 19, 2016



Almost everyone has the same vision, what they see is what they believe. What they hear is what influenced them. They do not see some other meaning to what is in front of them, they cannot attached or create another meaning to what they saw or experienced. They simply judge any situation according to how they feel about it. They don't look for the deeper and positive meaning behind the situation.

If you are suffering you already judged it as a bad luck or God being unfair to you, can't you perceived it as you are only being tested? Trials, tribulations, challenges or whatever suffering is a success in a mud coating. You can't just say that you are being punished if you are in a very rough situation. If you are in a very ugly spot it is either because you made wrong decisions in the past or you are being tested if you can make it or not. Don't claim that life is unfair to you, you can change your life whenever you want, you can make excuses or you can take chances.

Most people will change direction if they feel that there is nothing happening on what they are doing. They will label themselves as failures that fast and will not look at the situation the other way around. They will complain, they will feel bad that is why they cannot get what they really want. They were always negative when they see something that looks negative. The trick is this... you should always feel positive when you saw a negative thing because once you feel negative the negativity will become bigger and it will have the ability to control you.

If you can see something different on a hard situation then you are on the right direction. You just don't see hard as really hard, you see it as something that hardens you and not make your situation difficult. You see hard as something that will make your life easier if you will just endure it. You see hard as soft because you are harder than it. You laugh at challenges because no matter how difficult it is, it cannot defeat you. You felt that challenges is just wasting its time because you know in yourself you cannot be defeated by any kinds of challenges.

If you are caught in a bad situation that you didn't expect, if you are treated unfairly just look at it as a blessing in disguise because it really is. The real meaning of something will always be revealed in the end and not at the beginning. Don't copy other people's perspective because you have your own. You should see the world through your own judgement and always believe that you have an advantage in any kind of situation. It is not fooling yourself or escaping from the reality, it is about managing your emotions and feeding your brain the right thoughts for the betterment of your life. Always feel that every situation may it be positive or negative is helpful to you. Negative will make you grow, positive will make you happier.

April 19, 2016



A goal is something that we aim and has a deadline. Deadline is a must because if not for this the goal will be a goal forever, there will be no failure nor success. You will not feel pressure and have no necessity to move. Your goal will be taken lightly, you will be unfocused and take things for granted. In short words, goals are there to alert you that you need to move within a period of time. A goal is something that forces you to take action even if you don't feel like moving.

Sometimes even if you work so hard, even if you give everything you've got you will still miss the deadline. No matter what you do you cannot figure out how to win and hit the target. And sometimes even if the deadline was extended you cannot still win because you just can't do it. It is not that you are not moving but you just can't find a way to win. It's like being trapped in a rat race forever, no matter how fast you move you still can't reach the finish line.

If the game is already over and there is only 5 minutes remaining before the deadline then what you should do is build a little momentum. Even if you already failed you still have to work hard and push like there is enough time remaining to get your goal. That is the only reward you can give to yourself, establishing a little momentum. That momentum will carry on to your next goal, your hunger will still remain and the willingness to win will never die. On other words you are just establishing a habit of not quitting even if the show is over.

Most people when they already knew that they lost, they will never exert a winning effort, they will just let the losing take over. And that is a bad habit because the next time you are competing or pursuing a goal you will never give your 100 percent effort because you already established a habit of quitting, you quit when the going gets hard. Quitting when you already knew that you don't have enough time to do it is still quitting. It is no different from quitting at the beginning. So even if you knew that you already lost you still don't have to quit. You still need to exert a winning effort because that is what champions are made of...fighting even if defeat is coming.

So then, the mentality should be you are always willing to give a fight no matter what stage of goal is. You should be willing to fight at the beginning until the end, the effort should never change. You should continue building a momentum even if that momentum makes no sense to others. They may be wondering why are you still fighting even if it is obvious that you already lost. They don't know that you are just building a habit of not quitting regardless of any situation. That momentum that you get will give you an edge for the next fight or the next goal.

April 19, 2016



This is the biggest problem that most people have. They wanted to look cute, good smelling and flawless. They don't want to look suffering, ugly and funny to other people that is why they choose to not do anything, they just choose to play safe and they avoid embarrassment. They just stay at heir home, wear their most beautiful clothes that they get on Christmas from their god parents. They pretend that they were rich and act tough so they will feel good about themselves.

There are some people who doesn't know anything and doesn't even finish their school but want to have a white collar job. They don't want to do jobs that for them looks ugly and funny. They don't want to take blue collar jobs because for them blue collar jobs represent poverty and low class people. They don't want their hands to get dirty, they are fine being unemployed and they are still proud of it. Even if their lives is getting nowhere they are fine with it for as long as they don't look bad to other people. What they don't know is that people who have no income or jobs looks worse than a person whose making a living through blue collar jobs.

Take the shovel and do some construction work, take the mop and become a janitor. What is wrong with that? if you are earning through jobs that are decent and is not affecting anyone then be proud of it. Be proud of what you are doing because you are providing something for your family. Take any jobs that can give you something so you will not become dependent. Your main intention should be to earn money and not to look good and glamorous. Life is not a fashion show it is a survivor series.

There are even some people who graduated but are taking blue collar jobs. There is also nothing wrong with that. What is wrong is you are very picky but you don't have the right to become one. Only people with good credentials, long experiences and proven resume has the right to become picky because companies will look after them but if you are just starting and don't know even know how to begin then just take jobs that will give you experience. Take jobs that you know you can do and become better with it. If you want to have a nice job that requires coat and tie then you should work hard and climb your way to the top. Study if you need to but don't ever stop earning money because you need to support yourself.

Destroy the idea about people who were doing blue collar jobs are low class people, this is a myth. For as long as you are providing something for your family and you are not a burden to anyone then you should be proud of yourself. It is not about the job, it is about how you look at the job and what is your perspective about it. In our generation today, looking good will not take you to somewhere, being tough and willing to make action is what will take you to the right direction.

April 19, 2016



Success is about mindset and positioning your thoughts in the right place. Many people don't believe that thoughts become things. What you believe is your reality, that is why people who disbelieve that they can do something great is also correct, their belief is they cannot do it and that is what is happening to them. If you have a strong mindset that you will fail then you will, I bet you wouldn't even try, and not trying is already failing. Success people have strong mindsets, they train their minds to have one, they knew that no matter what happens they will still prevail and rose to the top.

In a journey there is no way you can't be hit by a big rock, there is no way you can't be lost but your mindset will take you back to the right path, it will make you believe again, it will make you do the right thing. In a very tough and rough situation you should have a mindset that will enable you survive and thrive. I have here some mindsets that will make you succeed for sure and make you endure the hardest obstacle along the way:

1. Nothing to lose - This is real, everyone has really nothing to lose, you were born naked without any money or precious things in your pocket so why are you afraid to lose? if you are competing you should know that even if you didn't win you still didn't lost anything. If your business fails you still didn't lost anything. Because at the end of the day...those achievements, moneys, cars, houses and praises cannot be included in your casket once you died. You have nothing to lose but everything to gain so enjoy life, give your best and don't be afraid to take risks.

2. Not afraid to die - If you are not afraid to die then you will have a strength that is very hard to matched. Look at those suicide bombers, they were very hard to stop. It is because they were not afraid to die. Don't be afraid to die for the loose ball, don't be afraid to die for your dreams, don't be afraid to die because of hardwork. Because in real world you will not die, people withe positive goals and intentions never die. Suicide bombers die because they have negative purpose in life. If you are not afraid to die for your dreams then you already have it, it is because you will do things that ordinary people can't do, you will sacrifice even more, you will do whatever it takes to win.

3. I do this for my family or loved ones - If you can't do it for yourself then you can do it for somebody. People who do it for themselves usually fall short because they are less pressured and they think that it is alright but if there is someone who is praying for his success and sacrificing for him then he will be forced to work harder, do his best and become successful. He gets his strength or inspiration from others. He feels that he cannot fail because he don't want to disappoint the people that is caring for him.

4. Embracing Humiliation - this mindset is also very effective. If you are willing to embrace humiliation then it only means you are not afraid to fail and being not afraid to fail will make you loose and expressive. You can do things at your best, you will use all your strength and capabilities to succeed. Making mistake is nothing to you, what people say if you fail means nothing to you so you will try again and again even if people were laughing at you.

April 18, 2016



Yesterday you were so happy, it seems like everything is going on your way. You have your money, love and all the things that you were dreaming of but now you are sad. You are sad because your favorite team in the NBA was knocked out. You are sad because your boyfriend didn't call you but you see him liking someone's status in facebook. You are sad because you didn't get the shoes that you really like because it is out of stock. You are also sad because you are expecting a promotion but the other person gets it. You find thousands of reasons to become sad that is why you can't help it.

This is why a lot of people are so depressed. They do not know that emotions are not fixed. They were always wishing that if only things doesn't change or they also wish that if only they can have the things that they want then they will be happy. Life doesn't work that way. Even if you are the king of the world or you have all the riches in the world you still cannot escape negative emotions and that is the reality. You cannot appreciate happiness if you didn't experience being sad. Happiness will only exist if there is loneliness.

So the trick is this, if you are feeling  sad you must be aware that you are feeling sad. If you are feeling bad you must be aware that you are feeling bad. It is like "Ok I am feeling sad, no big deal, my emotions will change sooner or later." Happiness will come naturally and it is not forced, if you are forcing it then it is called fake happiness, the more you force the happiness the more it will not come to you. Just accept all the negative emotions that are coming in, appreciate it even if it is ruining your day. The sooner you accept pain, suffering, sadness or any kind of negative emotion the sooner it will go away. There is no permanent feelings, no person  has been happy since the day he was born until he died.

There is a story about a woman who lost her car key. She didn't know where she leave it. She went crazy and blaming all her children and even her husband. She didn't stop searching for it for days and of course her bragging and feeling bad didn't stop too. Her work is affected, even her co employees got annoyed at her. It seems like her world is falling apart just because of a car key. Then one day she stops, she realized that she is looking stupid and she accept the fact that maybe she will not find her keys anymore. She apologized to her children and husband for being mean then one hour later she found her key.

You see once you realized that it is just an emotion and nothing more than that then you will be fine. The woman found her key because she accept the fact that she can still live without the car key. She is ok being not ok that is why happiness found her back. The moral lesson is don't feel bad if you are feeling bad. Just endure the emotion, don't fight it, don't curse it just feel it and trust that it will go away. Little things shouldn't bother you because there are more reasons to become happy, it is just a matter of how you look at things or situations.

April 18, 2016


YOU'RE NOT A SAINT - rugged breed

I don't know if you are trying to become humble or you're really humble or you are just pretending that you are a saint. You want to become conservative as much as you want because you think that all eyes were on you. You were so afraid to make noise and gather some attention because you think you are offending someone or you are looking like an arrogant person. This mentality is a sick mentality, you should go loud whenever you need to because sometimes you need to do it to become successful.

You don't want to offend someone so you stop expressing yourself, you have an idea but because you think you might offend your friend or your boss or your co employee then you just shut your mouth and hoping that someday your ideas or skills will be exposed. That ain't gonna happen because in the first place you become coward. Cowardice leads to teary eyes, you will cry one day if you haven't express yourself yet and you no longer have a chance. Express your ideas now while you can still express it. There will be times when you can't express yourself anymore because you grow older and you no longer have the strength and opportunity to do it.

If your properties is greater than some other people don't feel guilty about it and feel pity for them. They don't work as hard as you that is why they were getting lesser quality of life. Don't feel sorry for them because it is not your fault, they are the ones whose responsible for their lives. The were the one whose lazy and making a bunch of excuses in their lives. Don't give them sympathy, it is not your responsibility to make them feel good. You deserve what you have and they have no participation to your success.

And one more thing, forget about how others feel because it will only make you feel bad. If you feel that you made someone feel bad then you will worry about that person and you will give your powers to him. He is inside of your head without him doing anything to get inside of your head. You feel guilty by just making something a big deal. If nobody tells you that you made them feel bad then stop worrying. Just continue living your life and, doing what you want everyday regardless of how everyone feels about you. It is your duty to focus on your feelings and not on the feelings of others.

Let me remind you again you are not a saint and you are not supposed to be holy. It is ok to look a little bad when your intentions are good. Somewhere in your journey you may have to step other's dreams unintentionally but it is ok because you didn't mean to do it. You are just doing your job and it is none of your business if they get mad about you. If they get mad at you and you know in yourself that you are not doing anything wrong then just ignore them. The time of conservative and unexpressive people is over. It is an era of strong and bold people now, have a little swagger in your arsenal.

April 17, 2016


If you are sick and tired of our world today full of clowns, ambitious politicians who have their own agenda, people who loves to criticize, haters, users and wannabes then you should create your own world. It is not about separatism, it is about looking at your own world and living it in a different way, living it on your own terms following your own rules and regulations. You have your own commandments and you never break it.

You just don't care, if you hear someone hating another person you just don't care. You do not join him, you just hear it once and never talk about it again. If your neighbor is loud and is not good for the community you just stop thinking about him, you just do your thing, live unaffected and continue living a better life. You never give attention to those people who were here in this world for no reason. You are so focused on appreciating positive things and nothing more than that.

You build the circle of friends that are trustworthy, real friends and who were not just there when they needed you. You only associate yourself to people who also care for you and brings out the best in you. You don't care about people who were backstabbers, users and plastic. In other words you learn how to choose the people that you must keep. It is not that you are being picky of friends, you just know what is best for you and who will be there when things go wrong.

You create your own process. If what is happening now to you is not doing you any good because people teaches you how to do this and how to do that but it is not really making you progress then create your own process and stick with it. Stick with it for years or even decades. It is impossible that you will fail but if you fail... It is because of your own mistake and not the mistake of others. You fail because you didn't do your best and not others don't do their best for you.

Create your own way of making big money and make sure it is legal and not affecting someone's business. This is the best way to earn money, earning without following someone's command. Doing the work you love and having no restrictions at all. Your potential for earning money is limited if you have your own way of making money. Economy cannot bother you, recession seems unreal to you. All you need to do is work hard everyday do your best and money comes in naturally.

Stop following what is trending. You create your own trend, you don't care about modern clothes, shoes etc. You just wear and use what you know is comfortable to you and not what others wanted you to wear. You don't care if you look old fashion. You also don't bother about gossips, latest celebrity pregnancy, who is the latest bachelor etc. You only fill your mind with information that you want and what will make your richer.

Create your own timing. You sleep whenever you want to, you work whenever you want to, you rest whenever you want to. Nobody forces you to work if you don't want to work anymore. You are the boss, you are the distributor of your time. You can only do this if you can support your needs and if you are financially free. Don't worry because you can do it, you can do it if you CREATE YOUR OWN WORLD.

April 16, 2016



The idea here is you don't even know if your work is mediocre or not. Nobody knows. This idea only applies to the people who are pursuing goals and really wanted to get it because they just move right away, they don't care if they were good or not, all they do is take action and make progression.

If you are dreaming of achieving big time goals, normally what you will think is you have to be excellent, great and knows everything. That is why you can't start, that is why you got overwhelmed and anxious when you see that you're lacking of skills to do the project. You want to become great right away so you can make your self believe that you are going to become successful. Wanting to become great right away means not wanting to take the journey and not wanting to take the journey will lead to nothing.

So here is the thing, if you want to become great or excellent at something you should be ok with doing mediocre work. Be ok if someone says that your work is not that great because you cannot start on something and your skills is already great, nobody has ever started with great skills already without even practicing or experiencing some things. No one is born with greatness. The term "the chosen one" is a myth and it is only tattooed on Lebron James' arms. I don't know who chooses him. Maybe he chooses himself or it is just a motivational tattoo.

Just do the work and do the process everyday even if your work is labelled as mediocre by many. Just keep on doing it everyday without skipping, do it with confidence and feel proud about it. You will not even noticed that one day you were already great. A bunch of mediocre work when sum up is equivalent to greatness. So the key here is repetition. Any work when repeated everyday, no matter how ugly that work is will become beautiful. So if you are doing bad and your work really sucks, even if you don't feel confident with your work just do it everyday, as the days go by you will not notice that everyone is amazed at your work.

Just start regardless of your level. It is not your level that matters, it is your willingness to reach a certain level. People will criticize you but they will shut up once they see your improvement, once they see that you are building a huge amount of momentum and you are unstoppable. Another key here is don't judge your work but judge your effort. Take a look at yourself and see if you are giving your 100 percent, make sure that everyday you are giving your best even if you don't feel well. Never stop and never settle, your level of continuity should be endless. Never commit to excellence because it will come by itself, just commit on showing up everyday and do your assignment.

April 16, 2016



Change is the only thing that is permanent in this world and that is true. They say you must be willing to adopt to change if you want to thrive and that is true also. There is nothing wrong with change, change is good, change will give you a lot of options and other possibilities but... sometimes change is not good especially if you are changing too much and changing too fast. There is a time for change and that is only when you wait for so long and you didn't see anything happening in your life. Most of you will immediately change once you didn't see results happening so fast.

For example if you are using a particular program to lose weight and gain muscles, after using it for just two weeks or a month and didn't see any result you will immediately change the program or stop using the program. You will never wait for some more time, you keep on seeking for results and that habit is making you impatient. You will look for another program try it again and if you didn't see any results you will change again. The cycle goes on and on and you didn't achieve anything.

You don't know what is your passion so you look for something to do, you study piano because you love music. You are so excited on the first week and you love learning some basic notes but when you found out that there are also some hard part in learning the piano you double think if you will still continue learning that instrument. Another week pass by and you finally decided that it is not your passion. Funny isn't it? Sometimes it is not all about passion, sometimes it is dedication that you are lacking. They say you need to have passion to become good at something or to achieve something but what if you cannot find your passion? You need to force yourself to move and stay on the course until you become passionate at something.

Another case is in a relationship. When you feel you don't love your partner anymore and your relationship is full of arguments and misunderstanding you immediately want to look for a change. Sometimes you are thinking about finding another partner instead of fixing your relationship. Sometimes fixing is better than changing. You can't just change something if you wanted to, sometimes you have to stay for a longer time and do what you are supposed to do.

This is the main problem why you can't achieve the goals that you want, if you get uncomfortable you want to change right away. You change jobs, you change course, you change your partner, you change everything and you think that after changing you can get what you want very fast. Sometimes changing is not the solution, sometimes you just need to work harder, you just need to wait longer. Just stick to what you are doing for a longer time, forget about the results because results will find you if you deserve it.

April 15, 2016



If you are truly committed and you have a made up mind then you don't need anything or anyone. It's like "Ok, I am alone in this journey, what I have in my pocket, who's on my side? it doesn't matter" it's like BOOM!!! No stopping now, no excuses now.

If you are truly committed to something, if you really wanted to become successful or achieve a certain type of goal you will become brave even if you are scared, you will become strong even if you are weak. You can conquer any type of adversity because you are blind and you can't see any obstacle, for you an obstacle is just a challenge that will make you grow stronger and wiser.

You don't need help from others if you are truly committed, you don't need any tips, advise or goodluck discussions. You just do it, you just jump into the river and swim towards your goal. You just pull the trigger and execute the necessary steps or steps that you know to become successful.

You don't care if you are feeling well or not, you don't care if you have money or you have no money. You just find a way how to get things done. It seems like your are invincible and the resistance for taking action is totally gone. Your mind is always on, you are so obsess to your dreams and your focus is sharper than a laser. Your vision is clearer than a diamond.

If you need something you can find it even if you don't have it, sometimes help arrived in front of your door without even asking for it. You're like a magician that has a lot of things on his hat, you're like a wizard that has a magic wand and can make miracles every now and then. You don't worry because your actions covers all the worries. You treasure every second and time flies away so fast because you are enjoying every moment of your life may it be good or bad.

Some people say they don't have this and don't have that. They don't have a shoes so they can't run, they don't have a coach so they don't know what to do, they don't have a good parents so they don't know how to live a good life and thousands of excuses on the book. You don't need a shoes to run, is it the shoes that is running? no, it is your legs that you need. You don't need a good parents or coach to live a good life, are they the ones who will do the job for you? The more you feel you lack something the more you build stupid excuses. All you need is yourself and a made up mind.

Nothing can destroy your commitment, no tragedy, no disease, no disaster, no bad weather or bad feelings. You just show up everyday and you don't care how far you are, you just take it step by step and enjoy the process. Your commitment is magnificent, your consistency is mastery. There is no room for excuses in your journey. You don't feel you lack something, you always feel that you have abundant resources because you can adopt and improvise.

Even if you have a bad day, even if you have a losing streak you still feel that you can turn things around. Your solution to every bad situation is limitless. You are like a Scientist that can come up with any solution possible. Your single mindedness is very impressive, even if you are struggling you know that it is just a matter of time before you become successful. You know that your time will come for as long as you take action.

April 15, 2016


This is a simple hack that I've learned. I've been studying myself physically and mentally for years and I've discovered a lot of things about what a human body can achieve, I also discovered how can a body and mind become stronger naturally. Our body and mind can only become stronger by feeding it the habits that it needed. When I say habits, these are the things that we do everyday, not every other day and not every week. For example if you are jogging everyday for 30 mins, if you do it for at least 2 months without skipping then it will be ingrained in your system forever. You cannot live without it anymore. If you are eating in fastfood everyday and you have a lot of fun in doing it then it will be very hard for you to eat healthy foods anymore mainly because your mind has been programmed that fast foods is your daily food and nothing else.

So to make the story short you reached a certain level because you do it everyday, if not everyday you do it very often. The more you do something, the more your level goes higher. Just like in video game, you play it everyday, you become better and your level goes up. Everyday you improve if you are consistently doing the things that you love. Even the bad habits are improving, if you consistently drink 3 bottle cans of beer everyday then sooner or later your system will look for larger number of beer cans because it already got bored consuming three cans, it will look for more challenging numbers. That is why corrupt officials never get satisfied with the money that they stole from public even though it is very huge. It becomes their habit so they were always looking for larger numbers, it is not about the money anymore, it is about how big can they steal.

So then, you cannot simply jump to a higher level if you will not experience the lower levels. You cannot be just pushing ups 100 everyday without experiencing 20 or 50 first. You can do 100 pushups one day but it is impossible to maintain it everyday if you didn't experience doing the lesser numbers because your body is not adjusted to that type of number yet.

Now, what I am trying to teach you applies on tasks that has quota. For example if you want to build a habit of running for 40 mins a day, at first it is really difficult to do it because you don't have enough mental muscle that was build from the past. You can do it for a day or two but you will lose willpower on the succeeding days because you will be overwhelmed. What you need to do is skip that 40 mins a day, do at least 50 mins a day for 2 or three days, it is hard but you have to push yourself. Once you finished running 50 mins for three consecutive days then set yourself for running 40 mins a day. I am very sure 40 mins will be much easier for you because your mind and body has been stressed for doing the 50 minute run, it will be recorded in your brain that 50 min run is difficult so the next time you do the 40 min run you will feel that it is easier.

Just like in lifting weights if your target is to lift 100 lbs a day and you find that you cannot do it consistently, it only means your body is not yet adopted to that kind of weight, you must lift at least 110 lbs a day for a consecutive days and then go back to 100, you will find out that it is much easier to lift 100 lbs now. Your mind believe that you can lift 110 lbs but you are having a hard time doing it so when you go down to 100 lbs your mind believe that it is easy to do.

That is why when some basketball players go to overseas and play for stronger competition, when they go back to their own country they dominate right away, it is because they already experienced a higher level and when they go back to the level that they want, it is very easy for them.

Put a well tamed tiger that lives in a zoo for five years into a jungle and look at it... It will be eaten alive by other wild animals there. It is because it didn't experience a wilder environment and it is accustomed to a peaceful environment so when other wild animals attacked it, it died so easily.

So if you are staying on a level that is so easy and comfortable, good luck to you. If you are lost in a different kind of environment with stronger people, you will be devoured so easily. What you need to do is you should go into a level that is uncomfortable to you, stay with it for a period of time then go back to your comfort zone and dominate.

April 13, 2016



We all know what confident people does because we see it everyday on winners, we saw them in televisions. Their behavior were almost identical to each other, they were relaxed, always at ease and it seems like they always know what to do. And of course they always nail it, we always see them winning and getting things done in fantastic ways. Because we already knew how confident people act and think I will tell you now the things that every confident people avoids, study it and apply it into your life so you will become confident too:

1. RUSHING - confident people were always cool even in pressure situations. They knew they can get away with any problem and they always felt that what they are doing is always right. They move smoothly and they always take calculated actions. They never worry about time because they knew they have enough time to get things done. It seems like they have their own world while operating something. They were cool as ice and pressure makes them even better. They feel alive during pressure situations, they thrive and they succeed. For them rushing is losing and relaxing is winning.

2. GETTING JEALOUS WITH THE SUCCESS OF OTHERS - confident people were never jealous with the success of others. They knew that they can become successful too. They were happy with the success of others. If someone they don't like is succeeding, they just ignore it and they will not pull him down. They even help others to become successful because success for them is to be shared and not something to be selfish of. They were very happy when their family, friends, siblings, co workers became successful and they really mean it. And when their enemies became successful they don't feel anything or say anything. If they can't be happy for someone's success they just keep quiet and never hate.

3. GOING OUTSIDE OF THEMSELVES - confident people were always in themselves. They appreciate their skills, achievements, properties and all of the people in their circle. They never look for others' lives and they never interfere with others' lives. They are simply happy with what they have. They never compare and prove others that they were the better people. They are open minded but it is hard to convince them about something that has no evidence.

4. OVERTHINKING - Confident people never hesitates when execution is needed to be done. They just do it, they never overthink because for them it is just a waste of time, they never over analyze because they were so focus on taking actions and finding solutions. They never get stuck, they have plans but once the plan is ironed they immediately jump into making actions and they live with the results. They were so quick to react and they always finish strong.

5. PASSING RESPONSIBILITY - They always take responsibility for their actions, they never blame anyone for their shortcomings, they admit their mistakes and they never make excuses. They swallow their pride if they made a mistake and ask for apology. They were never scared to get blamed because they were so confident that they can come back strong and make things right. They were also not afraid to take big responsibilities and finish it until the end. They were so confident that they can finish a task no matter how big it is.