March 21, 2016


Even if it seems there is no way you can make it you still need to take a chance, you don't know what might happen. The cards may not be in your control but if you believe that trying is the only best thing remaining then you should have faith that a poor circumstance can give you a chance.

If you know that you are not qualified for the job because you are over age and you are undergraduate you still need to take a chance. You don't know if the company is badly in need of workers on that day so they will not be strict in hiring. You don't know if they have a rush project to finish this month and they really need someone to help them so they don't have time to become choosy in applicants. If you don't apply, one day you will hear someone who is hired but has poorer credentials than you and you will regret that you didn't try.

If you know you the girl doesn't like you because she have high standards when it comes to choosing guys that she wants to date you still need to take a chance to ask her. You don't know if you have at least one quality that sparks her emotions, maybe she has high standards but every woman can be conquered once the right words and right actions are executed properly. If you didn't ask, one day you will see someone who looks uglier than you but is holding the hands of the woman that you love. You will wonder if you only take the chance then you might be the one whose giving her hugs and kisses.

Life is a matter of taking chances even though you feel you don't deserve. The word deserving is not real, everyone is deserving to dream and get what he wants. Deserving comes from the way you are feeling. If you feel you don't deserve then you won't have a chance but if you feel you do then most of the time you will succeed. Taking a chance is free, there is no payment needed, there is no requirements to be followed. And the beauty of taking chances is you can take it as many as you want.

But be careful because taking chances has timeline, once you see an opportunity you must take it and grab it like it's the only chance you have because someone may take it from you, someone whose faster and more decisive will get the better chance of winning. If you don't take your chances right away some things might happen, some unexpected events may occur that is not in favor of you and your chances might go away. So the moral lesson here is stop hesitating and start moving, stop over thinking because it will freeze you, take your chances once you see it, give your best and never look back. There is no harm in trying but there are lots of regrets in passing.