March 15, 2016


If you really want to make the best out of your life, if you really want to know your purpose, if you really want to know what are your capabilities and if you want to reach your prime then you need to have a life. What do I mean by this? You have to have something that you are doing everyday. You have to have something that you dedicate your life to. Something that even though you repeat doing over and over again will never make you tired, your passion will never burn out and it is really a part of your life. It is ingrain in your system, you can't stand a day without doing it.

Your life can be about anything or anyone. It can be your work, your hobby, about your love ones etc. Anything that makes you excited everyday, anything that gives your life a sense of purpose.

Some people dedicated their lives to their children, they work hard everyday to make sure their children will have a bright future, have a nice clothes and delicious foods to eat. Not necessarily a rich life but a pretty decent life. They were forced to become better individuals because they do not live their lives for themselves anymore, they live it for their children. They have a mindset that if they will not become at their best then their children will not get the best. It is ok to live this way because you have a direction, you are holding something that will force you to action. That is why there are some people who were not doing good when they were still young or just a teenagers but when they come to the point where they have a children to feed, they suddenly change. It is because they feel they have a new life and they feel a sense of urgency to make a move or else their children will get hungry.

There are some people who dedicated their lives to art. Everyday they are doing their passion, it becomes their lives. Even though there were no people watching them or appreciating them they still do their thing. It becomes their obsession, money has nothing to do with what they are doing. They just love what they do and they strive to become better everyday. They expressed what they feel through art, they never stop because stopping what they are doing means death to them. They feel happiness that cannot be measured by anyone when they are doing their arts. And even though there is only little money coming in they were still happy doing what they love.

Some people dedicated their lives to sports. Even though their bodies were always bruised and tired they still do it. Even though they were always losing they still continue. There is some kind of a burning desire for doing the sports they love. For them sports is not a game anymore, it is more of a lifestyle, they cannot live without it. They keep pushing, competing and enduring the pain emotionally and physically.

That is why it is good to have a life, you will have a reason to wake up everyday. You have a reason to keep getting better everyday. You don't just live like eating and sleeping, you live with a purpose and love for life. You feel energized when you are tired, you feel awakened when you are sleepy. You feel you can do the most impossible things for that life.

You can dedicate your life to anything or anyone that will make you feel life is worth living. It is up to you, for as long as you feel love and happy doing it then go for it.