March 11, 2016


Sometimes we don't know what is the difference between rest and laziness. We always use the phrase "I need to rest, I am so stressed". For me if you already slept or didn't move for at least 5-8 hours then that is already rest.

The problem with people nowadays is once they rest they feel that they are still stressed. They feel that they need to extend more hours for resting that is why they don't know if their body is good to go for working. Come to think of it, let's say you worked for 10 straight brutal hours and then you feel very tired, really really tired. What you do is you rest or sleep for 10 hours then when you woke up you feel like you still need a one day break. The problem is you became addicted to the softness of your bed and pillow and you don't want to stand up anymore. You are so confused if you need to work or do you still need some extra hours of resting. The main reason behind this is you give more value to resting than working.

Rest becomes more of a necessity to you than working. You use rest as an excuse that is why your mind believes that you really need more rest. Sometimes you feel that you haven't take a rest yet after sleeping for 14 hours because you believe that you are still tired and you need to take more time lying in your bed.

Don't ever believe that you are still tired after having a bunch of hours of sleep. Once you are awake stand up! This is the best way to become more productive. Don't ever fool yourself that you need more rest because continuous search for resting will lead to vacation. You even watch movies for 8 hours straight without doing anything and you still demand for more rest?

Even if it is just 2 or 5 or 8 hours of sleep/inactivity it is still a rest. A rest is a rest so if you rest it only means you were already refreshened and energized. You don't have the right to ask for more because the moment you do it you will become addicted to it and all of the important opportunities will pass away. The more you rest the more you will look like a pest. Resting too much will make your body weak, it is not a good habit, it will make you dumb, lazy and ugly. You need to realize that having a couple of hours of sleep is good enough and you restored a lot of energy by doing it. STAND UP NOW AND MOVE YOUR FEET!