March 10, 2016


Be happy with your face and body. Beauty is build on passion and pain and not with easy surgeries or cosmetics. There were some surgeries that were successful and there were some that aren't. But most surgeries were only good for a short period of time, it is only good when you are still young.

Those who were rich and get lucky who have a successful surgery right now should cherish the time that they were still beautiful. Time will pass and they will go back to being ugly again. Their breasts will sag. Their noses will go back to being flat, thier smooth skins will go wrinkled again, their tummies will bloat. There is no escape here, I am not frightening you but it is the reality. Unnatural beauty will go back to being ugly. I will not name people who made themselves beautiful for a while but when they aged they go back to their old looks, the worse is the uglier look.

And even if you change your appearance with different operations the truth will still be revealed. If you were ugly before and you have children their looks will come from your old appearance. So if you were ugly before, even if you are beautiful now your children will still look ugly. There is no plastic surgeries made for your children during your pregnancy. Their looks were natural. There were even some women who were abandoned by their husbands once the truth was known.

If you were ugly and you want to become beautiful, do it naturally. Let pain and passion play as your medium to become beautiful. One way to become beautiful naturally is through exercise. Not just an exercise, what I mean is serious exercise. Exercise is the best medication, your body will get ripped, your energy will become so positive, you will become so motivated and you will have a purpose in life. You will look so sexy and your confidence will soar high, isn't that beautiful? Yes it is hard but it is true and you earn it.

Another way is to become passionate at something. People with strong passion are really attractive, it is because they were so confident and they don't care about their looks, all they care about is what they are doing. They live in the moment and they will gather a big fan base because they were so good on what they are doing. People will get attracted to them even if they were not good looking because of the unique personality that they present.

Once you are great at something you will look beautiful to the eyes of some people. That is why there are lots of talented but not good looking people who have good looking partners. Look at the yoga instructors, some of them were not good looking but they still look attractive, passion makes them attractive. It is their love on something that makes them loved by the people.

There were some old people who still look young and fresh without any single operation. Their secret is exercise and eating healthy foods. See, being beautiful is not a one day work, it is an everyday work. You have to work on yourself to become beautiful. A beauty that was made on work is a beauty that will remain forever. A beauty that was made fast will never last.