March 08, 2016


When will it pay off? after working hard for months or even years still you can't see any result. There are some mini progress but it isn't quite attractive. You are still waiting for the big picture. You are longing for success that you know you deserve. You are grinding everyday, you know in yourself you pay your dues. You do what is needed but isn't enough.

You bleed, you got sick, you got humiliated, you got criticize but still you keep on going. Sometimes you wanted to quit but there is an invisible energy whispering in your ears and saying "keep going". You look ridiculous, you look beaten but still you are waiting for your time.

You were asking God, you were asking your bestfriend, you were asking your mother: "when will it pay off?" the answer is NOBODY KNOWS. No one knows when will you succeed but one thing is for sure, success will not come if you stop. You don't have any choice but to keep going. It is hard really really hard and painful to see your efforts unrewarded but it is even painful if you stop and then having a thought that you can succeed if you don't stop. Regrets will haunt you if you stop so you don't have any choice but to continue your craziness.

You cannot predict, you cannot forced and you cannot hasten your success. It comes naturally in the right timing. One thing is for will come no matter how long it takes. For sure it will come if you are patient enough to wait for it and work for it. No effort, no hardwork died alone without being rewarded. Just believe that your sacrifices will bear success in the future. A success that you deserve, a success that you will be proud of.

Don't ever ask again when will it pay off because nobody knows. All you can do is double your effort to make success closer to you. You can make success walk towards you or run towards you. It will only run if you double or triple your effort and give everything you've got. There are no shortcuts here, you can't cut corners. All you can do is continue doing your thing and be patient in waiting.