March 13, 2016


When you are in a room full of people, lets say imagine going back to your college days (first day of class) If your professor asks all of you "who is confident in this room?" I bet only few students will raise their hands. it is because they are afraid of what others think. They are afraid that they are going to get judged. They are also afraid that their professor might give them the next question that is difficult, something that they did not tackled yet. Something that may embarrassed them infront of other people.

Unshakable confidence is a confidence that doesn't care about failure or humiliation. People who have this type of confidence are the ones who take risks and succeeded big time. They do not care about how difficult the challenge is, all they care about is winning and putting them in a position where they can learn more and get more.

People who possesses unshakable confidence are people who have purpose and goals in life. For them what matters is their goals and nothing more than that so if something happens outside of their goals, it is like a little toy that has no value in their life. People with unshakable confidence doesn't know if they are looking stupid or making themselves look weird, it is because they know who they are and they do not need to prove it to other people, they do not please other people. They have their own identity and they live with it.

Unshakable confidence applies to people who doesn't need it. Some people, if they don't feel like they do not have the confidence to do something then they won't do it, they wouldn't even try. People who possesses unshakable confidence doesn't need to feel great to try, they just do it, they move despite of not feeling confident at all then their confidence will build up naturally while they are moving. In other words, they do not need confidence at all, confidence needs them. Confidence needs them to show people that there is such thing as confidence and it can be seen on people who were doing risky things.

If you want to have unshakable confidence you must not look for it because it will come by itself, you must have goals and values and you should be true to yourself so you will not care about what people say. You have this one straight line in your mind and it is the only thing that you will follow, that line is your journey, a journey that you yourself created the blueprint without influences from other people. A blueprint that will not change no matter how big the embarrassment, critic and backstabbing you get from other people. You just do what you feel like doing and you don't care about the output or result. You don't need permission from other people because you give yourself a permission to shine, be the spotlight and steal the show. You express yourself at its boldest and natural way as possible.