March 24, 2016



We can learn from anything or anyone. We can learn from either positive or negative, we just need to look deeper in the content of the subject and be more mindful about the situation. As the saying goes "perfect is boring". We can also learn and get benefits from negative people, we only need to look at it in a different way. We have to analyze deeply what will we get from them. I learn a lot from negative people, I also think that they are also needed in the community. Without the negative presence we cannot see the positive presence. Here are the benefits that we can get from negative people:

1. They gave you an idea of what you don't want to become - Because you've seen a lot of bad things from them, you know what will you look like if you behave like them. You will do the opposite of their behavior. You will not imitate their attitude and you will become more cautious of your actions. Their negativity will serve as a warning that if you behave like them and imitate all their words, actions etc. you will have a miserable life. You will know the things that you must avoid so you will be in the right path. You will see how ugly you will look like and how bad your situation will be if you will copy their actions and attitudes.

2. They give you more motivation - When you see someone whining and complaining about something that you think is doable you will become more motivated to prove him that he is wrong. You will get sick and tired of his negativity so you will work harder to shut his mouth and slap into his face that what he is complaining about is easier than what he thought. Their negativity will boost your motivation and sometimes you don't even know that they are the reason for your motivated mindset. They will make you angry sometimes that will force you to work even harder.

3. Sometimes their negativity is so funny - you don't know sometimes where are they getting their excuses. Sometimes you will just laugh at their negativity because you don't want to argue with them. Their logical reasoning is out of this world and you have no choice but to laugh at it or else you will be affected by their negativity. If you argue with them you will never win because these negative people are very good with reasoning and finding faults in every situation. The only option remaining for you is to laugh at their negativity and make fun out of it so your day will never get affected.