March 17, 2016


Are you waiting for something? What are you waiting? what are you expecting? and what are you doing while waiting? The real and perfect way of waiting is waiting like a spider. You are setting a trap while waiting, you know once you see what are you waiting you can get it. In other words you are waiting for a kill. You don't wait like hoping, you are waiting but you are preparing.

A spider sets trap for his prey, a trap that nothing can escape. Once you fall into its trap, goodbye to you, see you in the next life. Your blood will be sucked, nothing will be left to you.

That is how your mindset should be, that's how you should approach when you are waiting for something. You are prepared, you are ruthless and you are ready to win. For example you are waiting for a job interview, you are waiting it for how many weeks. While waiting for it you should prepare your game plan, you should do some research about the company that sets you an interview. You should increase your knowledge and do whatever it takes to become confident and deserving for the job.

Some people are waiting but rusting themselves. They just wait and hope so when the opportunity comes... they fall short because they were not prepared. They were even too scared to take the opportunity. In other words, they don't want it bad enough.

See what happens on UFC 196  when Rafael Dos Anjos pulls out of the fight because of foot injury. A lot of fighters were given a chance to replace him and fight Conor "The Notorious" Mc Gregor. But what those fighters do? they pass. It is because they were not prepared. There are still 11 days remaining to prepare but they were too scared. All of them were rooting for Mc Gregor because they will get a lot of money and popularity by fighting him but most of them pass. Their excuse is... they were not prepared, the time table for training is too short. In other words... they were just scared. They were waiting for that opportunity to come and even begging Dana White to fight Conor but when the opportunity was presented to them, they let it escape.

Good thing there is one brave guy name Nate Diaz, he also wants to fight Conor and when the opportunity knocks on his door, he grab it. He answered yes immediately. Even though there were lots of media obligations like press conference and interviews he still accepts the fight and won. People asked him if he was truly prepared for the fight and if he was in good condition, he answered yes because he said that he was training almost everyday.

Be like Nate, even though there is no fight scheduled he is still preparing and doing what he loves to do that is why he is not scared to take the fight in a very short notice. That is what waiting like a spider is. You have to stay sharp everyday because you don't know when will the opportunity knock on your door, you don't have to get ready because you were always ready.