March 07, 2016


People are afraid to admit their weaknesses, maybe it is because they do not want to get judged or they really can't accept that they have something in particular that is weak. What they do is they hide their weakness, they are ashamed of it, they never talk about it and they are not doing anything to make it strong. The worse part is they never use their weaknesses.

Just because your weakness is weak doesn't mean you cannot use it anymore or you cannot use it as your advantage. Anything that you can use can be very useful no matter how strong or weak it is. Anything that is weak has a unique usefulness that can help you in any situation of your life, all you have to do is trust it and become fully committed in believing that it can help you.

For example in basketball, your strong hand is right so you don't want to use your left hand because you are so afraid that it will cost you a turnover. Even if you are in a situation where you must use your left hand because it is easier to make a basket using it you still use your right hand. The result is you miss the shot using your right hand because the angle of play is forced. If you only use your left hand then you can make an easy basket but because you don't trust it then you don't use it.

Sometimes your weakness is not really a weakness, you just don't trust it because you never use it everyday that is why you don't have confidence in it. But if you will give it a chance, if you will use your weakness then you will be surprised that it can also serve you.

Another example is there is a weak link in your group so all of you are not giving him a chance to do his own thing and make decisions for the group, all of you thought that he is just a pain in the ass and will ruin the group once trusted. What you don't know is that this weak link has also something that can help the group, you just judged him early and didn't give him a chance. If all of you will appreciate what he can bring on the table then your group will become more successful. Just trust him and study what he can contribute, there is no such thing as a useless man, there is something in him that you must find.