March 23, 2016



The general rule is this: if you want to something for as long as it is positive and you think will not hurt anyone or affect anyone stop asking for a permission.

People already knew what to do, they already know the answer but they still ask for the permission of others if what they were thinking is right or what they were doing is the best thing. If someone is pursuing a dream or a business, he will ask people if his decision is right then this people who knows everything will go against his ideas and they will act like they know everything. So what the person who is dreaming will do is hold his ideas and never begin. He will believe the people who brainwashed him because he doesn't want to get criticized. When he grew old he will realized how stupid he was before because he believe those people who were stopping him from dreaming.

A student who knows the uncommon question of a professor will still ask his seatmate that he thinks is smarter than him if his answer is right. Deep inside he knows that he is right but he is so hesitant to raise his hand because he is so afraid that his classmates will laugh at him if his answer is wrong. What is wrong with this student? he already knew the answer but he still wants other people to approve him. It only means he is giving more value to what other people will say than to his own glory.

Another scenario: A man who wants to buy a car but kept asking his friends in social media what type of car is good, is it manual or automatic? Damn if you knew what you want then you don't have to ask for people which is better. Every choice is a right choice for as long as it gives you good feelings and it makes you proud. Stop asking people because they will pretend that they know everything, they will confused you and make you look like stupid by acting like they were very smart.

If you already know the answer, if you know what you want then stop asking for permission from others, throw away the permission card. Give yourself the authority to decide for yourself. If you were wrong so what? you are just a human. The more wrong thing is you hold yourself back and you din't claim what is rightfully yours.