March 12, 2016


Wake up! are you still dreaming? are you still dreaming that one day our world will become a promise land? Do you still believe that eventually you will reach the promise land? I am not frightening you. I am a positive person and supporter of people who are pursuing their dreams but for me promise land is just an illusion. Promise land was promised by politicians and any other people who is trying to convince you that you should believe. They want you to believe and follow them, they have a hidden agenda by promising you the promise land.

Promise land is just a promise, it will never become real. What you should do is make your own promise land. Go to the land that you want, how to do it? by simply working hard. Stop believing in people that are telling you that just wait, someone will save us, someone will work for us and bring us to the promise land, all of the people will become rich, all of the people will love each other.

All you can do is change your life, if you choose being poor so be it and stop complaining, if you choose to become rich then you should be willing to pay the price.

Not everyone can become rich because if everyone is rich then we can no longer distinguish what is poor or rich, there will be no more status in life. If everyone is rich then there is no more reason to work. There will be no more progress so don't ever believe that there will be a time where there will be no more hunger, crimes, wars, scarcity. That time won't come but you can still change your life. You can shift your situation, that is the only choice you have. Stop believing in promise, stop believing that someone will save you, you are the one who can save your own ass.