March 04, 2016


Future and past doesn't exist, all you have is NOW. You cannot change the past and you cannot also predict the future so what you need to do is live NOW.

You think about the past so much but it already happened so why dwell on it too much? You can forget your past by appreciating the present moment, be happy now and you will forget the past. Past is already gone, it is no longer evident so don't give it too much importance. You cannot go back to the past, you cannot live it anymore so it doesn't exist anymore, past is nothing. Past is already an Illusion, past no longer exist.

Future is also not happening yet so why are you worrying so much? Future is not real, if it is real then you can fast forward time but you cannot, all you can do is live for the moment. There is no such thing as future, there is only NOW. If you really believe in future then don't worry about it instead be prepared for it. You can stop worrying by doing your best now and be the best person that you can be.

If you are thinking about the past then it means you're dead, if you are thinking about the future then it means you were not yet alive.

All you have is now so don't squander it. Present is the eraser of the past and also the dictator of the future. Become appreciative of the moment because if you always think about the past and the future then you will miss the opportunities to be happy right now, you will miss all the chances to have a better life. BE PRESENT, BE ALIVE!