March 17, 2016


there is no other way but up

If you were badly beaten and you lose big time what is the next move? If your business is not doing well and you're almost bankrupt where will you go? If no on trusts you anymore and there is a little doubt building inside of your head about whether can you still make it or not, are you gonna feed that doubt and make it a reality? Are you gonna cry and whine like a baby who was left by his mom? Will you become paralyzed like other losers that didn't come back to the game and remain a loser forever?

If you feel like a loser already and it seems like the sky has closed its light to you then you should be happy. If you feel like you already hit the rock bottom and the world is on your shoulders then you should be happy and rejoice. Why? because you are on the perfect place to start. You can have a new beginning. Forget all the leftovers from the past, forget everything, just start now and climb your way to the top again. Do the necessary steps, build positive habits.

There is no other way but to go up because you were already on the lowest level. The pressure for succeeding cannot be felt anymore because you already failed and the only option remaining is to succeed. You can't go nowhere, you can't go left or right and mostly you can't go down. Going up is the only direction remaining, no more pressure to you because that path is already laid out. Pack up your bags and start your journey to the top.

What else can you lose? nothing is left to you. You lost your money, you lost the game, you lost your dignity. All you have is yourself, all you have is the fight remaining inside of your heart. There is no other way but up, if you want to go down you can't because you are already on the lowest level like I said. You were already embarrassed, humiliated, criticized, mocked and belittled. There is no more negative feeling waiting to be felt. You are like a defeated warrior who can't feel anything anymore. You were already free from losing, they labeled you as a loser so winning is the next label for you. Not a draw, not a loser again but a winner. A winner who fights, a winner who is more motivated. hungrier and has only one thing on his mind, and that is to succeed.

You were so lucky because every movement you make is correct. Every single step is moving you towards success. You already made a millions of mistakes so you cannot make another one anymore. You no longer recognize what is right or wrong, all you know is you need to make it. You need to avenge your defeat. You were already invincible. The greatest thing is you can try as much as you want. You're such a lucky guy!