March 16, 2016


Have you ever seen a man who pursue his goal and never stop until he is dead? There are only few people who can do that because most people after working on their goals for so many years and feel that they cannot do it anymore will stop. The will believe that their goal is not for them, they will believe that it is really impossible to do it. What really happens is they got tired of working and waiting, they want to take a rest and they are ok with living life with regrets. They will just fool themselves and think that they did their best. They are convincing themselves that they already accepted failing and quitting but deep inside of their hearts they are still thinking what if they continue.

There are no goals that are not achievable, there is no  impossible, there is only long journey. Your journey may take longer than others but it is still doable. Let's talk about money, for example you want a million bucks, do you think you can do it? Of course yes, it is easy, if you will just save 25 thousand bucks a year which is really possible then you will have that one million bucks in 40 years. It may took so long but it is still doable. That is why you should look for other ways to achieve your goals faster, that is why you have to work harder and smarter to avoid waiting for 40 years.

Some people are dead tired waiting for their goals to happen. They cannot take the burden anymore so they quit, they do not know that they were only one step behind from their goals. PATIENCE is INTELLIGENCE. If results aren't showing you have to keep on hammering, you have to keep on pounding. Make your goals quit not you. make your goals sick and tired of hiding so it will give up and embrace you with open arms.

Some athletes were sick and tired of waiting for their first championship that is why they ask for a trade. They go to a stronger team not knowing that they were only going back to zero. They do not know that staying on your original team and committing to the journey is better than moving to a different team and hoping that other people can bring them a championship. Look at Dwight Howard known as the "Dwama" he is not patient to wait for a championship in Orlando Magic, he go to different teams, he became the second best player which he doesn't like on those teams, now he is getting older and doesn't know what to do anymore. If he only stays at orlando magic then his career maybe is much better than what it is now. He may not have a championship yet but I am sure he will get it if he truly commits. Some athletes retire at the age of 39 or even less. They though that they were too old enough to get a championship. If they will just wait a little longer then maybe eventually they will succeed. Nobody knows what will happen if you keep going, you may be tired, you may be battered up but those sacrifices will be washed away once you get there.

Lack of patience is the number one problem of people who were dreaming big. They want to make it happen right away. The more you force things the more you won't get it. All you need to do is keep pushing everyday, rest if you must but don't ever quit. Pursuing a goal is a journey, it may seems endless and impossible but it is truly possible.