March 09, 2016


Some people accepted that it is their fate to have a life that is not so nice. A poor life, a life that is short or a life that days are numbered, a life that has no choice. They believe that before they were born their fate was already written and there is nothing they can do to manipulate it. They believe that their destiny was already written in the stars and the writings for them is not fair.

There is no really fault in the stars. It is your mind that has some faults.

If the doctor tells you that you will die in a year starting today what will you do? Are you just gonna cry and accept what the Mr. Know it all doctor tells you or are you going to find a way how to make your body strong and cure your disease? If the doctor cannot find the cure to your disease, will you not find it yourself? It sounds ridiculous but no one has the right to tell the number of days that you will live in this world. No one can tell the exact amount of time that you can spend in this world, never believe someone that tells you that you are about to die, that person is not a god so he doesn't have the right. Find ways how to extend your life, find ways how to be happy. Try every idea one at a time and see if it works.

If you were born poor are you going to blame your parents, government or God why you are poor? Are you not going to do something about it and improve your situation?. Don't you know that all you need to do is change your mindset, forget about destiny and create your own fortune? It is possible, there are millions of stories about rags to riches and they were all true, it is not about luck. It is about hardwork and dedication. Stop being a complete moron who always gets jealous with the success of others and start creating the life that you want. Stop whining, stop complaining. There is no fault in the stars, the fault is in your mind. You have the strength, you can read, you can write, you can move so what is your excuse? Change the alignment of the stars and become a star period.

If you will always believe that there is such thing as destiny and our fate was already bound to happen then there is nothing you can do about your life. It is your belief, mindset and attitude that you must change. Change your PERCEPTION so you can change your SITUATION. There is no harm in trying, trying means living. Not trying equals dying. There is something you can do about your life. You can escape poverty, you can be someone if you don't plant your feet in your house. Move around and make things happen.