March 13, 2016


Struggling but fighting is way better than just waiting and watching. Kings are the ones who struggles but they are also finding a way how to turn around the situation. It is ok to struggle, I think no successful man didn't struggle before becoming successful. It is just a matter of hanging on until the struggle ends. Every adversity has an ending so don't ever think that your situation will never change. You will only struggle forever if you didn't fight and do something about it..

You will laugh at every hit thrown at you, you will endure the bitterness of failing time and time again because you know it's just a matter of time before you become successful. You should fall in love in fighting the struggle because that is the only way how to do it, that is the only way how to avoid quitting. You may not have what you want for the moment but if you keep on fighting then it will show up on the right timing.

There will be times in your life where you will struggle for unknown reason even if you do all the necessary things to have a better life. Sometimes you will say "why is this happening to me?" but you don't have the right to question life. Life can throw any circumstances at you because it has the power to do it. Sometimes life is just joking or it is just testing you if you really can handle anything. All you need to do is survive for the moment, fight for your existence and see what happens on the coming days.

If you will not fight then prepare to get the things that circumstances and people will give to you. Those things that you have no choice to accept because you didn't fight. It can be ugly things, ugly situation, you are lucky if they give you something more than you deserve. I think it is a duty of every people in the world to fight for what they want even if the fight is really hard and impossible to win. It is the only way to avoid regret in the end.

Always feel happy when you are struggling, it is difficult to do but struggle will end faster if you feel good about it. Struggling is the bridge to winning. It is not something that will stay forever, it is here to make you stronger.