March 08, 2016


The reality is the more you preach people about the right things to do, the more they will never listen. You cannot force someone to learn what you have learn even if your knowledge is really right. They will not get it instantly, you will just look stupid and unreal.

What you need to do is demonstrate it. Once they see that you are doing good then they will ask, they will ask you how did you do it, what is your secret, they will become amazed at you. They will ask and ask until they get the information they needed.

You cannot change the world by just talking, you can change it by doing. If you have dreams, don't talk about it to other people, they will just laugh at you and your energy will get drained. Just do it, just pursue your dreams. Your saliva will just be wasted if you keep on talking. There is no point in talking everyday about your ideas if you will not execute it and bring it to life. The more you talk the more ugly feedback you get from people and the more you waste energy.

The worse here is people hear you talk but they didn't see any result. You will look like a fraud and people won't trust you. The best thing to do is just demonstrate it. If you want to become an athlete just do what an athlete does. If you want to establish a business just go ahead and start it. Stop talking about it to other people. Just focus on your progress.

The talking will do itself once the results is showing. People will engage with you once they are seeing results. And that is the best time to talk about what you are doing and speak about your ideas. People will only listen once they are interested so never force them to get interested with you, let them get interested naturally.

DEMONSTRATION is more powerful than EXPLANATION. This is what life is all about. You can explain everything all day long, you can talk about your dreams, ideas and the willingness to help people but if you don't have the power to demonstrate it then you are still nothing. You are still a dust in the air that can just get a little attention but not full cooperation.

What are you waiting for? demonstrate it and stop talking about it. The time you spend for talking could have been a little progress if you engage in action. Shut your mouth and do the work!