March 03, 2016


There are some cases that you think you are being played or maybe you are really being played. For example your manager transferred you in a different group or your team traded you to a different team. Sometimes you will wonder why are they doing this to you. Sometimes you will wonder if you are really a person with impact or just another glue guy. IT HURTS if you feel like you are being played, your confidence will go down and sometimes you will wonder if you can still become successful.

Your body language will look bad, you will look sad, unmotivated and has no purpose in life. People will feel that you are lacking something and that you are in need of something that you cannot get.

This is not how to deal with this kind of situation. You must show them that you still feel good and that you are ok with everything. If you feel like they are playing with you then play with them too. Let them see you as a person that is not affected and still willing to give his best in any kind of work. You must present a self image that is always happy and unshakable. Show them that what happens is nothing to you and you can adopt in any kind of change that is happening in your life. Show them that you can also play with them, smile and produce a body language that is bad ass and very confident.

If you let them feel that you are ok and you are happy then they will have no problem dealing with you. They will be amazed at how professional you are and the team who gets you will feel lucky that they get someone like you with great personality, chances are you will get more better opportunities. Unlike someone who gets traded or moved and make people around him feel that he is unhappy, this kind of person will never thrive in life. He will attract bad circumstances even more because he is releasing bad energy. People around him will not treat him fair and chances are he will be left behind. He will be isolated and great opportunities will not be attracted to him.

If you feel good, people will treat you good. It will show in your body language. Just play around, play with life. When I say play have fun but still take things seriously and always be professional. Don't play like you don't care and you will just do whatever it is that you wanted to do. Life is all about feeling good even though you feel bad, just enjoy life because life is all about adopting to change and being cool with change. There are some circumstances that you cannot control but you can always control the way you feel.