March 11, 2016


People were always talking about greatness, how to become great and who are the greats. They don't know what greatness really means. Greatness has deeper meanings and only great people can explain it, only people who knows what it takes to become great and people who were pursuing greatness have the right to talk about greatness. There are some misconceptions about greatness, a lot of people were misguided by other people who talks about greatness but hasn't done anything great in their lives. I will discuss you the 7 myths about greatness, here are they:

1. Greatness is a gift - people who wants to become great but is not doing anything to become one makes this an excuse, they always tell that greatness is already destined for some individuals. They believe that some people are born with it so they feel unlucky or unblessed. They feel that they don't have a gift but others have so what they do is they just let their life pass them by without doing anything. If you think that greatness is a gift then you don't have the capacity to become great. Greatness is not given, it is earned. You have to earn it, you have to work hard so one day you can become great too. Greatness can only be achieved through hardwork and perseverance and nothing else. Even the dumbest people can become great if they choose to.

2. Greatness is about achievements - Most people labeled greatness as number of achievements and success. They feel that if they do not succeed and achieve anything then they are not great. If greatness is all about awards then why are there some people who were great at something but hasn't won any individual awards yet. A good example is Leonardo Dicaprio, he only won the Oscar Awards this year (2016) but people already knew that he was a great actor. Another example is Monta Ellis, he was not selected as an all star up to now but people knew that he was a great player. Greatness is an act, if you keep on pursuing greatness everyday then you are already great. Awards and success is just a bonus. If people cannot appreciate you then it is none of your business. If you really wanted to become great then you should not care about awards, you should care about the process of being great.

3. You can only try big things if you were already great - This is why people doesn't want to take risk and bring their talents to another level. They always wanted to become great so they can try things that gives big rewards. For example in american idol, people who were doubting their talents will not join it even if they want to join. They felt that they should become really really great so they will surely win. They don't know that greatness is a process. You can only become great if you try becoming great. Start now to become great don't strive for greatness to begin.

4. Greatness has a final stage - Most people when they taste some success they will already feel that they were really great. They will not make themselves better than yesterday anymore, they will not work anymore. They will stay on their level because their own arrogance has fooled them. They thought that greatness will stop on a certain level and you once you succeed you don't need to work extra hard anymore because you were already great. Greatness has no limit, greatness needs to be taken care of very well and must be fed everyday so it won't vanished. Once you thought that you were already great then that is the time you stop being great.

5. Greatness is flawless - This is another misconception about greatness that is why a lot of people were afraid of greatness. Most of you thought that greatness cannot make a mistake, you thought that greatness is perfect. What you do not know is that great people makes a lot of mistake too. You wouldn't notice it because for them mistake is normal, they do not act like they made a mistake when they made one. They still remain confident and do what is needed. Great people has a lot of flaws in their games too, they only focus on their strength that is why their flaws cannot be exposed. They have a lot of weakness too and they cannot deny it. What makes them different is they never give attention to their weaknesses instead they just focus on their strength.

6. Greatness is all about being popular - Most of you think that greatness applies only to popular people like athletes, celebrities, politicians well know businessmen etc. You can become great too even if you are not popular. Once you are committed to greatness everyday and you are doing everything to jump to another level then you are on your way to greatness too. It doesn't matter if no one is giving you an attention. It doesn't matter if you are popular or not, what really matters is you are doing what great people does and you have the habit and the attitude of a great person.

7. Greatness is all about happiness - People think that if you are great then you will be happy forever, your family and your friends will be happy too. The reality is not, once you are inline with greatness your life will not be so simple and you will experience a lot of contradictions with your friends and family. We've seen a lot in television that great people's lives are perfect and it looks like they were not having problems at all. Not all of it are true, great people's lives were having some problems too. They were also dealing with a lot of stress with their family and friends they can just handle it very well. If you wanted to become great you must be prepared in handling a lot of conflicts with your family, friends jobs etc. It will be part of your life. There is no perfect life in this world. Great power comes great responsibilities, it is true.

That's it, I hope your eyes were opened what greatness really is. Greatness is nothing special, it is just a process and an everyday work.